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This is the best market I have ever participated in I will be buying MORE!

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are you looking into domain meta? the whole elon X domain thing was pretty big. in this degen space just combine the dumbest shit together and you can get some real mooners, take two big things, AI+domains and blam, mooner

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dotcom coins right? r-right?

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Current hype is real, its either china coins and shit or solid domain meta coins like AI.com or X.com that are still getting volume.

Market outside degens dead tho

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Saw X shilled here a few days ago and made a tidy profit on a quick flip.
Was that you who shilled it? Is it still going?

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lots of mooners out there

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oh shit just noticed the dubs, checked

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All you have to do is follow the meta to be quite honest f a m
Looks like it's domains now huh?

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>FOMO into a crashing market bro

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Better than the endless dumbledogetrumpfaggotnigger10inu clones desu
Can't say I miss those

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danger is the black people of life

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Based. Crypto is fuckin good if you got into it literally last month, not a day more (like me).
>BTC at huge discount
>ETH looks like it'll hit 3K sometime in the next 2 years give or take
>KAVA can easily make it to $2/3 mid term (by EOY?), best L1 solution only needs some more hype
>Pre-halve LTC
>Pre-pump Kaspa
It's all fuckin GOOD.

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stop posting these unfunny retarded wojak variations retard its not funny

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Is this supposed to be Algorand or some retarded globohomo "AI" coin?

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>solid domain meta coins

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the fuck?

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Your end goal should always be to accumulate as much BTC as humanly possible. It's the only one that's 100% a commodity.

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>tfw you're a sir and can't shit on the designated shitting carpet anymore

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fucking kekerinos

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bitcoin is always a safe choice, same with ETH. Kava needs more actual adoption (you know, projects in the ecosystem).
LTC is boomer tech but it's managed to survive previous bear markets.
Kaspa is something I still don't understand why it's being talked about here but there's that too I guess

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>yuupers... yep, lots of mooners out there my friend, i have never posted a single real thing in 4chan before and yet i got hired to shill this shitcoin with ads plastered all over /biz/...

i sometimes fantasize about getting a little delicate noodle arm jeet like you against a fucking corner alone with a baseball bat so i can break your legs as you yell things in hindi, filled with agony and pain

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I can only imagine
>tfw my oldest bags are five years old now

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kava and avax are both going to make me a ganzillionaire by next year

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based. same goes for the shits trying gas up the mentally disabled with this fake 'we're all in this together' crap knowing they have no skin in the game

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Every single project in Kosmoss is actually interlinked with Kava what else would you need? Rocket fuel?

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Fake and gay:
>Shit on the jeetoken that is clearly going to pump and dumpr even if you want it or not


True and straight:
>Buy the jeetoken to dump at the top

That is not the way bro.

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Nice Atomfags trying to take over the treat, keep shilling.

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I'm whiter than you
cope and seethe faggot

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Watching the bullshittery between the X shillers and the X haters is simply art

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Based chad, now is the time to take advantage of the low price levels on based gems. Doing that on VRA and XTP which have been up over 40% in the past few days.