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Why the fuck is everyone buying right now

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100k EOY

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I've been in brothels like this. One hour to do your worst. Good times bros, I wish I was 19 again

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describe the smell

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Vaginas have their own unique smell, people say fish which is in the right track but not quite there. That mixed with sweat.

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bet you got an std

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The smell of the brothel you retard, musky nickels vagina all around?

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Generally they smell pretty clean if you're going to a reputable place, if you're going to a hellhole like in the OP picture at best it's going to smell like a locker room and at worst you're going to be picking up hints of dried semen and cooter juice inbetween ass sweat and the faint aroma of hard drugs beind used or made.

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Do you not know what condoms are? Kek
Smells like and apartment building really. Architects are designing and building brothels low IQ anon

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Why give two replies? Realized how retarded you were the first time and went for a double down? Kekd

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Does anyone have that photo compilation of sexy latinas that look like they are in a favela?

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>Why give two replies?
You asked two different things low IQ anon. Keep studying English you'll get it one day

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>gives two sarcastic mongoloid replies to the same post that has only one simple question
>noo,you are stupid not me for not understanding that you asked one question but i was too much of an idiot to answer it correctly
>proceeds to project his lexicon capabilities

Never change based retard anon. I hope you find peace of mind and everything will get better in your life ,sorry for your loss.

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Black crock

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Because alot of these boytards do not believe in buying dips, they saw BTC at 17k but wanted 9k such stupidity in glory. And a lot are claiming it'll touch 5k, all hail Capo of Crypto and his cohorts. But then I bought at 18k and will hodl strong till bull run and yeah bagging Ride, Qnt, and QWT, with lots of others are my way of setting pace for the bull, so dyor.

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I bought 17k, I bought 29k, and I will keep buying whatever the price.

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Because you can buy a $1 million dollar asset in the future for $30,000 today.

The question is, what kind of idiot wouldn't buy this most obvious 30x?

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>ESL anon spergs out
Everytime kek

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>muh language

americans have a weird way of accepting defeat

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Lmao you could tell from a mile away

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don't really care

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I can't afford one whole BTC quickly, as it's expensive. My priority will be investing in altcoins like Reef, Krest, Zil, Iotex, and Atom. If all these coins take off, I think I might be able to buy some Bitcoin then.

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Sounds like you do since you wrote an entire paragraph here >>55764022
Brown ESLs get so uppity when called out

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I have 40k Euros to invest right now, thinking of buying 1BTC and rest in ETH, but open to suggestions if anyone has anything good and please write why

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You'll get greedy and get stuck bagholding. The sooner you capitulate the better.

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Eth is a Russian scam coin that failed to do what it set out to do. It’s legacy is just rug pulls and defi that doesn’t work. Just BTC

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70% btc, 30% doge

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I think the upside to BTC is so much greater than the idea of just sitting and waiting for BTC to find lower lows. The idea of waiting around for a discount just isn't really incentivized.

Sure BTC might drop again to 25, 20, or even 15k if something crazy happened like binance crashing (hey it might lol), but I think in the long run people see 29k as an attractive price. honestly 40k and below is really nice.

DCAing top coins and then dropping a couple thousand into new projects just before the BTC halving could be a good strat

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>Eth is a Russian scam coin that failed to do what it set out to do. It’s legacy is just rug pulls and defi that doesn’t work. Just BTC

2023 is the year of Bitcoin Supremacy

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50k EOY doesn't even seem feasible at this point. Kek

Are you buying BTC only? Smarter to diversify into solid alts too; that's where the biggest profits will come from. Look at the LSDFi scene for the top picks. PRO TIP- The yield aggregators in LSDFi seem like a better bet at this point.

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What yield aggregators are on LSDFi? That place is just filled with single LST issuers.

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I can save her

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Based chad, If only anons realize how big Btc is going to get they'd start accumulating now. I'm doing mine already alongside DOT and KREST which fit into what DePINs is bringing to the space with tokenized infrastructure.

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so many desperate pageets trying really hard to shill their shitcoin.. All you need is btc.

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Brown girl sex

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I know YearnFi and SpoolFi are on that space now. The latter has a solid partnership with RocketPool and StakingRewards which are LST issuers.

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Why wouldn't (You) buy BTC is the better question here.
I was also one of those who thought arkham was gonna have a successful launch because of all the """controversy""" surrounding the project and most people told me to eat shit. Feels good to make some ez money while dabbing on those who fall for retarded CT fud

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people are waking up to the fact their poorfolio MUST have btc in it. yesterday i bought my usual $POND, $KASPA and $XMR, but guess what? that was merely half my crypto money, the other half was $BTC! weird innit??

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What does the partnership entail?

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I do have BTC but I focus my DCA more on ETH. I believe it is going to make massive moves. CYMI and ACOIN are also looking ready for the bull. I'll scoop more.

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You didn't win

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Users of SpoolFi will be able to leverage on rETH and srETH; as well as other LSTs that will be supported by the platform from a single entry point.

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Based. Plus ETFs. Big institutions are jumping in. We all know what that means. Alts will start running in a bit. AstraDAO is at the front row with their index and and staking rewards.

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I'm not everyone. I am buying RAIL at $0.3 and it can easily go 30x.
>> low market cap of $16m

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20% ETH, 40% stable, 10% ORE, 10% VRA, 10% INJ, 10% MPL

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this webm accurately sums up the intelligence behind the post tied to it
no offense to monke obviously. nothing wrong with monke being monke
but pretty sad for human to operate at monke cognitive level

captcha: WKKKAT

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>german imbis
expecting nothing less disgusting and tasteless from ze germans

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Nice portofolio and well diversified.