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Why do you cling onto a top 20 high mcap? Even if it climbs back to top 5, which is a hard if, it'd only be a small x2 or x3. Meanwhile low mcaps 100x left and right.

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You have no power here

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lol I'm just not selling

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because it will flip Bitcoin by the end of the year

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I have always thought the same, however this shit will probably pull a 10x if CCIP really is as good as everyone says and it earns $ for stakers

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Why? Why do you persist? Every single day we raid this board with new talking points meant to make you sell. An entire global team of professionals, delivering military grade fud around the clock, we even infiltrated the moderation team and are actively suppressing the positive posts... Yet none of it seems to have any effect on you assholes. You just keep coming back like cockroaches. Never in my entire career have I encountered a target group so reluctant to be influenced and persuaded by our tactics. I hate you so much.

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how many seconds until ccip comes out with all the partners as advertised on Twitter, where all the good posters went

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baggie delusions

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the reality for fudcucks is pic related
not professional or organized, just eternally seething and brain damaged after gambling away the stacks they bought at $50 on bancor and screeching at ogs to sell ever since

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Because I choose to

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I cant throw 6 figures at some random shitcoin
And I dont have fuck you money, so I cant count on btc or eth if I want good returns

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>delivering military grade fud around the clock
Maybe if you some kind of African military

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I'm actually considering selling all mine but I'm at the 'undecided' stage. I think if I was offered a complete breakdown, with references cited, as to why I ought to sell; that might just sway me in the direction of selling. As it is, I'm leaning towards just holding. It's less hassle desu.

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It is important to tell you all, I am not selling.

infact i have another buy order waiting to be filled. Using chainlink automation of course.

Please keep posting. It is touching you care so much for my financial well-being.

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Same really. I could easily be convinced to swap to Bitcoin or, heck, even XRP since those definitely aren't securities, but I haven't seen any real evidence as to why I should. Buy low, sell high as they say, and chainlink seems to be quite the talk of the town whilst crabbing in a grand dip! Again though, I'd love to hear why I should sell/convert my suicidal stack of $Chainlink tokens (ticker: LINK)

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Obvious sunk cost fallacy.

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Sounds like you're suffering from a bit of the dunny krunger effect in this doggy dog world! I can't blame ya, times are tough. Hope you get well soon, friendo

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To make it to top 5 is an 8x

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I just love to open my ledger and enjoy looking at my juicy ~5k stinks stack . When i look at it it's not just LINK ticker. I see the future for me, my children, and the whole world in general.

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It’s very simple, I cling onto Chainlink because I am a maniac. Yes, seriously, I am fucking insane and I am deluded, crazy, lunatic etc.

I am also, never ever, ever selling Chainlink. Sorry, not sorry. I’m not selling. I can hold Chainlink longer than the market can wait in blissful ignorance.

It’s quite sensible really.

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Because it will be #1 no cap

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Kek I love to think this is actually true and it’s fucking great there isn’t a single thing outside of physically torturing and robbing every single link marine to ever get your grubby fingers on these linkies

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I'm in the same boat as
Which are these low caps which are going to x100 left right and centre op?

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It's called having a soul.
You will regret one day all the bad actions you did, and will spend the remainder of your life trying to pay back your karmic debt.
Better start now.
The more debt you accumulate the worse it will be.


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I keep trying to red suppository them but their assholes are filled with them Chainlink Chinese balls.

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>Which are these low caps which are going to x100 left right and centre op?
Just pick the right one, bro.

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>military grade fud

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Which one though?

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Have you ever considered some people have too much money to make a 100x on low liquidity scam coins? If (when) LINK becomes the next big thing (again), that's plenty exit liquidity (hundreds of millions of $). Poorfag

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because its going to be #1

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except BTC will be atleast 5T when LINK crosses it..

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Nice b8. I just don’t feel like selling

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so your saying the market cap of crypto(1.2T) wont increase from what it is now..

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Why are you spilling the secret OP?, let the retards and TA jeets keep doing their thing while I keep slurping RAIL.

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Its not making top 5

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>Which are these low caps which are going to x100 left right and centre op?

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This. Only retarded niggers think otherwise I'm not joking. Legit 200 IQ play is LINK and subhuman think there's anything like this in the space. Literal niggers are paid to come here and discourage us from buying just because "fuck those chuds". But we're holding anyways because LINK is going well past $1,000 when the tokenomics are fully fleshed out

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Can you break that down into 7 day intervals for me?

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I am an og chainlink marine, and I'm selling all of my link to buy alts with more upside like xrp, cardano, and shib.

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this is deeply concerning

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of course. that's why i buy sergeyabrahamlink100inu (ticker chainlink) instead. it will actuallly PUMP HARD!!!

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I died nigga and before my tranny shooting rampage I flushed my 100K Link ledger in the sibos toilet
You will never ever get my Stinky Linkies FudCuck

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>Meanwhile low mcaps 100x left and right.
Post 3

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>low mcaps 100x left and right
no lol. the chances of catching one of those is so small. you're much more likely to either lose money or get rugpulled or accidentally buy a fake/copy version of the real token you wanted. there's so much that can and will go wrong trying to catch one of those "100x" fantasy tokens.

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i've also never seen a single person making the "what about shitcoin x profit" argument against link post evidence of their 6-7 figure profits that they allegedly made from whatever shitcoin they bought

like sure if i had a crystal ball i would have dumped my entire net worth on doge and then shiba after the doge profits in that order and have had obscene amounts of wealth provided i would have been able to sell all that off

but i still live comfortably thanks to the cashed out neo rebrand which gave me enough money to buy a house without a mortgage, and then thanks to link have enough to live off of for the next few years while things become more clear ( i cashed out like 10 percent of my stack at $40) so why wouldn't i just wait for link's guaranteed moon

i just cant relate to fuddies in that i'm not seething over buying at the top or being desperate to get out of wagecucking... so nothing they say has any effect

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That's not the narrative the kekfuddies wish to sell. They decided long ago to go with the ''you'd have been better off buying a winning lottery ticket' line. They'll stick to this like glue, despite it being a moronic argument. Otherwise they have no fud position. It's kinda funny, if a little annoying at times in its repetition

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>he thinks its only going to do a x2 or 3 not a x230000 lol

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Because most traders are not good enough to ride those 100xs. It is also very likely you will double dip a success into a rugpull and lose everything.

Link is a surefire win, no risk at all.

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LINK isn't a top 20 coin it's barely a top 25 coin.

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>and lose everything
even worse
you would get hit with huge amounts of taxes due and end up having nothing to pay it with
best of luck avoiding the irs after that point

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I don't know about ROSE, but Railgun is my only option when it comes to privacy on Ethereum and EVM chains."

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Silly thread. Link will be somewhere between $100-$200 in the next bull run.

Using the current price that is a 13x-26x.

You're right that I don't expect a 100x. Although Link is more than capable of going that far. I'll probably sell between $150 and $200.

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Why are my bags so important to you that you waste your time posting this?

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It's 8X minimum to climb into the top 5. Adjust the coefficient in front of that 8 for the overall market conditions at the time. Most of us have 10k LINK to take profit on without compromising our stacks. In a 20-30x situation, this is significant. Why support the floor on your low cap shitcoins?

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Go away

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we are going for top 1
where we are going you wont need shitcoins

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RAIL is a sure 100x. So many people still sleeping on this gem.