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So did the multichain hack only kill Fantom? My Kava bags are intact and every article on the hack mentions that most other assets are safu, although they also suffered collateral damage.

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you can't kill whats already dead

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Mostly fantom, yes. And good riddance.

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Fantom necrobump?

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FTM was already struggling way before. I'd say it was the final nail in the coffin for the ecosystem. Now all there's left is uncertainty and/or disappointed bagholders.

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Dunno man looked like a good oportunity for me.

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Geist Finance literally fucking died thanks to it
Good riddance though that was easily one of the shittiest lending platforms I've ever seen. Lol.

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Can't rape the willing either.

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So fantom became one of those really popular filter coins?

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then why ever mention it again?

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Because it gives me a profound feeling of schadenfreude. I don't need a particular reason to shit on it you faggot.

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Why the fuck is it performing well regardless? God damn I'm envious.
>Hacks can't kill it
>Elon not mentioning it anymore can't kill it
>Controversies can't kill it
>Having 0 real usecase can't kill it

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geist and boo were alright.

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Mr fancy pants cant just say he's an asshole.

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And this hurts your feelings because? Lmao.

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Kava is safe because they paused all operations to create their own Eth bridges instead. That was part of one of their biggest updates iirc. Kinda funny to see MR in yet another article on hacking, they literally can't catch a break.

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da fuck son what in EARTH is dogechain?

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Because it's one massive money laundering scheme.

It's really obvious once you piece 2 and 2 together.

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>And this hurts your feelings because?
my feelings are ok, just tough it was really funny to overextend using that kind of words to call himself an asshole.

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Of course they would've gotten fucked in the ass if they didn't adopt their own solution. Relying on 3rd party software is only going to cost you more in the long run

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andre rugged when he quit anyways

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Funniest part is it didn't "kill" Fantom, it only affected SpiritSwap, a literal-who dex that apparently was so important to FTM it ended up damaging it greatly.

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Anyway, getting external support rather than lose absolutely everything in the process its actually a decent hold up maneuver

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>thing i don't understand is popular
>it must be a money laundering scheme/a ponzi scheme/ a pyramid scheme, obviously

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old news.
the hack targeted some dex which affected stablecoins on other projects also using multichain. that's it

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so it didnt affect fantom, just some other projects related projects seems nice

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it's not rape if it's still warm

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Dogechain is not affiliated with dogecoin in any way and was made by Asian scammers

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fitting mascot and name for a dead dex in a dead ecosystem. bye bye

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Reminds me of $USDN. If they go down the brute line of throwing more money into it to fix the depeg then you can practically print money easily by shorting the depeg itself.

Just saying.

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