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Are we better off in a decentralized realm or cozying up to a centralized system? Should we be in control of our digital identity and data, or the govt and centralized bodies can have them for transparency sake.

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Bitcoin in here. The bitcoin network is here. The properties of Bitcoin have enabled an unprecedented cyberspace. In that you have the keys to a permissionless, anonymous, trustless, and immutable future. The choice has already been made.

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self custody is too hard for the average person so they will outsource this to a centralized party that controls the keys.

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Savvy people will retain financial independence by investing in true decentralisation. Everyone else (maybe 90% of people) will defer to the government. It's pure idealism to pretend that most people really think for themselves, their beliefs are manufactured by their regime, the last few years have made this extremely clear.

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Who does the fucking transparency help?
To hell with their motherfucking transparency shit, my dat is mine and not for any motherfucker, so yes, we should be 100% incharge of our DiD

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A goal towards self-custody. This is personal.

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That's madness, an average faggot should be able to take responsibility, but if they go for an easy way out with the centralized system, they should say goodbye to their data, decentralization is key

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you are right but average NPC people dont care.
self custody is a risk to them so they will always want to outsource that risk.
their will always be a jew offering these services

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AI interfacing with and managing your keys will be the smartphone moment for blockchains i suspect

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The government should have it all, that's the only way there can be some control.

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>The choice has already been made.
Your choice has been made, not mine.

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Control? Stop being a fag to give the government control over your personal data.

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That's coming to web3 real fast. Data management projects in web3 gives you access over your data.

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The goal is to have a self sovereign Identity, rule your world now, not some fucking freaky centralized shit

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AIKON says hello

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There is need to keep prying eyes off assets and data with self custody protocols.

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B+ bait, they will bite but it could be less obvious

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Quit yapping, you dickhead, the goddamn government and those corp leeches been sucking your data dry since ages. Don't you give a crap about making bank off your data through decentralized ID?

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before 2020 I would've been in the "who cares, it doesn't make a difference anyways" camp

after 2020 I'm a firm believer in decentralization

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Based. Decentralized identity management is a top notch

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Don't worry, Scallop also found a solution to secure your privacy, looks to be the best thing ever.

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Token thicker anon

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What the hell is scallop, pajeet?

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How can a desperate anon on biz make banks from their data via DiD?
Redpill me anon

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I prefer ENS, it's been in existence for a long time

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Is web3 truly decentralized?
Be sincere anon

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Decentralized Identity management solutions such as NexeraID, OREID & co. actually simplifies it

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>he thinks we are important
they will do absolutely nothing, how much should I care about my own info if the only thing I do in my life is flip burgers?

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You will begin to like this too as their Global Name Service is about to rock web3

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No one size fits all but it boils down to 2 things.

> If you're a retard who needs guard rails so you don't fuck things up for yourself -> CENTRALIZED
> If you're competent enough to handle yourself and figure out problems on your own -> DECENTRALIZED

Most people are in the first category.

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ORE is Based. Got to start looking at NexeraID.

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Centralized system backed by the greatest military power is better. The basic assumption is most people are idiots, given the amount of money indian scammers make per year. You need a centralized system to protect these people. Imagine grandma losing her life savings because of a unreversible scam. That being said a centralized system that acts as a safeguard while bitcoin is used as underlying collateral is still very possible

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Low cap to bag for easy 30x.

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No shot lmao, self custody holds rediculous risks

>malware on pc
>manipulated ledger from amazon
>data leak resulting in your address being linked to a ledger/trezor device
>all the hazards to your seed phrase. Fire/water leak/robbery from leaked address
>losing seedphrase/ ledger
>sending to wrong address

the risks of self custody are insane compared to banking with a jpmorgan. Mass adoption wont happen until institutional custody solutions are available to your average retail user. Im a technical guy and some of this stuff trips me up, there is no world where all normies can self custody properly

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False dichotomy. People build centralized products on top of decentralized infra all the time. Presumably everyone agrees that data integrity is desirable, so it only makes sense to store valuable data in a way that is tamperproof ie decentralized medium. But it’s entirely possible for storage to be decentralized and operations of the application to be centralized.

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Whatever allows me to use Blackswan Bot to it's fullest potential. The trading bot uses AI to execute instant trades based on news releases. It helps you to enter positions before the market reacts, whether it's bullish or bearish news. You can specify the events you want to trade on. Their twitter/website has more info on it
website: blackswan dot biz

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The government is never doing you a favor, you are their propriety thats why they keep a file on you with your data in it, its not to keep you safe, its because you are inventory to them thats why you got a social security number the same way farmers tag cattle with numbers to keep track of them.
Not that everybody on this board doesnt know this already, its just a thought I wanted to share

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Eventually becomes a choice. Privacy and security are fucking important.

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I love it more when projects use blockchain technology to bring about solutions that secure users' identity on the internet

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DID that allows single sign-on solutions for cross-chain interoperability should be prioritised.

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Identity solutions are slowly gaining momentum and could play a significant role in driving growth before the next bull run.

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Hacks here and there so self-custody is the way to go.

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Hacks here and there so self-custody is the way to go.

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Kek, self sovereign ID is the true solution

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centralization is always more efficient but must always be misused.

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ORE ID is based.

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welcome to the cult.

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Privacy is yet another buzzword for illegal transactions kek, I think Arkham is doing god's work by identifying scams and targeting em

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Not your keys, not your wallet. Self custody is based.

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Why do you assume we give a fuck about this? Cope and seethe faggot

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Ranjeet, you forgot to change the copypaste kek

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AIKON has been driving innovation in decentralized identities, assets, and rights.

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Your nigger approach won't last long, a lot of people are into this basically because of privacy

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Nobody will be willing to give up on privacy just for that nigger faggot

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We gotta take charge of our digital ID, and that's where OREID steps in, anon.

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Shut the fuck up retard.

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The focus on solutions from Aikon is a step in the right direction.

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A Public Global Name Register would be a game-changer to decentralized identity

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I control my identities, wallets and asset myself with OREID. Don't know about anyone else.

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Any digital ID gotta be decentralized.

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Self- sovereign identity management tools like OREID actually simplifies it for even newfags.

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You've been bombarded with web3 crap, but hey, it's legit decentralized with AAVE, ORE, and XMR.

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the biggest issue with crypto is the fact that said decentralization is a double edged sword. on one hand you got a lot more freedom that you simply don't see in trad companies etc, the ability to stake thousands of different assets while using leverage if you wish. projects like kava and ethereum opening crypto's legs wide open for you to use it as you see fit. it's great. but then there's scammers, filth, bad actors. and there's way too many of them. pic related and coins like it + blockchain ledger obfuscation (no ids, only wallet addresses) make it near impossible to track these faggots down.

on the other hand you are way more limited when it comes to tradfi and your personal privacy/data is spread around like candies whenever you do whatever on the web, but everything is just safer and nicer.

TL;DR: Crypto would be perfect if India got nuked overnight.

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>just let the feds print more money and fuck you in the ass with inflation as long as you're being """protected""" by the military

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Decentralized identity is the next big thing in crypto.

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>somehow implying that Monero (ticker: $XMR) is part of the problem just because a bunch of filthy street-shitting pajeets are the ones fucking up the crypto industry.
Absolute midwit take. Monero is the kind of technology the founding fathers would've killed for in the name of freedom and yet you're here badmouthing what I consider to be the next logical step in terms of privacy and freedom to fully control your own assets/money as you see fit without relying on a corrupt central government that wants to dictate what you can/can't do with your funds.

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>water is wet
no fucking shit, retard

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ETH is unironically the new shitcoin casino chain (like in the good ol' days). Nothing has changed after being out for a full decade at this point

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Based. DID solutions like ENS, Selfkey, OREID really help drive adoption. We definitely heading to the moon in the next bull run.

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post moar monero chan please