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The war of attrition is coming to an end. No bull market in sight. No reason to pump. Fed Will cut rates soon (actually bearish), inflation is sticky.

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Is Bobo a racist hate symbol like Apu and Pepe?

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No because Bobos are not based.

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>the most bullish asset in the history of humanity
>to call its dumps / crashes / bear markets, and to sometimes even short it
>isn't based
>but being always bullish and to buy totally is
Peak retardation achieved, congratulations anon.

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We're so back.

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I don't think I've ever actually seen a successful completion of this. What a day.

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>Fed Will cut rates soon (actually bearish)
Mega bullish you retard
Because rate hikes were bearish when normally they were bullish

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Seek education

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Yep I'm thinking we're back

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Seek nonretardation
Same with muh yield curve its also different since we crashed already

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Also whats even your argument you retarded retard?
It clearly shows that historically rate hikes were usually correlated with asset bullruns, exept this time.
So yes everything is different

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>Fed Will cut rates soon

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sorry, you are correct. i was not thinking while eating my delicious supper. what do you think of my delicious supper?