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has anyone else noticed how any bullish chainlink post that goes mainstream gets shit on by people who don't seem to know anything about it but are convinced it's nothing special? even predictions as modest as $100-$200 are seen as delusional. at this rate we might actually hit $1k.

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Half this board is reddit immigrants who fell for the fud

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you see it a lot here too but i meant twitter posts. i don't know who's executing the hiding strategy, sergey, whales, institutions etc, but it's working perfectly. links value proposition is all out there in plain sight and no one sees it.

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and angry third world trash
theres a reason they idolize violent brownoids on twitter

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Have you digested yet that online consensus post-GPT3 is literally just a question of computing power?
Have you actually stomached the fact that a single person with a GPU farm can create hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of fully realistic online "people" to do whatever they want?
You don't even need rooms full of third worlders any more. You don't need a JIDF of actual people. You just point your army of fully realistic online agents at a problem and let them completely dominate, drown out, derail and undermine any discourse that you don't like.
If the people you don't like reply to them, then they waste their time speaking to a machine. If they don't reply, then your machines dominate online consensus about what is true. You win either way, and the best part is you can just sit on a yacht while your AI army works for you 24/7.

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the future of the internet certainly looks grim without some form of proof of humanity, preferably while retaining a sort of anonymity as much as possible (deco)

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have you noticed that it's been 7 years and Chainlink still hasn't delivered shit?

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I've been here since January 2017. The crypto market is truly blind. You just don't notice because almost


is a grift, vaporware, or (best case scenario for almost all projects) band-aid solution.

Almost every single project is a failure. Everyone gets lied to or lies to themselves every day in this space - can't blame them, you can lie your way to the moon in this market.

So when something like Chainlink comes along, that is too good to be true, but it is true, it's difficult to take it at face value. This is the holy grail, why is it only $7.67? Chainlink is the hottest girl at the party that everyone is scared to talk to. It's going to go to $1,000 like ETH did, except with superlinear staking, we may see even more deflationary pressure on LINK than ETH. LINK is going to 100x the potential of crypto, while simultaneously inserting itself into the processes of 90% of what crypto is right now.

The big money in this space is so caught up in the free lunch (MEV, copycat pump and dump projects, crony DAOs etc) that they don't even remember what the point of holding a project long term is. We really haven't seen an innovation like this since ETH, so again - can't blame them.

But we are going to be very, very rich.

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Yeah the crypto "market" is basically a joke. All you have to do is hold a fat stack of link and sit around for a few years, I laugh at all the retards in the meantime

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>Did you guys know 99% of chainlink posts come from 4 ID's who are paid one of them being ChainLinkGod who is a massive faggot who's taken literally pounds of semen into his colon for money
I ain't buying your shitcoin faggot.

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by immigrant you mean jeets spics and muslims then yes

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No it's probably mostly /pol/migrants like >>55799757

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>father of 2, husband of stay at home wife
>work construction
>accumulated 1k link with my meager savings

Am I gonna make it?

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I have 5000 link and 3 BTC and I still can’t fathom that I will rich in 2-4years. It’s strange. I walk around like a normal person, still drive a used PoS car, and don’t wear anything extravagant. Can’t believe I will own my own house in a couple years and be able to skip the whole mortgage debt slave contract thing. It all seems so obvious to anyone in our small bubble but to everyone outside it will once again be nerds that “just got lucky”.

Chainlink wins. It’s really that simple.

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>only half a make it stack
Git gud anon. I have 6 make it stacks now. In 2022 I only had 2 make it stacks.

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dude turn that BTC into link

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>it's going to 30x! just my modest prediction, teehee

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the O N L Y solution

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How many everest to make it

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Holy fuck I just noticed it dropped hella today

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destined to make it

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What makes Link so special? Seems pretty mundane to me

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It will underperform and top at $90

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>is this really Bob, this live piece of carbon
Why is it that the creators of dystopian technology (which is TOTALLY NEEDED AND WILL BE A GOOD THING) can't help but use dehumanizing language?

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You will retire early

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Because that’s how the elites view us? As disposable. At least I’m profiting off it

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There is also the factor of the people a project attracts.
Many people see crypto as a religion and chose one to go all in which makes them blind to everything else.

It's difficult to follow multiple crypto projects when they are so complicated on the tech side.

The question remains, what will cause the final realization moment and the first giga pump?
Is it Swift announcing the use of CCIP for its bank to blockchain communications?
BNY Melon moving its first trillion of tokenized assets to a blockchain through Chainlink?
Banks or Paypal creating their own stable coins cross chain with CCIP?
The remaining time for these to come out is 1 year or less.

We may be a lot closer than we think to this moment.
CCIP has been released in an early version, but it still needs staking for high value contract.
The staking contract v0.2 however will come out in September or October and it will certainly focus on CCIP security, enabling nodes to stake collateral to secure CCIP.

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Everest is interesting and obviously ahead in some respects (as an identity data source) but overtime when oracle/smart contract/digital identity standards are developed and this tech is more ubiquitous, the main component needed is still going to be DON's/DECO, eventually you are going to have bank chains that can plug in DECO and act as identity feeds more directly combined with data feeds from various other sources (e.g. state/gov sources) that can merge together in "the cloud" to form decentralized digital identities that become sufficiently authoritative.

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soon chainlink will take over ze world

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Why is it still $7 tho? Hmmm?

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After disconnecting from the cult (and I do on reflection consider it to be that, though same label applies to any hardcore following that considers theirs the One True #3, of which there are many), I do see $100-$200 as delusional.

Picrel is the current view of LINK from some of the largest traders and CT influencers, ones with good track records, better TA, objectivity. Bizlets likes to delude themselves into thinking they're too clever to follow herds (in crypto, of all markets), so instead will round-trip a bag while influencers play/set the memes and volume and actually make money in the <12 month period of bull euphoria you get to do so. Like it or not, LINK does need to be in the spectre of conversation among these sorts and they rarely ever make explicit calls unless they consider it high conviction.

Compare to the ones left shilling LINK, outside the 80% who have "LINK" in their handle. They're the C-tier accounts with the most retarded communities (van de Poppe, SatoshiFlipper, QuintenFrancois, etc), who post the objectively shittiest, most braindead moonboy hopium TA you've ever seen and are rightly mogged for it. Think:
>"ETH/AMZ/MSFT did this so LINK will do this"
>"if you just multiply the LINK market cap by the entire derivatives industry right now today it's really quite a big number"
>"LINK in a bullish descending wedge!" *posts bearish rectangle continuation pattern*
>"400 day accumulation range!" *50% price swings*

Biz says hurrdurr fundamentals, "who needs retail?" Yeah, how'd that turn out for you in 2021? Say we've got 6 months to set up for the bull. You're betting LINK pulls off an unprecedented adoption frenzy, pulling actual off-chain value into smart contracts to actually give it tokenomics, within the next 6 months. If not, it underperforms the cycle again versus ape shit and first-cycle large/mid-cap alts like ARB or OP.

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didn't read that
didn't read it at aaaaalllllllll

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Pic related, indeed.

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You could've tried something about how those influencers are clearly tempted to accumulate. To which the counterpoint is their entries and targets are much lower.

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I'm also steaking
Don't forget I'm steaking as well :^)
I am steaking chainliiiiiiiink

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so you're just going to conveniently ignore all the influencers that are now shilling link?

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TA doesn't work. Stop posting Link like that, he's a boy

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All I'm doing is steaking :^) steaking :^) steakiiiiiiing :^)

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>he's steaking chainlink
>steaking chainlink right now

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>mfw he didnt sell LINK while it was in the literal top 10

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How can proof of humanity work? They already can’t bypass the capcha?

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Did you read the post? The accounts shilling LINK are notorious hopium merchants, perma-bulls, who most importantly have bullposted such shit through the entire move down. They'll include the shittiest TA you've ever seen, get proven consistently wrong (if you care to check), get dunked on by larger accounts with better records. It's not hard to tell level-headed takes with a theory behind it from hopium tweets posting shit like "$LINK" with some ridiculous multiplier or percentage next to it for baggie engagement. Learn discretion.

I literally gave examples of those handles. Look for yourself. van de Poppe is the funniest example, and believe me his retarded calls aren't LINK-specific. Those kinds of accounts consistently call for higher by posting dogshit TA patterns that look more like bearish continuations than any kind of reversal or bottom structure, proven consistently wrong.
>ooh it's testing a breakoutt!!!
>it failed.

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Chainlink sells coins, that's their business model. Their utility case generates less than a million in annual revenue for their chain, all of the money in chainlink is from investors.

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in other words the reason you believe link will underperform is because the twitterfags you worship say it will and you believe these twitterfags control the market. i thought you said you disconnected from the cult?

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>being this desperate for a pump you intentionally strawman

First you say "there are others who say different!", now you say "they're all twitterfags anyway!"

I directly addressed the point in your OP, which was one about market sentiment and the "modest" prediction of $100-$200 for a coin minted in 2017, not just making new ATHs in its second full cycle but going 20-30x from rank 21. You have the mental deficiency to sit there scratching your head at why people are "shitting on" that. I enlightened you to a snapshot of the actual reality of dino alt sentiment to demonstrate there is no momentum or interest behind your idea, and that there is a world of opportunity outside LINK.

You can have a big cry about it as you just did or you can maybe reflect on whether a legion of fudzombies, baggies, burned holders and ex-holders, and influencers shitting all over your dino coin is really the best basket for all your eggs to be in over the next cycle while you wait for $100-$200.

You make out like it's a badge of honour to have no one give a fuck about your coin, like it's bullish that everyone including influencers (some of whom are legitimately good at trading the markets and have the record to prove it) shit all over it as poor risk/reward, who want a lower entry than $5 just to sell at a target far lower than yours. LTC, NEO, XRP, among countless other dino shitcoins that you can point and laugh at free of consequence because they don't outperform besides small flash pumps. You should be fucking licking my nuts for trying to bang this through your thick ooga booga skull ahead of yet another bullcycle you're talking yourself into roundtripping.

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Great to see Chainshit Jews taking an L and Bankless Nazi Chads taking a W
Gas all LINK Jews 1488

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that's a lot of words for basically just agreeing with me. from how much weight you give to the opinions of these twitterfags i'm guessing you don't actually know shit about crypto. you just draw lines on charts and jerk off to a fantasy of being a wolf of wall street finance bro with a 6 monitor set up and bloomberg subscription. the entire basis for your belief that link will perform poorly is the fact that everyone hates it and it's old. i point out that not everyone hates it and you say those people are idiots that are always wrong and that everyone smart hates it. well i can't argue with that, i don't browse twitter 24/7 and keep track of every grifter's claims. instead i focus on what actually matters, real world development. shit you can't see on a chart or predict using lines. shit that can literally change the way the entire market acts. what you and every other tradingnigger seems to forget is the fact that the crypto market is extremely young and immature. bitcoin has only been around 14 years, retail-involved bullruns only 6 years, and you retards think you have enough data to predict the future. it's like getting heads 3 times in a row and predicting the coin will always come up heads.

as for the "it's old!!!" argument, why do you think a crypto being old means it will perform poorly? because it happened to other old coins? do you ever stop to think about why it happens to old coins? it's not simply because they're old. it's because they stop developing. they stop innovating. they die because they weren't actually needed or used. if you and those twitterfags whose balls you love gargling think this applies to link, you're all delusional.

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LINK isn't a coin and Chainlink doesn't have a chain.

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>largest traders and CT influencers
>good track records, better TA, objectivity

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Your argument was simply contradictory. I made a point using basic discretion between engagement-based bullshit and cohesive TA/theses. You're right that if you don't track Twitter you won't get this, so it's a dead-end conversation.

Even if you're aware already, for anons needing a refresher, here's your company in August 2019, 4 years ago, same stage last cycle as today.

NEO was rank 21 then as LINK is now. The 2017 cycle was to NEO what the 2021 cycle was to LINK.
Like LINK today... NEO was trading higher in USD than it was in 2016, before the bullrun.
Like LINK... NEO reached the top 5/6 around the beggining of the next BTC run.
Like LINK... since then, NEO then collapsed against the market.
Like LINK... it fell to #21 at this point of the cycle.

NEO did 10-12x during the 2021 cycle from the $10 here, which in 2025 would be enough for LINK to exceed ATH but not to hit $100-$200. Today, NEO is at rank 71, below $10. It never hit its previous ATH, never recovered its market share. All the others in picrel followed suit: muted performance or extinction. OKB is the only exception.

The point here is being gobsmacked at any version of events short of a 20-30x and 4x your ATH is simply silly, and it's your stubbornness, bias, ego talking.

As I predicted earlier, you fall back on FA. Besides the fact a 2019 baggie for these midcaps probably harbored similar comeback fantasies, and besides the fact I'd agree LINK has better fundamentals, where is the resilience from all this "development"? It isn't performing any differently to past dinos. You think a bet on end-state fundamentals materialising just in time is the safe option when it's the opposite. This is a bet on LINK pulling material value into the token within the next 12 months, while implicitly acknowledging anything short of that will be insufficient. Your inability to conceive of a price short of $100-$200 reminded me too much of myself years ago which triggered my comment-too-longs itt.

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pentoshi really is a fucking retard
anyways none of these paid for midwits move markets and their poor as fuck followers certainly dont either

>> No.55806358

I've tracked most of these guys for years. They're obviously not 100% correct, but as much as the geniuses on biz with their -95% plays they are actually generally accurate, proficient with market structure and TA, and extremely useful indicators. They are undeniably a part of the psychology too. Pentoshi specifically has been quieter recently, but he was practically seeing the fucking future during 2020-2021. It was extremely impressive.

Or just hang out here and larp your "breadcrumb" numerological mysteries

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>yet another bullcycle you're talking yourself into roundtripping.
lol the summer of defi top buyers really out themselves
any bizfren that 'roundtripped' the bullmarket is up more than perfectly timing btc itself for last cycle
also underperforming for another bullrun, link vastly outperformed last bullrun a solid 5 x over eth

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How would being -90% qualify as a roundtrip? Dumbass. A roundtrip is not cashing unrealised gains until you're back near breakeven. That's been the theme of every sourpuss in every LINK thread for the past two years. How fucking retarded you cunts?

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I feel bad for linktards, dump that shit and buy ORE

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greg maxwell was truly ahead of his time with all the sockpuppet accounts

>> No.55806406

i am not a total loser so i dont track the performance of twitter grifters, but to date everyone of them including based arthur of hayes who is objectively proven made it made it are grifting on their followers so take everything they say with a huge paranoia
on that pentoshi really is the top of grifters from my cursory glances on the space, sucking on sbf tits
and recently he returned to the fucking netherlands when the netherlands is right in the process of overhualing its tax code to fuck asset holders dry in the arse
but trust me bro it totally made it, nobody returns to that dump if they even have the meagerest means to escape it

ah i see you are truly stupid, nobody educate him
i think we got a live one here that isnt a paid for jeet but a legit midwit that fell for the astroturf
so dont fucking tell him

>> No.55806416

you realize we bought in the 20 cent range and things like breakeven sells are a rather ludicrous concept
decline for ath isnt as important as up from buy in you moron

>> No.55806421

gj, but get more

>> No.55806456

>i am not a total loser so i dont...
Right, you just buy and hold, close your eyes, and hope for the best. Epic non-loser strategy.
Keeping an eye on market chatter is fairly standard for someone actually putting an effort into making money in a market.

>so don't fucking tell him
Besides the fact you're seething, as I showed later, I've held LINK. I was lucky enough to sell with just enough time to make actual lucid plays in 2021 and came away with real money. That's the beauty of objectivity, understanding that narrative actually matters, and related "loser" strategies.

But I'm sure you're enjoying your "vast overperformance". Your posts totally don't come off salty as fuck.

Strange way to derail the conversation after I posted my LINK buys in January 2018 in response to you how "obvious" it was that I was a "DeFi summer top buy". Weak effort altogether, baggie.

>> No.55806466

you posted some excell garbage that proves nothing
you also clearly stated link underperformed the last bullmarket so you cannot have bought link during the cycle lows are you would not have made such a retarded statement
at this stage it should be well known that any proof requires onchain verification for everything else can be inspected element, but everyone also agrees its retarded to share wallets

so care to back up your claim of 20 cent link buys with onchain proof or store that line of argumentation forever

>> No.55806485

>Binance transaction history screenshot
This is the kind of stubbornness that left you one of the retards holding the bag, anon. You marry your convictions because you're stupid and too egotistical to take account of alternatives. Instead of staying on-topic, you want us to devolve into this shit that you already know goes in circles. You've posted nothing yourself. If I'm a "DeFi top buyer", you're a desperate salty $5 buy-in newfag.

>> No.55806498

holy shit you're comparing link to neo. even the most addle brained porn consumed fudder wouldn't do that, because they know they'd just get laughed at. i'm surprised that a TAfag is struggling so hard to grasp the concept of past performance not being indicative of future results, especially in crypto where nothing is set in stone. the only thing you can prove by comparing link to neo is that they both went through a hype cycle and then the hype died. but like i said, most coins only get 1 hype cycle because they don't do anything to warrant another. for links first hype cycle it was a price oracle that worked for free. things are completely different now.

>where is the resilience from all this "development"? It isn't performing any differently to past dinos.
you realize that it just went through a bear market? how about the fact that it's still rank 21 despite you and all these other geniuses figuring out it's radioactive dogshit? despite the "legion of fudzombies, baggies, burned holders and ex-holders, and influencers shitting all over your dino coin"? you realize link used to not even be in the top 100?

>You think a bet on end-state fundamentals materialising just in time is the safe option when it's the opposite. This is a bet on LINK pulling material value into the token within the next 12 months
without even going into all the crazy fundamental-related shit that is literally happening this very second, once again, you're stuck in this line of thought of "coins only get 1 hype cycle. period.". they only get 1 hype cycle because they fucking die after 1 cycle. you're correlating 2 unrelated points, you see old coins underperform and you think "they underperform because they're old" no they underperform because they're fucking shit and everyone realizes they can't deliver any of the promises they made. you have literally no argument against this other than "it never happened before". well a crypto like chainlink has never happened before either.

>> No.55806504

>sockpuppet accounts
oh yeah i was reading this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhemao_hoaxes
anymore examples?

>> No.55806517

your reading comprehension is terrible or severe esl case, never in any of my arguments did i say what i did i told you the rather objective and easily checkable fact that bizfrens that bought and never sold link are up more than btc if you sold and bought the top
but if you care yes i am a 6 usd all in with my eth gains buyer and quite comfy with it

but again that doesnt change the fact that your screenshot is nothing more than excel cells
i have already explained this post onchain proof or nothing happened at all

the rest of your arguments all boil down to argument from authority of twitter fuckboi
no coin in the top 100 moves based on the combined purchase power of all the followers of these grifters
anything else you would like to discuss

>> No.55806528

Already stated in my post that LINK has better fundamentals. The examples I gave demonstrates why your retarded shill position that $100-$200 is inevitable and your dumbfoundedness at why everyone outside of your cult bubble "shits on it" by your own admission is idiotic. The only reason you don't see this is your own biases.

Your entire second paragraph made me kek. You're trying to have this conversation as though I didn't start it by providing the baseline blueprint of an altcoin bubble pop. The point on the legion of fudzombies is a good one too. That's what happens when an alt pops. Sell pressure forms.

>well a crypto like chainlink has never happened before either.
Said every baggie about every alt ever created.

>> No.55806530

Zip it, newfag.

>> No.55806537

the anon you are replying too never mentioned anything related to 100-200 dollarinos
are you really this newfagged you dont know how highlighting ids works here

and of course right on cue accuse the other party of being a newfag after repeatedly being called out on the onchain standard which is in effect since 2017
still waiting on your proof there hoss

>> No.55806545

>well a crypto like chainlink has never happened before either.
>Said every baggie about every alt ever created.
at the end of the day, this sums it up. you and everyone else that thinks link is dead and gone simply don't understand crypto in general. you base your predictions on lines and candles without understanding the real world fundamentals that draw those lines and candles.

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>the anon you are replying too never mentioned anything related to 100-200 dollarinos
It's the OP, you literal retard, kek
No surprise at the confusion given you can't even keep track of ours

>right on cue accuse the other party of being a newfag
You literally did this, kek
You said I "outed myself" as a "DeFi top buyer"... Begs the question why you now say such things are out of order, such as the fact you outed yourself as a $5 first time buyer while trying to pass off your thoughts as though you have anything valuable to say with your 6% annual ROI tsk tsk

>> No.55806590

no its your reading comprehension thats room temperature iq, the op clearly stated that 100-200 isnt what he thinks he says 1000
and i never said i first bought link recently, i said i went all in with my eth gains
you seem to draw conclusion from open statements that arent remotely implied

now i am still waiting on the onchain proof, that was a clear unambiguous request that is easy to produce if you arent larping

>> No.55806606

You have made this thread in disbelief as to why others are shitting on "predictions as modest as $100-$200". That's simply laughable. You can't countenance something utterly unprecedented *not* happening. Even if you truly believed it, and to be honest your posts don't really project an unshakeable belief, how could you be dumbfounded at others shitting on it? Your own arguments are calling for something unprecedented to happen! It's your whole premise. And in merely pointing this out, you and the other gigatard, have had a complete freak out at the indisputable fact that you're making an extraordinary claim. There are too many layers of dissonance here even to begin to lay out.

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>"anon never mentioned anything related to 100-200 idiot, learn to highlight an id"
>*literally written it in the OP we are all discussing*
>"no its your reading comprehension thats room temperature iq"

>> No.55806645

>There are too many layers of dissonance here even to begin to lay out.
do lay it out and humor me
still waiting on that onchain proof

>> No.55806689

>You have made this thread in disbelief as to why others are shitting on "predictions as modest as $100-$200".
>how could you be dumbfounded at others shitting on it?
in my second post
>i don't know who's executing the hiding strategy, sergey, whales, institutions etc, but it's working perfectly.
how the fuck am i in disbelief or dumbfounded i literally explained why it's happening
>links value proposition is all out there in plain sight and no one sees it.
that's not me being shocked that no one sees it, that's me expanding on how the hiding strategy worked perfectly

>Your own arguments are calling for something unprecedented to happen!
>the indisputable fact that you're making an extraordinary claim.
once again, the entire basis of your argument as to why $100-$200 is some crazy conspiracy theory is that it's never happened before. which could have some merit, if you had more than 2 data points (2 bull runs) to base it off of. don't you TAfags have some sort of rule, you can't establish a trend without at least 3 data points?

>you and the other gigatard, have had a complete freak out
i wrote 2 sentences and went to sleep. you got so riled up at the thought that someone dared to be bullish on link that you wrote a max character post. i'm just as much of a loser for responding in kind, but let's not act like your shit doesn't stink.

>> No.55806692

Can someone explain the new bbca chain? Does link have its own chain now like bnb?

>> No.55806702

I'm holding rollbit which has 30x this year. Kaspa has done insane numbers. Link will have its day.

My holdings are BTC, eth, link, and then "other". We're going to be rich.

>> No.55806755

The behaviour and relationship to the market of every alt ever to exist is "two datapoints"? We're talking about individual performance here. It's also unarguable that as more alts are created, there's less pie to go around, that narratives go stale and attention evolves.

It's funny that one moment you say LINK is especially exceptional and therefore immune to all observed history, then say, well, actually, there isn't enough observed history anyway so it's pointless comparing. Maybe you actually think both of those things at once, but it seems more like someone trying to make a bias fit.

I told you earlier that your surprise, to the extent you've created a thread about it, at others considering your calls to be "delusional" reminded me of myself some years ago. My original replies really just mapped out the actual context, actual reality as it stands. The tone was impersonal. Do whatever you like anyway, anon. Having conviction is good. I don't know your history, but I do hope you've at least contemplated a back-up plan so you don't potentially squander another bullrun, and such plans are more solid than coming up with "hiding strategy" and "suppression" rationalisations if this extraordinary, unprecedented bet doesn't materialise. Gngl

>> No.55806791
File: 8 KB, 218x225, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.55806806

You'll be rich when you have a good knowledge of how things work here and what to hold for the long term. Been holding and DCA where possible on ETH, LINK, RIDE and YGG. Diversifying on solid projects in the dip can make a huge difference in the bull market.

>> No.55806928

It makes data and smart contracts usable you dumb clown

>> No.55806932

I really believe that you hold no Chainlink tokens and are spending all this time trying to persuade us not to for our benefit. You're a wonderful human being. God bless you.

>> No.55807179

Learn the difference between identity and identification.

>> No.55807335

>the post that broke biz

Well done. Couldnt agree more

>> No.55807368

The ignorance of biz. You retards are proving his point. Youre trapped here in your gamestop-esque echo chamber and cant fathom theres people regularly making money trading crypto. Not just sitting in a cult waiting for a day that never comes

>> No.55807397

Is there any word about why the iOS app for their wallet is no longer available? I haven't logged in for a while (staking, haven't needed to).

-t. The unknown who created the Bob Dobbs/Bob reid emblem

>> No.55807430

They pulled it whilst they get ready to release beta

>> No.55807633

incredible strawman here. What happened here... is he said some things you didn't like about the cult you're in and it illicited a very strong emotional response in you. The fact is there are guys on twitter who announce their calls regularly and have a good hit rate. That's simply the truth. Your ego can't fathom them not joining your cult and causes you to deny their system works even though there's proof of it working. This is your brain in a cult.

I think IOTA is an even better comparison. This screenshot from earlier this year is nearly identical to Chainlink:

>person A calls out the team for bullshit delays on vaporware
>community advocate swoops in and points out the nefarious intent

Indistinguishable. Most current Link holders will have to sit through one more cycle to understand the point you're making. It will "run" with everything else, probably won't reach previous ath, just like all the examples of pretty much every other altcoins.

and now it needs a 9x to reach ath. Anyone who held since pre-'19/20 made money (on paper) sure but by all investment metrics you're retarded. You're smug about losing millions

>> No.55807639
File: 356 KB, 1125x1900, Link1.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgot to post the IOTA pic

>> No.55807648

Sell the BTC for link dummy

>> No.55807679

>losing the argument so I'll dive into the epic conspiracy angle

your hubris bro...work on it or it'll wreck you. Also are the people who fud IOTA also "Bulgarians" or is it another obscure country? Just wondering if its all one big group and they just divvy up who will fud what coin...

>my alt is not like the other alts, it is SPECIAL
the irony flies right over your head

>how about the fact that it's still rank 21 despite you and all these other geniuses figuring out it's radioactive dogshit?

TRON is ranked #11 and of course there's two dog coins ahead of Link. What were you saying again?

This kills your argument when you have to go this route. You can clearly see it isn't the case. Again, your ego...

>argument from authority
so is yours lol. "But Citi said..."

>> No.55807713
File: 113 KB, 318x269, 1552668260288.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>15 pbtid

>> No.55807720

You clearly have no idea where you are kek

>> No.55807722

>. It's also unarguable that as more alts are created

underrated comment that a lot of people ignore.... This is why comparisons to ETH in 2016 are laughable. The altcoin space is completely different from back then. I fail to see why new buyers in the next few years are going to buy Link over everything else.

>> No.55807744
File: 624 KB, 512x512, 1553678990072.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>NEO poster called for blackup or changed id

>> No.55807757


>> No.55807769

>gotta be a conspiracy
>i'm not a loser, mom, it's just that everything is a conspiracy
Okay fag

>> No.55807789
File: 141 KB, 500x500, 1552451884142.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55807869

You’re pretending that Link is equivalent to all the other shit coins in the space. Link is much closer to being like BTC and Eth than it is to say, some worthless 2017 shit coin like OMG, for example. I remember faggots like you during crypto kitties and the fud you’d spread. Now of course all the Eth fudders are mostly silent since they’ve been thoroughly btfo.

>> No.55808110
File: 56 KB, 600x615, orkstra.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Link is much closer to being like BTC
According to you, baggie retard, kek

>> No.55808152

god i love seeing the first post from a 17pbtid tryhard fudder, immediately filtering and refreshing, and reading the 20% of the thread that's left.

>> No.55808548

kek, absolutely seething at anon spitting facts and shitting all over LINK shills

>> No.55808568

LMAOing at the newfag stinkie not even knowing that exporting your trading history from Binance is only available through excel files
way to out yourself as a late 2021 buyer

>> No.55808662

I've been in crypto since 2014 and I didn't know that. I don't use Binance though, and have never cashed out. Can i be a newbie anyway?

>> No.55808688

sure why not, newfriend :)

>> No.55808786
File: 25 KB, 491x307, 1674001089788.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>17 posts, some apparently quite lengthy, over the space of 9 hours
>all trying to fud and gaslight people into selling link
didnt read a single one, not selling any link either
fulltime fudcucks are absolutely pathetic lmao

>> No.55808826

It makes more sense to think that they're trying to drown out conversations and preventing new people from buying, rather than getting holders to sell. It's still retarded though.

>> No.55808950

No. You would literally be better off in index funds.
Hell you'd be better off even in silver which doesn't even make money, it at least doesn't lose money like Link.

>> No.55808964
File: 265 KB, 1200x904, F22EhbHWsAA81G5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. Fud threads are nothing but bot spam and "ex-cultist" schizoid ramblings meant to enforce historical fictions. The endless obssessive blogposting is the clearest indicator that fudders are spiritually redditors and out of their depth. Fudders are never able to hold Q&A's within their threads because they're never capable of establishing a perception among their audience that they actually have any expertise or wisdom.

>> No.55808993 [DELETED] 
File: 564 KB, 640x358, 39cac4c8-c088-466b-85b8-fb546082f149_100009188673254.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55809015


> why does btc always dump when link pumps?

Price is run by bots. Every altcoin tends to peak before bitcoin dumps. Additionally, every bagholder has this conspiracy about their shitcoin.

> then why isn't ccip or any other release pumping the price?

Because it isn't profitable at the moment. Institutional investors are very unimpressed with the current crypto landscape. Not that they don't see the potential, but a pricefeed for aave doesn't drop jaws.

> why does all this garbage in the top 20 perform better when they release nothing of value?

Because speculation drives hype, while chainlink's clearly shown their hand. Additionally, the main things left for chainlink speculation are negative. Such as how much super linear staking will decrease the token price or where the team dumps are being allocated.

> but chainlink has speculation with swift, iso2022 etc

Yes, however, that is years away. The majority of crypto holders do not have long time horizons and see the years of poor price performance. Also, a strong social media presence is needed to spread the hype.

> but link twitter is huge

It's more of an echo chamber inside of a large bubble. Anytime chainlink integrates with something in the concrete world, all the outside sees is a swarm of racist frog profiles; along with weird, creepy and blasphemous memes. This does more damage than one might think.

> what can be done then?

Unfortunately the vase has already been broken, so to speak. I suppose the best thing the link community could do is change their image from pepe to something more mainstream, especially for main spokesmen (CLG). Disparage the less sociable crowd from participating and contribute intellectual thoughts instead of the stale memes.

>> No.55809025


> Don't trash CLG he's a genius!!!

That might be true, however he has done irreparable damage to the brand by his blasphemous name and racist profile picture. Furthermore, CLG has a history of shilling rugpulls and various failed projects. As a person, CLG is great, but should create a new account and rebrand.

> should I just sell?

That's a personal question that mostly depends on your financial goals and patience. Chainlink does have a good foundation, but it will likely take years to reach a fraction of the communities insane price targets.

> well if they have a good foundation I'm guaranteed to make it

Not necessarily. Chainlink has a high likelihood of falling victim to the first mover disadvantage.

> what do you mean disadvantage? These new projects can't come close to the number of integrations

First mover disadvantage is due to them investing a high amount of capital to shift businesses over to using a new product. Because of this, a competitor can invest capital into developing a better product instead of luring in new users. For example, Facebook vs MySpace.

> won't the community be loyal since chainlink has funded their development?

In reality, businesses are typically unloyal and go with the best or cheapest option. You can even see various business turning their backs on chainlink while being funded by them. Will the overall industry stay loyal? Unlikely, but only time will tell.

>> No.55809085
File: 20 KB, 415x415, 1652549348199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>racist profile picture

>> No.55809255
File: 125 KB, 550x495, needtoken.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who cares? Just be sure to remind people like Chris Blec when it does happen that they're subhumans who should leave the space forever, not least in part for fudding so many people out of life changing gains. These people LARP daily as thought hey're arbiters of truth, but they're really just midwit fags.

>> No.55809264

plenty are willing to sell link around $7, so that's the fair market price. it's just not that important to them, else they wouldn't sell

>> No.55809351

i sold plenty of links at $7
just seems like a fair price
not too high, not too low. just right :^)

>> No.55809373

>"Chainlink shills are in a cult!"
>t. 17 long-winded pbtid fudder

You have no self-awareness.

>> No.55809426

This threadlong spanking has been a pleasure to watch. I was starting to soften on link but Jesus, you reamed these faggots the fuck out. Beautiful.

If you're still here, any opinions on XMR? Same deal as Link? Monero is my hugbox hodl and I am wondering if it's time to sell.

>> No.55809448
File: 28 KB, 680x591, 1690753440392368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

120+ reply post and you guys expect me not to buy link

>> No.55810035

So true

You need to think of DECO more as a delivery vehicle and not the actual identity itself. Chainlink is valuable because it is the connection and banks will plug in, but there are a whole separate set of regulatory concerns that go into compliance which currently costs the banks a lot of money and are a huge liability/hassle. Chainlink doesn't want to bother dealing with the risk. That's why a company like Everest is ahead of the curve, we are moving to a model where your actual identity (biometrics and related things that are much harder to fake than a gov document) will be needed to fit within financial risk profiles for an economy running on a blockchain. So there will be a separate identity layer run by an entity who assumes all the risk and turns compliance into a profitable thing for banks and corporations instead of a money sink.

It also allows the user to actually own their own data as well, but that's a separate topic.

>> No.55810051
File: 773 KB, 828x1792, FE9A952E-4877-480B-BA9F-1F4F07F805BB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ujhhhh team wallet is selling rn…

>> No.55810053

lmao it figures the niggers who don't understand link actually expect xmr to appreciate in value

I use xmr all the time... as a currency. currencies do not rapidly appreciate in value. your best bet is some sort of push to shut down/attack dark web markets and buyers/sellers hording their xmr, but they could just as easily shut down available xmr on/off ramps.

tl;dr link is going to explode at some point in the next 5 years, nobody knows when but its going to be utility based and change the entire landscape of what crypto is for. xmr is fine for buying/selling drugs, anything else you're a fucking idiot.

>> No.55810286
File: 1.04 MB, 1488x777, 1657140004987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good summary.
Once in a while anons are lucky enough to get a good post telling the truth and this is one.

>> No.55810379

When you dont address any of the points being made (because you cant) and triple down on the conspiracy angle, it doesnt help your argument. Youre a little kid taking his ball and going home.

>> No.55810394

>You’re pretending that Link is equivalent to all the other shit coins in the space

It is. This the main point most here cant cant grasp (because youre in a cult). You never marry an investment

>> No.55810426

It must be exhausting be so paranoid. Also imagine thinking the poors on biz move the market. So weird you retards treat this forum like a sportsball game where you have to defend your team 24/7.

>> No.55810470

lol get a load of this obvious desperate samefag

>> No.55810479

those linkies are eeeevil
their illicit scamming is causing me all kinds of distress
but right before the SEC shows up they always somehow clean up the mess
those linkies are eeeevil
say it with me:
E.V.I.L. L.I.N.K.I.E.S

>> No.55810591

I have no idea what those transactions are for and I don't really care.

You never know when you will run into a few linkies with understanding lurking around here who can figure out what's going on outside of their specific focus on interest.

>> No.55810600
File: 6 KB, 485x216, 1667927163694.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>t. kekfuddie monitoring a thread and posting fud for 7 hours trying to stick up for his fellow kekfuddie who has been doing it for 9
More funny than exhausting to holders, honestly. You're the one glued to biz fudding for no apparent reason.
Regardless of how much time you spend - just not gonna sell, kekfuddie. And you're going to be here seething over it for several more hours today probably.

>> No.55811878
File: 272 KB, 694x487, 8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hey bud u know u could have just replied to everyone in a single post rather than doing 3 seperate ones in a row. you like captchas? you like bumping our thread that much? take my downvote you retarded nigger. your posts are a waste of space and thats probably your only main goal
>it doesnt help your argument.
point to where im trying to argue? you're not worth arguing with. i was laughing at you while drinking my morning coffee and decided to mock you, midwit. im making fun of you right now, i dont care what you think, but your posts are shitting up the thread, all of your effort is wasted, and for what? being the thread jester? good job, i was amused, but stop embarrassing yourself now. your bot is shit, or you need to go back to where you came from. you're out of your element here.
>Also imagine thinking the poors on biz move the market. So weird you retards treat this forum like a sportsball game where you have to defend your team 24/7.

>> No.55812152

I understand how it all fits together, I am talking about further into the future when every system is smart contract powered, there is no reason you can't have biometric data coming from multiple sources feeding into a universal standard for decentralized digital identities with phones/apps/devices all utilizing biometric auth features. I fully grant you that Everest is ahead of the curve here at this stage of the game but there are a number of ways this can shake out longer term.

Are you just copy pasting this?

>> No.55812218


Haha. So I sat here in silence for 7 hours and THEN posted? Or…and bear with me here, I did other stuff today, and then returned to this website and rejoined the thread.

Your paranoia has left you paralyzed to the point you cant even comprehend regular daily events. You can probably still get this treated assuming you arent too far gone…probably

>> No.55812239

Youre better than that meme buddy.
>heyyyy I put the text in a bubble

Come on bro. Im headed out Ill answer the rest later

>> No.55812415
File: 272 KB, 682x495, 10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55812869

That is great for verifying Alice's Credentials are Alice's Credentials, but does nothing to verify that it's Alice using them.

Without being able to verify that Alice is Alice you are opening a door for unmitigated Identity Fraud.

Use Everest to prove that Alice is Alice and then let DECO work it's magic to verify Alice's credentials are valid.

>> No.55813010

Fuck off out of this thread. No one is buying your shitcoin

>> No.55813622

That's larp anon, Link would never flip Btc. But users who accumulate now would make profits next bull cycle, I also see potential in web3 gems like Ar, Sylo and Flux for the long term.

>> No.55814243

I caught the move on Kaspa oldfag, and I see the same potential in gems like Ride and Egld for future gains.

>> No.55814556

>You're smug about losing millions
i never said i held or was mostly into link, as previously stated i was mostly in eth which i sold
but all of that is besides the point as the recurring theme of link missed a bullrun is flatout false
for everyone that isnt a newfag link even if never sold to this day beats perfectly timing btc last cycle so anyone stating that link missed the bullrun is flatout retarded

>and now it needs a 9x to reach ath
yes and it crashed 90% like most of the market that isnt btc or eth, just made a better buy in point
at this time in the cycle its either measured against 20-30 cents buy in for the hodlers or 6 usd for the swingers

>The fact is there are guys on twitter who announce their calls regularly and have a good hit rate
i noticed you didnt name your surrogate daddy figures there, give me some names so i can check for myself how good they are
to my albeit limited knowledge the only real deal was ezekiel but he left twitter grifting to be a magnate in kuala lumpur which gives me further proof he really did make it make it

>> No.55814584

where did i ever mention citi you obvious ip hopper
or where did anyone mention citi or bulgarians in this thread for instance
i still see your clear lack of providing onchain proof which is painfully simple to do if its real

>> No.55814605

i dont use chinknance ever thought of that retard
but how could an excel file with no identification then ever be considered proof as faking it is as simple as opening excel for yourself
at this point screencapping binance itself is a harder feat to do
again this argument was made ad infinitum in 2017, if you ever want to claim buys or gains the only irrefutable proof is posting onchain activity
i see you called for discord backup cause nobody even the leftest side iq belcurve poster here would ever think in honest argumentation that posting excel sheets constitutes proof

>> No.55814918

Linktards just got played. Dumped that crap for ORE.

>> No.55815206

>hurrr gib me ur wallet bro
are you retarded? nobody is going to doxx himself because you keep demanding "proofs" you clueless newfag
and even if that anon provided some on-chain screencaps you'd still say he used inspect element, there's no winning with you
get fucked

>> No.55815240
File: 157 KB, 1646x426, ORE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You will never be an identity provider

>> No.55815494

>and even if that anon provided some on-chain screencaps you'd still say he used inspect element
even you cant be this stupid

>> No.55815505

>hurr durr derpity derp
shut up newfag, I've seen this shit countless of times before, someone posts an etherscan tx and the cult immediately berates him
>1800 days?? wtf is that supposed to mean, it could easily be inspect element, post wallet u fagget
fuck off jeet, no one is willing to doxx themselves only to prove anything to some random, irrelevant, obnoxious linkie shitposter who refuses to acknowledge that some early buyers could have become disillusioned with LINK and simply do not share the same sentiment anymore
unironically kys

>> No.55815525

and EVEN if someone does comply to your request and provides a wallet, you'll still retort with
>hurrr how do we KNOW this is urs though, huh??? post private keys
like I said, there's no winning with you

>> No.55815553

Mr Angry Fudder right here, folks. Why might he be angry, I wonder? It's a conundrum alright, and I myself are too simple minded to figure it out. That's why I delegate all my thinking to angry fudders. Saves me a whole lotta thinking of my own and frees up time to watch TV and hang with my buddies!

>> No.55815570

>that's why a company like Everest is ahead of the curve, we are moving to a model where your actual identity

>> No.55815592

>we are moving to a model where your actual identity (biometrics and related things that are much harder to fake than a gov document) will be needed to fit within financial risk profiles for an economy running on a blockchain
this sentence makes complete sense in the global context of "we"

>> No.55815596

irrational anger for the request to some other anon to back up his wild tales with indisputable onchain proof
in all my time here i have never seen someone back anything up with an etherscan tx

>and EVEN if someone does comply to your request and provides a wallet, you'll still retort with
i didnt think fudders could be this stupid, but signing a wallet is simple as fuck to proof its yours

how does it make you feel of spending countless hours, trying every tactic possible and still you dont get anyone here to sell
all the while just keeping the thread alive and making ops post seen to more people, not to mention downright proofing his point

>> No.55815602

wow the pink boys really got riled up in this one, huh? must be a slow day on discord between all the dilating and bbc porn

>> No.55815605

i did see that and I think it's debatable

>> No.55815616

I disagree.
>That's why a company like Chainlink is ahead of the curve, we are moving to a model where your trustless, transparency will be needed to stay competitive blah blah
you are nitpicking

>> No.55815685

I'm going to give you that one

>> No.55815687

Not yet!

>> No.55815690

Ok, I give you that one

>> No.55815747

>duurrr just doxx your wallet bro
>you're mad bro
why do I even bother with total retards

>> No.55815756

>why do I even bother with total retards
because you're a full time fudder who's crap at it and just makes everyone buy more Link kek

>> No.55815778

Link token holders are hated because Chainlink employees, i think the official title is community avocados, shilled the products too hard on places like twitter, which is filled with good posters, so why i am held morally responsible for the actions of desperate wagies?

>> No.55815796

kys nigger shill

>> No.55815811

What is this idiot jibbering on about? Who cares lol

>> No.55815823

Why are token holders blamed for the aggressive shilling campaigns conducted by chainlink employees?
The entire crypto space hates me because of my investment decision? No, they hate me because of the actions of fucking wagie scum no less

>> No.55815833

Thanks for rephrasing your drivel. Still makes no no sense. Have you been smoking/drinking?

>> No.55815849

Nonstop shilling campaign now for years people say they hate me to my face at crypto cons when i talk about chainlink
youtubers say they hate the chainlink community and who is responsible for the aggressive shill campaign? the token holders who have lives outside of their financial decision or fucking wagies whose lives and existence revolves around chainlink. normal investors do not obsess like employees do. fucking chainlink wagies and their aggressive shilling have caused me so much grief i have to disconnect from crypto and stop mentioning anything to do sith chainlink because of the hatred i get

>> No.55815858

Thanks Zach! Make sure to share this on twitter as well.

>> No.55815880

I'm guessing a heady mix of smoking, drinking and meds?

>> No.55815884

Legitimately true. You can tell people like bubbafox are posting itt. Absolutely stands out and is off putting to anyone.

>> No.55815891

>12 pbtid already
looks like we got another unhinged avocado here boyos

>> No.55815907

Why do you keep ignoring what I post?

Why do I keep catching hate IRL because of fucking wagies?

Bro I dont even know who they are. I bought in tried to get into crypto through conferences but when I mention my ideas people react very strangely. Like straight up ignoring me like the other guy is doing itt or laughing in my fucking face

>> No.55816037

>Why do I keep catching hate IRL because of fucking wagies?
I don't understand this point, and I certainly don't understand what it has to do with Chainlink.

Are you saying wagies eg McDonalds employees hate you and hive you a hard time, and that this has something to do with Chainlink?
I almost want to get to the bottom of what is in your mind

>> No.55816085

there's no way you can be this dense and be real unironically. literally read his posts.

>> No.55816214
File: 68 KB, 600x580, 1614453309142.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>has anyone else noticed how any bullish chainlink post that goes mainstream gets shit on by people who don't seem to know anything about it but are convinced it's nothing special?
>even predictions as modest as $100-$200 are seen as delusional

>> No.55816344

You get your eyeball scanned by the Orb

>> No.55816363

Deco solves this.

>> No.55816425

How long have you been interested in speculation? Anyone who past a couple of months still has a serious notion of "good TA" has a thought process unsitable for actual insight. If it matters to you that you would be able to do this properly the surest path for you would be to complete an undergraduate program that is on the path to a BPhil.

>> No.55816546
File: 376 KB, 530x706, 20230727_085755.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I've seen this shit countless of times before
It's stock standard brainlet shit. He doesn't post anythin himself yet tries to sling shit at others who don't. Literally trying to default time-out the conversation. So desperate as to try to win the argument out of attrition by out-retarding his opposition via ridiculous time-out requests he himself won't even provide, and when provided will still shit-can. I've seen it a million times before. Utter waste of time, shameless attempt to scramble the conversation.

Who is left witnessing this degradation on this board thinking LINK stands a chance next cycle? Unironically woudl like to hear from them.

>> No.55817103

ITT Emotional baggies needing validation vs emotional sellers needing validation

I'm going to tell you retards what the future holds. Next bull, link will run, and people who purchased the bottom will make a lot of money. Oldfags who purchased in 2017/18 will make a fuckload more money. Meanwhile emotional poorfag moonchasers will buy the top, as they always do, and project their failure on linkies come bear.

>why didn't you idiot cultists sell at 250? Now you're stuck at 60 looool btw if you don't have 80k link it's all over anyway, line never go up again

>> No.55817730

Imagine spending hours to FUD because you obviously care about the financial well being of others in this retarded board.

Just imagine.

>> No.55817753

>because you obviously care about the financial well being of others in this retarded board.
i do. i honestly do.
you are all family to me

>> No.55817922
File: 1.10 MB, 1080x1080, 1691862157053.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Question to chainlink bagholders,
How does this make you feel?
>July 7, 2020
>LINK: $6.47
>BTC: $9,108
>ETH: $246
>BNB: $16.77
>ADA: $0.12
>SOL: $0.75
>DOGE: $0.003
>LTC: $43
>MATIC: $0.02
>TRX: $0.01
>XRP: $0.19

>July 7, 2023
>LINK: $6.16
>BTC: $30,342
>ETH: $1,868
>BNB: $236
>ADA: $0.28
>SOL: $21.90
>DOGE: $0.06
>LTC: $98
>MATIC: $0.68
>TRX: $0.079
>XRP: $0.47

>> No.55819105

You're focusing on biometric providers and not the storage mechanism. No one but Everest has figured out how to store all data on chain (patented in the US so no one will be able to rip it off btw). Because of this it is infinitesimally superior to centralized off chain databases that can and will be breached. No one else out there has figured out how to do this and saying that someone may come along and figure out how to do it better makes you sound like one of the idiots who have been wrong for a decade about something coming along and replacing BTC or ETH in the functions they fill. Chainlink was smart to get Everest spooling up a node, now all on-chain identity queries will run though their oracles.

Also stop fixating on words without thinking about the context they're used in, it's reddit tier stupidity.

>> No.55819122

What about the chart? Is the current price “fud” and theres an actual SECRET price? (Im mocking you if you cant telll)

>> No.55819131
File: 1.74 MB, 400x225, 1657380598685.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55819359

What has the chart got to do with the anon being a crap fudder?

>> No.55819461

The chart is all that matters, so it has everything to do with everything. The goal is to make money. Thats called investing.

If your goal is to feel a part of a group/community, there are meetup groups for specific activities and also cults for religion or other causes.

>> No.55819499

>LINK isn't a coin and Chainlink doesn't have a chain.
so you agree that their business model is selling tokens to retail? their latest marketing campaign where multiple arrows point at token holders was a bit on the nose, but very effective it seems

>> No.55819532
File: 150 KB, 568x1200, AED84262-B10C-4228-969B-E6044EACE15D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are correct

>> No.55819544


>> No.55819792

Yup that's right. You put the lime in the coconut and it makes your feel better.

>> No.55820159

This still has nothing to do with that guy being a shit fudder. Whether Link is wonderful or shit isn't what the convo was about. You haven't followed it because you're a lazy retard. And a crap fudder too. You lot are like ants in here

>> No.55820481

>just do more secret research on a dead alt bro

Lmao. 7 years and billions and funding. Go jerkoff to some more breadcrumbs

>> No.55820806

>trying to reuse the stale ergo fud
reminder that the retard making shit up in this screenshot never made it to the actual dev team and has no contributions on the github or any repos
he helped design the first iteration of the website which was long since scrapped and now he's in charge of a failed link competitor, hence the salt

>> No.55820872

Those holding since its inception have blown their chances of selling. They're probably looking for jeet to pump the shit. Calling for $1k in link is absolutely unrealistic.


Kek. It may perform well, but the exaggerated projection won't be the case. I'd rather invest in new projects like Peaq and Sei that but have their airdrop down the line.

>> No.55820889

This is the amazing thing about the fucking business. Reality gets uncovered, and critics emerge to help individuals make more informed choices.

>> No.55820947
File: 700 KB, 1125x1743, 452417B1-08B8-40F9-BBBA-CD524067E823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you work for Chainlink? Curious how you would “know” this. I put that in quotes because youre a nobody and youre literally parroting what the cult taught you hahahaha. The truth hurts doesnt it, loser

Does anyone remember when they did the ICO manually? Thats right, the company named smartcontract.com couldnt figure out how to use the tech they sell LMFAO. That really sums up crypto. Complete bullshit scam artists.

>> No.55820974

This doesnt make you any money though. Trying to find “aha gotcha” moments re exposing “le fud” might make you feel better for a few mins, but it doesnt make the price go up, which again, is all that matters

>> No.55821004
File: 93 KB, 600x370, mmmbuhnanner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Listen Nandu, when you lose all your villages savings gambling on shitcoins you're going to feel real bad about it and reincarnate as a monkey. This is your future.

>> No.55821197


>> No.55821418

>more quotes by liars and literal whos, while simultaneously trying to call me a nobody
the comment i made about ergo is a provable observation
find a single scrap of code that the ergo scammer has contributed to any of chainlink's repos anywhere
you can't and you won't because you're basically just a low iq shitbag who tries to pivot to something else whenever he gets btfod
just kill yourself - you're done here

>> No.55821495

So do you work for Chainlink or are you conceding you are in fact a nobody? Just be honest man

As to the iq comment, I think we both know Im not low iq. You can do better

As for calling Kushti a scammer, thats a pretty bold claim. Would you be willing to say that publicly? Also lmao about writing code, what code has Sergey ever written? Wasnt he a philosophy major?

>> No.55821504

As for getting “btfo”, you might want to look up what that actually means. You seem lost about a lot of things. Getting caught up in a cult can do that to you. Dont beat yourself up though, it can happen to anyone. Just stay positive

>> No.55821973

Bro STOP you're MURDERING that FUD fag LMAO

>> No.55822024
File: 498 KB, 1116x1582, 2BD78349-5184-4C2D-981D-10AD2E94B52F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

L M F A O ohhhhhhhhh Linkieeeees. Its gotta hurt when even plebbit knew about the grift years ago.

Linkies are like the little kid that cant fathom that his dad cant beat everyone up. Truly amateur hour, its disgusting to be around

>> No.55822038
File: 515 KB, 1125x1518, 006E5820-4288-4BF1-8EC4-7CFA4634E330.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can anyone comment on what the disagreement was?

>sergey: I want to scam all of my cult. Who cares they’ll worship me anyways

>alex: dude thats fucked up

hahahahahahhahahahahahahhaaha!!you guys were right, serg really was a genius

>> No.55822158

It provides a solid foundation to prevent significant losses and also make an informed decision. That aspect alone satisfies me, given my understanding of the project in question.

>> No.55822174


Don't jump to conclusions without proper research. Heard of DePIN?

>> No.55822514

>pivots to sergey coding even though sergey is a ceo
>can't actually make an argument otherwise and projects his paid presence on here onto others
>doesn't even have the awareness to understand that he just looks like a retarded liar at this point so he insists that he hasn't been btfo even though he can't find any code made by the ergo scammer
all that struggling and all you can do is prove my points
take my suggestion to kill yourself seriously - think about how you would do it and just carry it out right now
i doubt anyone would even notice for months

>> No.55822538
File: 296 KB, 3769x1331, 164E7B9F-5C8D-418A-89AC-75CE5A1C3E56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder that when a kekfuddie tries to get your attention, It's usually a brownoid with chatgpt seething 24/7 because he lost all his village rupees because he bought the top after coming here for the first time in 2021.

Samefagging is common for them as well, but they're too stupid to change anything up other than their ids (pic related)

>> No.55822661

only when I was DePIN ur mom last nite

>> No.55822677

dude you've been thoroughly BTFO, Idk what you're trying to accomplish here, he literally destroyed you

>> No.55822680

>checks chart
>checks memecharts
hahahahah, linkers are fucked

>> No.55823661

discord wins again

>> No.55824303

>shitcoin sitting in single digit hell for 3 years
>"lmao, stopp der fuddd we moonin TONIGHT"

Back in the 2016-2017 years I thought the XRP cultists were something else but the cope marines have taken the mantle. Hell I should've drunken the XRP koolaid in 2016.

>> No.55824897

Lmfaoooo bruuuhh can you believe these kekbaggies believe it's a GOOD IDEA to BUY in a BEAR LMFAO


>> No.55824934

linkies were always the original schizos, newfag

>> No.55825598
File: 63 KB, 1280x928, 1691951855798.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

לא צריך אסימון המשך לקנות גויים

>> No.55825973
File: 81 KB, 1280x720, 8B50A6C5-6D5E-47E3-A6FB-35515E74970A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love when the culties give up trying to argue and resort to “just heckin kill yourself” like a 13 yr old. Thats when you know youve lost. To quote Al Capone in the Untouchables…YOU GOT NOTHING

You dont have the stamina to go against a real man like me.