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How is your financial life and future doing despite the myriad of obstacles we have to face?

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dont even want to start down that path ya dig,,,a financially stable future is all I want

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I am a WHITE MALE in the United States of America. Shit's SO cash!!

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>Work in devops making an obscence amount of money as a 23 year old (110k)
>Made over 80k on crypto in 6 months
>literally have no debt/commitments besides my cat so can get shredded, and travel 1 month a year fucking sloots

Life isn't too bad

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What do you do for a living you magnificent faggot?

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I do your mom.

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Extremely comfy. Got into crypto in 2011 and haven't left since so I actually don't have to work for the rest of my life and pay out of pocket for medical and dental and all that stuff. It's pretty funny how shocked everyone is and how they always try to talk me out of it, waiting for insurance, or getting into payment plans instead. I actually started getting really bored last year and have since started working part-time as a program assistant at my state university which is only 15 minutes away. I get to flirt with and fuck high school girls who are in our accelerated college program. Will probably do this for another year or so before getting bored again. Thinking about moving abroad but then I think about all the effort and paperwork needed and I just shrug the idea away.

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27 y/o software engineer in the midwest making ~90k at a startup without considering benefits

family owned a dilapidated loft so dropped 10k on remodeling it and don't pay any rent

40k in student loans. don't give a shit about student loans because making a killing investing entire paycheck into crypto.

I dunno, I feel like I'm cheating at life sometimes. I live pretty frugally, never eat out, just reinvest.

max out hsa and roth ira.

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Crypto got me interested in understanding real investments and how persona finances work for or against you (in the case of student loans). I've begun to take steps to stop living a financially automates life (work, pay bills,repeat until dead) but instead I have been reading up on successful investors like Warrant Buffet, Charlie Mungee, Jack Bogule and Benjamin Graham to understand how the markets work, how to remove emotion from investing and focus on giving myself as much of an advantage against an unsure future as possible. It's also begun spurring my interest in philosophy so there's that side benefit as well. Overall becoming more and more financially literate actually has made me feel like I have a better handle in my life and it shocks (yet at the same time doesn't surprise me) how little importance schools place on teaching these ACTUAL life serving skills

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Work as electrician with zero debt. Even if I lose $40000 I'm doing better than a lot of people.

Too bad I'm a loser brainlet otherwise

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I will finish uni early next year. I studied communication design (designing ads, websites and shit) and just hope I didn't get memed out. I have no fucking clue where I want to work after and I'm scared. Crypto is the only thing I feel good with in life.

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Failing at uni doing software engineering and student loan will eat all my gainz after taxman takes his share
Life is hard

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23 yo working in tech sales , life is okay.

Still live at home despite making 75-100k, have quite a bit in crypto and stocks already so solid there.

No gf, family is toxic, really need to move out but my fucking LINK stacks have made that tough

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My finances are ok, I've been richer and I've been poorer. My long term outlook is good, physical health is good, so I have no complaints.

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Age 23 here. Doing ok. Making $60k/year in a job that doesn't interest me that much, but which was willing to hire me with no relevant experience. $30k in debt currently. Have $16k in crypto, which I may cash out to pay off the debt next year, if it grows to 30k. I can rebuild a crypto portfolio later, I just want to be a free man.

I should've invested more than $2500 into crypto. I was trying not to be reckless. No regrets though, at least I put something in.

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>Warrant Buffet

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Just think how much your portfolio is going to be worth after you hodl for a few years in state prison for cumming in a 17 year old!

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make 100k doing easy enough job, fell for marriage meme and wife also makes 100k, live in comfy apartment in nyc by central park. 2 cats, student loans being paid by the gubmint in 2 years, saving for house, maybe gonna make it in crypto but I'm good even if I don't.

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Idk. I failed my start up after college and it took me two years of interning to get on the bottom rung of my career field. Meaning I don't earn a lot, atm. Luckily I have a house, paid car, but like 10k in savings and 5k in crypto. Still have debt from college.

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I have no debt, a really great job, 100k a year in the midwest and i'm good at what I do, and I have 200k in ETH, but cryptos have stressed me out so much I started losing my hair at 30. so no gf no matter how much ETH I have.

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I have rich parents and got a good paying job I got through nepotism.

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>1st year medical student
>no loans because of mining btc back in 2010 cause of the memes
>financially independent
>considered unemployed so taxes are comfy

Life is good

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in due time, my friend.
fortune favors the bold

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I'm currently shorting the US economy with my crypto gains.
I'll be a multi-billionaire within a year or so.

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Kek, damn autocorrect

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is this a legitimate holding strategy? kinda like waiting 3 turns in monopoly jail instead of paying?

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devops? Sounds made up.

>29 make 40-60k year
>bunch of debt
>hot ass slave gf who worships me
>self employed, never had a "real" job
>own company worth 500k+
>lease my car
>work about 3-6 hours a week, tops

Feels good desu.

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What does your company do anon?

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B.S. in Manufacturing Technology, got a job as lead designer for some microwave point to point telecoms equipment for $16/hr (((lol))), equipment worked, marketing and sales for it didn't, started drinking heavily, got fired, lost my apartment, couch surfed and worked shit jobs for 6 months.
Now I'm a wildland firefighter, made $30k for 8 months of grueling work this year, love my job but it's going to kill me one day so I'm only planning on doing it for another 2-5 years.
Managed to sink $2300 into crypto after this season, over traded until I lost half of it, then learned how to hold and am back up to $2200-2500 depending on how bitcoin is fucking alts at the time.
I really just want to make enough for a down payment on a starter home and pay off my student loans ($34k), then the rest is gravy.
If I can support myself with crypto, then I'll start a business, buy a copy of Solidworks and a CNC mill for fun and just make stuff until I die.

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>Have a degree in accounting with Finance minor.
>No debt but have never had a legitimate job that paid more than $12 an hour because there aren't any jobs.
>Got into crypto a year ago and did some other entrepeneurial stuff which made my life a lot better.
>Invested in a coding school. Almost finished so can probably get a programming job before the end of the year.
>Get annoyed at my retarded normie family because they don't get the concept of taking risks and thinking outside the box.

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Yeah, go for it Anon!

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You fuckers are even more entitled than the boomers. You need to work for your money, not get loans, debt, everything on credit and a shit degree and then complain that life is so hard for you. It’s your own stupid fault.
Learn the value of money, stop expecting handouts and free shit and please, for the love of got, stop thinking you are special. You ain’t shit and deserve nothing unless you break away from the herd and think for yourself, sacrifice and put in the hard work.
Pro tip: education and a 9-5 is the herd.

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Primarily mobile software with some web properties too.

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Leave boomer. You were handed literally everything on a platter and still managed to fuck it all up. Kys.

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Learn a trade or actual skill that’s needed. We have enough lawyers, poloticians, dentists, etc... get working or get lucky. You make bad life choices.

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>Found the salty no-coiner
You're too stressed from wagecucking to jerk off aren't you Anon?

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Neck yourself

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I’m 30 lmao. You guys are all delusional and bought the lies. It’s not your fault. You have been indoctrinated. Take my advice and snap out if it, face reality. Your life is a lie, it’s fake.

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>>Have a degree in accounting with Finance minor.
>>No debt but have never had a legitimate job that paid more than $12 an hour because there aren't any jobs.

Honestly, succeeding in finance(even in accounting) is mainly based on who you know. Probably why so many autists (like me) these days cannot even find a half-decent accounting job. It's even worse in the UK because the job market is oversaturated as fuck. I've also been thinking about learning to code, mainly just SQL shit.

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‘84 here

Married a dumb whore who’s almost certainly cheating on me. I hate her so much. Prepping for divorce. I’m on debt up to my asshole. I have a shitty corporate office job that I fucking hate. Pretty much if crypto doesn’t free me from this hell I don’t know how much longer I can keep going without killing my self.

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Boomer boot licker, even worse. I'm 29, you're a retard. I know more about hard work than you do, guaranteed.

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Get your cpa dumbass

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Who hurt you bud? You've got a lot of misguided negative energy? There are lots of good resources out there for people as miserable as you

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>used to be in military as mechanic
>work at some maintenance job after on
>got disabled circa 2010
>on disability ever since
>put 1800$ into crypto, now its 5K$
>portfolio is stagnate, it seem to be stuck

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lol speaking of millenials go into the signals channel and look at what these stupid bitch fat discord nerd girls are saying about stellar... calling BTC the devil and stellar is the way forward for a progressive world lmfao

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I am uneducated due to dyslexia and probably mildly retarded. Barely a GED. I'm doing okay running a business we net combined income under 40k a year. Unable to ever buy a house on this income. Too retarded and stubborn for education or to be a wage slave. Crypto is my only hope. Or get lucky and find something rare since I'm a picker American Picker style. At least I'm free which is an amazing feeling.

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I'm doing okay, which is to say that I'm not a failure but that I haven't met with sufficient success thus far to say that I'm well past the post of what my inevitable inheritance will look like (I'm an only child). There are some interesting obstacles in my path just as there are some interesting opportunities. I have my fingers in several entrepreneurial ventures at the moment, but I've found thus far that both financiers and potential partners are incredibly unreliable. My credit score is in the high 700's, but banks tell me that I have insufficient accounts (read: not enough money) to lend me anything. Partners tend to cut and run the minute that they smell risk, typically to our mutual detriment. Everyone wants reward, nobody can tolerate risk.

Right now I've got a gig going as a contractor for a fairly large company. I'm about to walk to a competitor because they've been so sketchy about paying me, and I do this knowing that their budgetary allocations are based in part on the work that I do so by walking away I am effectively robbing their department of funding as the projects that I specialize in cannot be completed. They have known that I have had the capacity to do this the entire time, yet have been unwilling to stop attempting to fuck me over. I can only hope that the other firm is going to be more accommodating, especially after I walked out of this one.

What I've found in business thus far is everybody in the corporate world is a stupid, short-sighted, greedy motherfucker swimming in a culture that encourages them to be stupid, short-sighted, greedy motherfuckers. Everybody wants guaranteed profits with no risk, and getting people to turn on the tap and start trying to work with you instead of fucking you over is like getting blood from a stone, except the stone smugly thinks that it's smarter than you and is shocked when you outmaneuver it.

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>Greatest Generation: Fights World War 2 to save Capitalism. Gives everyone amazing prosperity and the lowest unemployment rate in American history. They knew when they had enough money and didn't screw each other just so they could have an extra Cadillac in the driveway. They actually gave a shit about their fellow man.

>Boomers: Took all of the prosperity for themselves, sold all of our jobs overseas and gutted all of our unions and benefits just so they could buy stupid shit, giving no thought to the fact that future generations would be fucked.

>Millennials: Most of us were raised by these parasites. They raised us and then blame us for their mistakes. Their narcissism has caused many of us to have commitment issues and the fact that they never invested any money into education prevented us from learning something that could actually get us a fucking competitive job when we were in our prime learning years instead of us being forced to read from shitty outdated textbooks and have to put up with ineffective old teachers that just wanted a paycheck. But no, it's my fault that I had to go back to school at 25.

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Lol I’ve been ‘retired’ since I was 25. No stress here. I’m not rich either. I just played a smart game and am happy now living a very modest (some would say poverty) life. I am relatively free and that’s what’s important to me. I don’t chase dreams of fame and glory. My ‘poverty’ seems to be over too thanks to crypto and a bit of luck. But my life doesn’t matter to you and nor should it. I am only offering honest advice and trying to save you all a lot of misery.
Never get a loan.
Stop chasing fake and fortune.
Find a partner, settle down and have some kids.
You don’t need to have a flashy car or big house. Get something cheap, move to the country. Cities are miserable.
Get a trade or skill people want and save save save then invest.
Don’t live beyobd your means, credit is never the answer. If you get a mortgage have a 5 year plan to fully pay it off.
Above all, stop being greedy. Learn to aoreciatr the smaller things in life and learn to love freedom above everything else.
You have nothing to stress about. Cut your expenses to a minimum and work for 5-10 years and save/invest. This means no flashy cars, big TVs etc. Shit takes time. If you aren’t retarded and do this you can retire by 40 and be happy. Life is not a race. Old boomers got lucky sure but they also worked for years to get where they are now.
It’s the bankers and loan givers you want to hate. If nobody got bank loans for houses then the prices would drop, same with everything. Anybody getting things in credit is part of the problem and that includes your education. Work+save and stop expecting a free ride. Life isn’t fair, deal with it. Boomers had housing and you have crypto. The 1% had stocks. You can be the next 1% generation if you play it smart. Just stop being brats about it. You have every ipertunity if only you look and stop complaining about the past. Fuck loans, fuck the banks and go all in on DECENTRALISED crypto. Yw millennials.

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i agree with much you said.
iv been looking for a partner to develop apps/games with (its fairly easy for 2 people) and most of them couldn't bother even starting the project.
i could do projects myself but its much easier with a partner

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You're too old to post here if you fall for the CPA meme.

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>debt from meme school 25k debt from CC 3k
>income 45k a year
>2k in savings 1.2k 'invested" in shitcoins (1.4k profit)
>assets 2016 WRX own free and clear
>getting married next year

Life's good I guess seeing as I'm a brainlet who fucked up my earlier years.

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ur ahead of your time by being behind the times, i salute u .. but city isn't misery for us all.. some of us need it.. you can bring the country to the city! ;)

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> divorced
> shit job paying $16
> 3 maxed out CC’s
> renting
> car loan
> pay check to paycheck
> $1000 in crypto

Pray for me

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CPA doesn't exist in the uk, anyways most qualifications that are like the CPA in the uk require like 3 years relevant experience which you cannot obtain since entry level jobs require fucking 2 years experience within a practice.

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24, $11k in crypto and a paltry $130 in stocks.

I started out taking computer repair work in the WinXP era and did it on-and-off as a side gig until around 2015. It helped me land a lot of jobs in retail, restaurants, warehouses, etc.

Now I go to a community college for shop classes and work as an apprentice in my trade.

Only debt is $5k in student loans and I enjoy the work I am in.

This has been a very good year.

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The law of averages says most ppl would be happier out if it. That’s all. Especially the majority trying to go ‘professional’ not that they are all bad. The city is where I made myself the man I am today but it’s not my cup of tea for a lifestyle. Some say they enjoy it but I have met very few who genuinely enjoy the rat race. To each their own. It’s chasing shitty pipe dreams if you ask me and very fake, it’s just an extension of higher education really. Some of those corporate settings are no different from the classroom. It’s kind of sad how they never grow up. I suppose it is what you make if it, there are just so many fucking zombies in cities!

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Chased that dream huh? Sounds like you rushed to ‘make it’ when in reality things take time. You’re still young. Just have to get those debts paid off and start again. You should be find by the time you are 35 if you are carful. GL!
Debts paid first and never get more.

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>It’s the bankers and loan givers you want to hate. If nobody got bank loans for houses then the prices would drop, same with everything. Anybody getting things in credit is part of the problem and that includes your education.
Damn, never considered this despite it being blindingly obvious.

Thanks for the motivation M8

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>shit-tier liberal arts degree
>only have had a few short term jobs
>currently unemployed, living at parents
>60K in crypto, 50K in the bank, 150K in stocks (given to me by uncle)
pretty comfy right now, going to buy a new car soon, just hoping I can get a new job soon and be able to move out

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why dont you pay off your loans while you have the money? what if crypto drops off? /biz/tards are really strange to me sometimes

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You are right I sit on my ass and fap. And I make a wagecucks paycheck in a day.

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>buys a new car before owning a house

You'll never make it with the financial awareness of a chocolate american

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late bloomers who get into stem are the best kind of black pilled

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I have 1 3/4 years to make enough to sustain for at least 10 years or so.

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>masters in cs
>dead end underpaid software engineering job
>tons of debt from college
>shit luck in crypto, can't predict market, make stupid decisions
>live in mom's basement
>can't afford to rent my own place
>will never afford a home
>will never have a gf or family
life sucks and i only have myself to blame

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I'm with you. Millennials are more indoctrinated than boomers. Jew worshipers and good goys the lot of them. They deserve what is coming. We all do.

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The interest, the extra bit you pay back on a loan (USURY JEWISH INVENTION) on every single loan is created from nothing out of the ass and added to the economy (that portion of money doesn't exist before the loan is created). Federal reserve's have to print money to cover it causing inflation.
Since banks can't do that shit with crypto (coins are mostly finite) they are shitting themselves.
Governments like the US, EU, Russia etc will have to kill crypto to maintain control eventually imo.
They are favouring coins like ripple that creates coins, take note of that.
Unironically, some boomers I've talked to still think paper money is backed by gold.

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There is no rush, things take time and sacrifice. You will get there, in time. At the very least you can provide a better life for your kids. The worst thing you can do is get greedy and rush. It rarely works out. Risks are fine but not ones that will leave you destitute. Very occasionally an entrepreneur takes a big risk and wins but you get more winners in the long run from the people who take it slow and don’t get greedy. Be average! It’s great. Better than burning out by the time you are 40 and ending up on meds’ or with a drug problem to cope. Not to mention ending up single and childless (or paying child support). It’s no way to live your life. It’s all part of the plan of course. You get taught to consume and crave new things from birth. It’s a hard program to break out if. Once you do the stress is greatly reduced. I lived off $10 a week for food for three years. Now Ive got my plans in order and can relax a bit. It was worth the sacrifice and hard work. It’s amazing what being debt free and saving the pennies Can do, even on minimum wage. Luxury goods are not a necessity. I think we forget that. There is plenty of time to get the cool stuff, if you play it safer now. That’s how I see it anyway. I had my first holiday since I was a kid in the summer. It was awesome and I appreciated it and had no stress to come back to. It was an experience not an escape. Life shouldn’t be something you want to escape from. There is plenty of joy to be Fiji’s from the simple things in it. Again, we are taught that isn’t true and forget that life isn’t all red carpets, the latest gadget and who has the nicer house/car etc. It’s only a competition if you make it so, only a race if you try to win. Otherwise it’s just a nice walk to the end with time to enjoy the trip.

TL;DR: buy LINK (kek)

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You make it so easy. Pay your taxes!

>> No.5582032

2022 it will all collapse. That’s when the debt claim ck runs out and the welfare will have to end. Hopefully crypto remains decentralised and helps us escape the failing banking system and it’s debt/loan based economy. We are all going to need to get some perspective soon. The banks used our greed against us, we have only ourselves to blame. We deserve this.

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Debt clock*
>phone fag posting

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At least I have my Pumping Spiced Latte

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I own some land, more than 20 acres. GOnna start leaning to homestead. Got real lucky and over 100k in crypto and a decent job. All this shit is a lot to take in. Trying to jewpill my friends and just survive this coming apocalypse. Good luck Anon.

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I'm starting the second semester of my first year in college. Hoping to make it by trading crypto so I can get my family out of the ghetto. I have a modest amount of capital. I just need to flip it a couple more times before we move out to a nice cozy cheap house out in Oregon

>> No.5582230

That is my end goal actually. I still need a bit more luck with my crypto but I am already out in the countryside, I just need some land and maybe one last house move. Really great plan imo. Good luck!
Weird you have NEO because most people are Cypher. Ignorance is certainly not going to be bliss in a few years time.

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Hope you make it, brother.

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I am 23, live in parents spare room, work a mediocre job as a merchandiser.
I invested a few hundred in FUN, XRP, and POE.
These better fucking moon, or I'mma gonna snap.

>> No.5582295

What coins you holding?

>> No.5582326

these larp threads are the WORST

>> No.5582358

Feels good that basically everyone in this thread who owns some crypto is gonna be set for life.

All the normies are gonna subsidise our cost of living by buying crypto due to fomo

>> No.5582363


>save jews and international capitalism and communism, you mean.

You show your ignorance here on what the German economic aims were. They weren't anti free-trade, only against predatory global capitalism that hurts a nation.

>> No.5582488

Except me.

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>22 years old, just graduated
>working as an accountant in a big 4 doing FDD and valuation, salary 43k CAD a year while working on my CPA
>set all my bills to auto pay, live a pretty simple life in the city with my video games and tinder
>no debt, portfolio worth 40k CAD and growing

My 5 year goals is to hit 80k salary, obtain CPA license and buy a house/condo.

>> No.5582580

Bad ones probably lol. ARK, NEO, REQ, LINK, QSP, XRP, XLM, XYB, BAT, ENJ, HST, ALIS are my main ones with minimum of $500 in each. Holding for 12+ months and pumping any spare fiat I get into random real world use shit coins. If I make it I make it, if not then oh well. I’ll cope.

It really is the banks who have tucked it all up when you think about it. Governments and the people all take loans from them and in turn they get more power and prices of things go up requiring more and bigger loans. It’s madness.

>> No.5582692

I'm in XRP and XLM are good choices despite the XRP bank connection it is going to go way up and will have staying power.
XEM also has a lot of potential.

Post your Ripple address and I will send you some to help you out.

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24, dropped out of high school and got a GED. Went to community college, transferred to a top 25 university with a full scholarship. Just finished my final days at university last week and will be starting a consulting position in March. Invested 1500 a month ago into crypto and almost doubled that so far.

>> No.5582906

I salute you for your posts. I can never find the words to describe what you described in just a few sentences. I will use them.

The whole system is really just pure madness.

I'm in crypto with 1000$, let's see what I can make of it as a bonus.

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That’s very kind of you. The XRP actually on my friends nano so I don’t even know the address lol. We bought it together 6 months ago and I’ve not bothered moving it. It’s cool though, thanks. I am actually an idiot and sold 3k nearly last week of it... never again. He still has about 5k left. Kind of gutted about that but lesson learned!

Me and my friend had that exact same conversation about the xrp and bank stuff. We decided in the end that like you said, it’s going to have the staying power to survive even in a near total collapse of crypto so we would be daft not to get some.

XEM does look good but out if my price range now really. I could get a hundred every few weeks but I kind of enjoy the smaller risky gambles with the shit coibsidk. It is good though. Scary, but good. It can’t be as bad as IOTA hopefully. Now that is scary lol.

>> No.5583418

Best of luck and thank you. I wish you success.
The rotchild one is better “give me control of a countries money supply and I care not for who writes its laws”
Taking loans if them for wars was our first mistake. Whole nations in debt and then they had to give permission to be allowed to feed on the individual.

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Its all good then man. I actually didnt check the ID and sent some to that dude up there but it was a test amount first lol.If you want to make one I will send later if the thread is still around but I will verify the ID.

>> No.5583468
File: 946 KB, 1440x1422, Screenshot_20171227-190748.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Studying to be a CPA with a internship at BDO in April. Explain yourself.

>> No.5583544
File: 2.06 MB, 1440x1423, Screenshot_20171227-171406.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

18 year olds are the fucking best. I wish the stigma about fucking them wasn't there.

>> No.5584040

Pretty shit, can't lie. Living in bumfuck rural town with no jobs and no car. Trying to scrap up enough money to get a train ticket out of here to the nearest city. My old highschool friend's insistance on getting me hooked on dope is starting to look more and more enticing. I get what people in poverty mean now that they don't see a way out, just crushing despair 24/7. Shit's not cash, but I'm doing all I can.

Selling off all of my possessions on Craigslist. There are some rich old fucks around here so I might put up a few ads for a Cryptocurrency Money Manager. I feel some of that hunger, like you're backed against a wall and will do anything to get out. Don't care about the regulations or laws, just my own ass and not dying in "Salem's Lot."

What can I say. I thought those coal workers and "muh jobs" were just exaggerations, but here I am after highschool with shit all. I'm not angry, just desperate.

>> No.5584049


I posted this one because it aligned with what you were implying: we get what we deserve. I don't entirely agree with that, though, since the masses are basically brainless and never actually think much. I square most the blame on traitor gentile elite classes throughout the West that sold us out to international jewry and set themselves up as their compatriots in ruin. I don't believe most people have the capacity for much self-agency. That Rothschild one is a good one though.

>> No.5584056

32 was in crypto in 2013 went from 75 CAD to 10 BTC, preg gf says sell it all or i leave, leaves anyway. caring for autistic daughter working as a server cause can't move her closer to jobs my education can get me. Played csgo to cool down while she sleeps, gained skins, sold them and withdrew into ETH, starting with 85 dollar in crypto again lets see if it i can do it all over again.

>> No.5584142

haha, whoops. Well, I hope it wasn't much! lucky bugger. I had to make a wallet anyway so just set up a desktop XRP one (r9cppVR4sDYGvVSFEzx59UmsJkNxzDrzp9). You really don't have to but I appreciate it, all the same. Never say no to a free lunch and all that is what they say. That is definitely something I picked up surviving on $10 food a week lol ;)

Oh and mining, I forgot. I mine BWK atm, it seems to be doing alright, netting me about $4 a day with only one Nvidia GPU running it on the http://bsod.pw/ pool. Just an fyi if you were into that sort of thing. My friend just bought 4 antminers to setup in a data centre which should be cool, for him at least lol.

>> No.5584220 [DELETED] 

Doing fine thanks to crypto fampai. If you need some help getting started check out the trend analysis on this discord, their signals haven't been wrong yet- you have nothing to lose and everything to gain:

Colossal if factual. Speaking of colossal, if you want colossal gains check out this discord. Their predictions have all be spot on so far, check their past signals:


>> No.5584348

Nah not much to me. Just 50 xrp. Sent you 100. I got over 100k in XEM and XLM. I have had some very generous anons on this board give me over $1000 in crypto so I like to pass it on too.

I do want to mine a coin. I bought a SIA miner that should come in next year. I think SIA will blow up once they get the tech down.

Good luck anon.

>> No.5584422

oh eyah, you get lucky too and sometimes you get a raw end of the deal. I had my dad die when I was 7 and then my step dad when Iw as 14 so I have been there. You just have to keep picking yourself up and get back to climbing the ladder I suppose.
You have to make the best of what you have I guess. If life gives you lemons and all that. life is often not fair, it is not equal and it would be pretty boring if it was I say.
You just had me investigating my XLM wallet on my desktop. I totally forgot I sold 8k of that a few months ago before it mooned. I guess selling that XRP wasn't my first time messing up ha! I know they say 3rd time is the charm but I think in this case il leave it at two and just stick to my hold and invest plan.

>> No.5584481

Hold that XLM. It will definitely hit a dollar sometime next year.

>> No.5584519

aww mate, that is awesome. I appreciate it. Genuinely, thank you. Received safe and sound.

Yeah, I was looking into mining something like SIA too, BWK seems to be the most profitable for my GPU right now. It is worth checking out on this calculator which is best for your equipment. www.crypto-coinz.net/crypto-calculator/

Best of luck to you too bro. I owe you a pint someday ;)

>> No.5584685

Well, I had to rebuy 3k a few weeks ago but I have some and I am not letting go this time! I am still just about up on it all in total but I lost 5k XLM for selling early a month or so ago. It was my first time messing around with trading and I got a bit carried away. Way too stressful doing that more than maybe once a day really. I don't really trade much anymore but I learnt a bit doing it, which is the main thing. It's all good :)

$1 sounds about right. here is hoping.
Thanks again.

>> No.5584689

Thanks for the site. If you make it to lamboland and I see a pint worth come to my ripple address I will know you made it. Cheers!

>> No.5584702

This thread makes me jelly. So many people my age living comfortable cosmopolitan lives with houses and comfy office jobs.

Tell me /biz/, should I quit my shitty construction job and start going to college? Maybe get a part time job like UPS that helps pay for my tuition? My other option is military and go to school on GI bill once I get out. If I don't do either of those then my only option is starting my own business or else I'll never make it, but that still resigns me to the trade life.

>> No.5584714

Indeed. cheers! GL.

>> No.5584748

I've also had the idea of buying a nice suit, going to the city(live 40 mins from Chicago) and just begging for an entry level office gig doing anything, but that seems more like a fantasy than an option.

>> No.5584766
File: 28 KB, 619x453, 1506985113882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seeing so much good on /biz/. Since the crypto market got mad it's not seen anymore.

>> No.5584873

Thanks for inspiration anon, will take these tips with me as I hit my twenties

>> No.5584892

Exploration geo making 140k
50k in crypto
student debt paid off
feels pretty great

>> No.5584909

You'll turn those 1k into 8k if you play your cards right anon, you got this

>> No.5584965

I don't understand these power trips. Did selling 10 BTC back then really make financial impact? Did you really need the money that bad. Why did you cave into that bitches demands.

>> No.5585021

i sold when it was at $1500, i've dealt with the anger i feel over it now, i did what i thought was best at the time with the knowledge i had at the time. Back then it was barely touching the news and if you mentioned bitcoin people thought you were retarded.

>> No.5585063

Its awesome knowing there are cool people about still. I have their wallet saved for that pint someday if I make it. No cry pepe, it's going to be alright.
Whatever makes you happy man. The main thing is living within your means, try and stay debt free and learn to appreciate life without getting greedy and wanting all the flashy stuff now. Getting there and making it takes time. No rush even though sometimes it feels like there is.
We are probably all going to get screwed anyway once the banksters system collapses, saving something for a rainy day and learning to survive on less might not be a bad couple of things to practice. You will be alright man. Just do you, flashy houses, cars and being a 'high flying professional' are not what makes life worth living. The rat race and chasing that stuff damn near gave me a nervous breakdown before I realised that. It is not worth it. find something of value to yourself or others that you enjoy and do that. Life is a mystery, go explore it for yourself.

>> No.5585082

$1500 was during a crazy rally thou. If you said at $200 during the crypto winter I could understand but at a time where price was mooning everyday doesn't make sence. Whatever, too late to look back now. Hope you make your stash back anon.

>> No.5585129

thanks anon, im going good already, up to almost 3x now. I made all the dumb early mistakes back in 2013 i think it might be easier this time around although the landscape is entirely different.

>> No.5585187
File: 47 KB, 306x469, 1462085339745.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I appreciate the sentiment but that sort of thinking is what got me here in the first place. I've needed a kick in the ass for a long time, my parents never instilled any sense of direction within me. They were the quintessential 'just b urself' baby boomers. Your words do make me feel better though, and this thread is probably biased because the people with shitty jobs like me don't post. I'll just keep on trying and listening to Dave Ramsey.

>> No.5585330

Nakamoto gave us autists, NEETs, and hikikomoris the financial power we needed. Basically, being social people in real life is like a disease for us and because of that it is a huge hindrance on adulthood as we need "work" in order to survive. With the blockchain tech Nakamoto bestowed us upon, health insurance, dental care, house, stocks, and even security made easier for us autists to live in this already rotten to the core world.

Withdrawing from the society is always better than being a criminal or drug addict. If only the governments followed Japan who helped autists and NEETs cope with their shut-in life, maybe the world could've been more progressive. But blockchain tech might not have been invented then.

>> No.5585375

what obstacles do we face

>> No.5585561

>B.S. in Econ
>Consulting for Microsoft
>make shit tier 57.5k/yr
>Will inherit real estate property with siblings/cousins
>No student debt
>30k in savings to my name
>5.5k in crypto

feeling comfy

>> No.5585710

I had the same upbringing. Years chasing professional sales jobs in the city,it drove me nuts. I went to a great school but I was lazy and go no encouragement from my hippy mom. I had a lot of resentment for a long time over it. I have come to accept that while I wasn't given the best guidance, I am still in control of today and now. It was only me perpetuating those mistakes of the past. It really is never too late. If you have something you want to do then go for it. I learned to drive only this summer, for instance, I lost 7 st (100lbs ish) in weight over the last three years too. It was only when I accepted personal responsibility and accepted that I couldn't change the past or others only myself that I really got to grips (mostly) with life. I might not be as 'well off' as I once was but I am reasonably secure, debt free and I get by on very little but enough. It makes me a lot happier than I was. To each their own I guess. There is no one path for everybody. You just have to find what works for you and the rest of the world be damned (to a point, don't be an ass or anything lol).
I am sure you will be alright mate. keep going one day at a time, one foot after the other and don't try and run before you can walk. Things take time, especially if you are going to learn a new skill or direction in life. Ignore what others are doing unless it is to learn from them. Remember most of them are 'clueless' too, my friend is a high-level tech consultant and he tells me the main thing going through his head daily is ''do I deserve this'' and he often wonders how weird it is people come to him for answers to problems. he put the effort in and it took him 10 years to get to where he is today and he still feels out of place sometimes and like he isn't trying hard enough or hasn't accomplished enough compared to others. He earns 100k+ p/y and says he envies me sometimes. the grass is not always greener. Be happy with what you have not angry at what you don't.

>> No.5585729
File: 46 KB, 480x480, mcdonalds-now-hiring-losers-09-01-2009-013108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Perfectly fine. There are no obstacles, youre just a loser. Now kys.

>> No.5585748

>Poor, not white, grew up in poverty.

Several thousand dollars in debt, paying it off every other paycheck. Smart enough to use 0% APR cards to avoid interest. Planning on getting my doctorate but loans are going to fuck me hard in the ass. Crypto is my chance to avoid that, or at the very least give me lube.

>> No.5585806

have a good job and a career. Making 85k in UX.

Still 120k in loans from undergrad and my masters :(

Im pretty much only in crypto to see if i can pay these shitters back easier

>> No.5585807

Oh totally wanted to mention something else. Lumens lets you vote so you can claim a little bit of extra lumens

Might not even be worth it but it gives me over 2000 lumens a year for just sitting there.

Also purely a gamble but COLX gives me some Verge vibes. I think it will at least hit a penny or more and is currently about 30 sats at tradesatoshi. I would not put more than you are wiling to lose though. I threw about 2k on it. Its gonna hit cryptopia soon. If you decide to buy from tradesatoshi I would advise sending btc there. You will still save with fees compared to sending another coin and buying btc there. Learned that the hard way. It could be a really solid coin but I am only buying to get 10x and buy into xlm or xem.


>> No.5585843

just started out of grad school 3 years ago*

>> No.5585902

>college dropout
>software engineer
>$150k cash salary, $70k equity
>no debt
>not gonna inherit shit
>not enough in crypto desu

feeling comfy but still anxious about the future. even when you "make it" you find a new, more unreachable goals that makes you feel like you aint shit

>> No.5586014

>going to my second semester of college
>full ride scholarship + 5k extra scholarship monies to buy whatever
>about 7k invested in crypto
I'm honestly lucky as all hell. I really hope we all make it anons, especially those that need the money

>> No.5586096

how is the marriage meme going?

>> No.5586130


Your a fucking idiot.

If bankers didn't give loans then people would lose all their wealth in their homes. Most people have a significant portion of their net worth in real estate.

Guess just fuck everyone, right?

Astoundingly, nu biz likes your post. Amazing. Old biz would destroy socialists like yourself.

>> No.5586205

doesn't sound like a socialist to me, sounds like a gypsy

>> No.5586275

>Everything is the Boomer's fault and being a millennial is so hard.
It's been so easy growing up in this generation, I don't know how anyone could fuck it up. You must suck at life.

>> No.5586335

not hard but harder than it was previously it seems. boomers and x'ers are entrenched. feel bad for my friends outside tech

>> No.5586381

I made 4M trading cryptos.

My trade is engineering. I dropped out of school after an internship in SV. Life is ok. I need to connect more with others, the "money is just a number" is not a meme tbqh.

>> No.5586539
File: 19 KB, 601x700, boxing day.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You mean the unemployment problem? And I suppose the tax scam the government is running. Tax is like welfare for the government themselves. They dont know how to turn a profit so we have to pay to keep them alive.

Its not worth doing anything these days. You'd be better off doing some low end wage job and just winging it. You have to fuck around with taxes and insurance for everything these days and all this shit. Im not bothering to play their little games of move the money around. I opt out of all this shit. It's real life monopoly and I never learned to play that game as a kid.

I have this coming in the post I picked up in the boxing day sales.

>> No.5586626
File: 11 KB, 200x200, 6734C0D9781069663985550647296_206995c15d7.0.2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>17 is a child
What a beautiful country america is

>> No.5586687

>15/hr wagecuck teller
>switched from jazz major to finance major, so never gonna finish school.
>2 CC balance transfers later finally working down paying an emergency
>1.1 in btc and 100 on dat xrp

So angry I had no idea what to do with myself out of high school. I dicked about and tried to study my only hobby as a kid. My company pays for my classes if I do well in them, but I'm a brainlet so I'm only taking 1-2 classes a semester.

Learning about crypto and working at a bank has definitely sparked an interest in me, I'm just frustrated that I dont have any more money to throw at things right now.
All the successful people I know like me, I hope theyll give me an in when the time comes, other than that, my girlfriend has a very promising future- so heres to being a DINK for a while.

>> No.5586803

If you're still in CC, check out CLEPs. Get those credits for a couple of weekends of studying and like $80 each. I dropped out of CC, because I kept flip flopping my major and didn't have any fucking direction, but it's getting better.

>> No.5586896

Flogging a dead horse comes to mind. They made the choice to pay that much in the first place for the property. They chose to take out loans to pay more than it was worth. The banks supplying loans was half the problem with people’s accepting them the other half. Sure no loans make certain areas inaccessible for less well off people but that’s life. It’s not equal. The problem is that even those wealthy people are borrowing to pay based on their income. If nobody borrowed then only people able to pay in full could buy a house (or anything, I wasn’t just in about houses. Cars, TVs, anything you borrow to buy) meaning the supply would stay the same but demand would reduce as fewer people could afford it. Either prices drop or people move to places they can afford. Mortgages are only one if the problems anyway. It’s the small loans or credit you use to buy luxury items that are the big one. Overdraft fees, apr, and all the other crap the banks create. It’s all money from nothing. They are literally loaning our $9 for every $1 they ‘have’ the last time I read up on it. It is unsustainable and a racket. A con driven by the consumers greed for stuff.

I’m not a socialist. I don’t buy into collectivist nonsense like that. I believe in the individual and the free market. You could argue that what the banks are doing is fair in a free market and it’s the consumers stupidity for falling for it. I agree to a point but it’s such an all encompassing system now that people don’t even question it. You are fed a diet if propaganda to consume from birth. It is hidden behind lobbyists and the media and that is the problem. Most people don’t really look at what goes on and are easy prey as a result. It should be more open and people need to understand the reality of the situation. Good luck doing that while the bankers have so much power and influence over our culture from the shadows. We bailed them out ffs.

>> No.5587048

I'm 22

>> No.5587095
File: 220 KB, 634x416, eth killer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Never get a loan.
Done. So far havent broken this rule.
>Stop chasing fake and fortune.
Wasnt chasing it to begin with
>Find a partner, settle down and have some kids.
Fuck that. I mean are you fucking stupid? With laws these days if shit hits the fan, bam, you got to hand over half of everything including your testicles to your wife. You pretty much pay her to fuck other men. ver here you dont even have to be married, just living together for a while for that to apply. Never bothering with women.
>You don’t need to have a flashy car or big house. Get something cheap, move to the country. Cities are miserable.
Already live in a town, so check this box.
>Get a trade or skill people want and save save save then invest.
Ill get around to it one day
>Don’t live beyobd your means, credit is never the answer. If you get a mortgage have a 5 year plan to fully pay it off.
Man I've seen enough fuckheads go down the drain because of that. Tick that shit for me.
>Above all, stop being greedy. Learn to aoreciatr the smaller things in life and learn to love freedom above everything else.
That (appreciate) has to be the worst butchering of a word Ive ever seen. But tick this shit for me too.

Well that was easy.

>> No.5587103


>> No.5587151

In a true free market people should be allowed to fail and so should have the banks. If people lose everything then tough, if people’s houses drop 90% in value then tough. This is going to happen anyway. The debt is unsustainable and the is no way out of it. The system will fail, it is only a question of when. When it does then I hope decentralised crypto is still around and you are in it. Failing that then I hope you own some land outright because you will need it. The socialist welfare state will be the first to go followed by total economic collapse with few survivors. It is needed. Many will suffer but it is the price we pay for doing what we have for so long. A but if survival of the fittest sucks but that’s life. What we need is a government that only dies it’s msin jobs of enforcing laws (not creating them) and protecting via the military. All these taxes for infrastructure and welfare are wrong. Charity should cover welfare (it also makes people know where they get their money from because it’s their neighbour so less likely to take the puss) and industry the infrastructure (a car seller maintains roads etc). Government Lobbyists should be banned and advertising for business should be based around charity/infrastructure maintenance they provide. Then the consumer is king and votes with their custom based on who provides the best service to the community and their product. The current system sucks and is a fake one based on debt and greed.

>> No.5587176

There is a part of me that wants to reee and /cope/, but I'm proud of you and I look up to that level of success.

>> No.5587194

>With laws these days if shit hits the fan, bam, you got to hand over half of everything including your testicles to your wife. You pretty much pay her to fuck other men.
I'm going to explain this once so listen.
The real world doesn't work anything like MTGOW memes or The Red Pill movie.

>> No.5587268

>Going full libretardian
Alright, you've talked enough.

>> No.5587300

if you're not already reasonably stable, you are taking a heavy gamble going balls deep in a high risk investment like crypto. especially with how sketchy pulling your money out gets.
worry about getting your 401k started before your fake internet money portfolio.

me, i'm doing just fine if all of this collapses. i work full time, i have a house i've been making mortgage payments on since 25 (bought when housing market crashed) which has trippled in value.
also have 15% in my 401k every week, 5k cash in my gun safe in case of SHTF, and another 15 to 20k in the bank right now.
helps that cost of living in florida is pretty low.

>> No.5587302
File: 230 KB, 724x596, ark nazis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Havent seen either of those movies. I speak from seeing shit in real life.

Maybe america is still land of the free, but its a liberal socialist haven shithole over here in ausfailure.

>> No.5587483

Lol yeah my typing on my phone isn’t great. There are good wimmins out there. Unfortunately most of the good ones get snapped up early. If you make sure you are friends first and you support her in being creative and exploring that creativity within her family and her life then it helps. Women are great, they have just been told to act like men which doesn’t work most of the time. They were invaluable in the community doing creative charitable works. Raising kids properly and things like that. Take the bill and Melinda gates foundation for one. There is a reason it’s her name in there too, it’s most likely her idea. It used to be the guy worked and the woman honed her creativity and nurturing ability with her family. Then when the guy retired they would go on to help the community together. Bill and Melinda took it a step further. Bonus points if your girl is really talented and writes a book or creates art and you get to retire early.
It’s all worth it, you just have to find the right one and convince her that child care while she (or you stay at home, it is the current year ofc) goes to work only creates abandonment issues in kids. At the very worst she ends up doting in the grandkids and creating a large close family you can enjoy. We have lost that. It’s a shame. Welfare has made it so the state is the fallback husband so many women don’t even try anymore. The lack of a living wage for one working parent too but that’s the loan and banker problem again.

Meh, you can be happy alone too. It depends what you want but there are good women out there if you can find them in the mess of girls and wannabe men. Not that some women aren’t more than capable of working, thatcher was a goddess. It’s just not ideal especially if you want a family. Kids need at least one parent at home. Doesn’t matter which but generally women are better at creating a warm loving family and home. Genetics n shit.

>> No.5587551

Libertarian. Is that what you would class it as? I don’t do tribalism but ok cool. If it makes you happy. It just seems like reality and common sense to me.

>> No.5587754

America is where it is all coming from. All these winkelstiened celebs projecting their experiences into the public. Watson even did it at the UN. That coupled with the massive swing against what hitler did in the war created a shitstorm and the hippy movement. They went to far the other way after seeing the horrors of the hollacaust and were still suffering from that backswing today. Pls you had votes for women. As I have said above somewhere. They are amazing, but their polotics is about helping and caring for people. That is not the job of politics. They used to run charities at a grass roots level and non proffits. Now they make policy and legislation and get all the men to help them with their activism. It is not the governments job to provide but we were convinced it was at some point along the road. Men’s greed fucked up polotics too. It’s all a reaction to ww2 still. The pendulum is swinging back again now though. If they keep up with the immigration, forgiven aid and welfare it may end up swinging to far the other way again when it all collapses. It’s going to be a shitshow.
You better hope crypto can save us from the worst of it. You can’t give total power to the governments at any cost.

>> No.5588279


Retail banks can only lend out 1.10x their liabilities, not the 9x. I know the meme YouTube video you thought you learned that from lol. Only a speculative commercial bank could lend with that high of leverage, and I assure you it wouldn't be be around very long.

Banks give out loans so businesses can thrive without giving over ownership. Banks are needed in a capitalist society, which is why I call you a socialist.

Banks aren't evil, contrary to what most people think. Regular people work at them too.

>> No.5588702

>20y/o uni student (software dev)
>currently have ~$7k in crypto, started in august
>convinced dad to buy into ethereum earlier this year, has $100k+ in ETH

life is comfy

>> No.5588740

oh and 0 student loans, or credit card debt for that matter

>> No.5588810

>26 years old
>great job
>very frugal
>had $50,000 in student debt paid off
>lived with parents for a couple of years
>max out HSA and 401k
>put extra money towards low cost index funds

financial independence here I come

>> No.5588836
File: 680 KB, 861x952, 18199367_813109585503787_2592712300391743357_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Great considering what I did to fuck myself over. 2 years ago I got arrested, banked 2 felonies and a misdemeanor by selling weed, getting myself expelled from one of the best public schools you can possibly go to, had shit grades cause I was high the whole time. Graduated from the high school program for criminals early, have been working at a movie theater since Nov 2016. Have known about BTC since I was 13 and only started investing in it in September this year. I had a wallet w BTC in it, no clue if it was anything more than just a few sats or what, but never bothered trying to invest or really acknowledging what I was looking at it. Planning on getting an associates at a comm college and going into Navy into some IT field. Maybe being a crypto tech would be fun. I've been trying to learn Spanish since I failed Spanish 2 sophomore year, only conversational though, need to practice more. After Navy I don't know really. Might decide to stay, go back to school or just try to find a job I wanna stay at. I really wanna get a bachelors though just cause school is fun. I also would like to run for office.

I have like 1.3k in crypto up from 1.1k a week ago and 400 in fiat, 5700 in debt on my car, 200 behind on rent, owe sister 140, cc 180, just wanna be comfy in a cottage, retire w my gf and drink whiskey and smoke weed. I'm sick of working 16 hour shifts and going home w 730 every two weeks because I was forced to sign up for healthcare which I don't have time to use because too busy w school and work. I hope we're all gonna make it

>> No.5589052

Banks are fine as a place to store money. Money lenders aren’t. They system does not need to be run like this. It’s an overly complex system and a racket. This www.theeventchronicle.com/finanace/three-countries-left-without-rothschild-central-bank/ is certainly not ok.

In the year of 2000 there were seven countries without a Rothschild owned or controlled Central Bank:

North Korea

4 down 3 to go?

Your comment about “regular people work at backs too” as opposed to what kind if people? You sound like you are defending your industry which explains your blinkers but I am sorry. I am not a socialist and the entire financial system Adam smith and all needs and indeed will go.

I would not have joined I with the walkstreet protests if that’s what you are thinking. Wall Street is a bunch if their generations neets who got lucky like we are on crypto. The bankers, the real ones, are completely different. Don’t bother getting all technical on me about the ins and outs if the financial system, I know. It’s called a generalisation. You have some investment in the banking system and seem he’ll bent on defending it but the reality is that we do not need it. People need to let go. “The banks are to big to fail” because innocent people would lose everything, their pensions the lot. Well tough shit. It’s time for a reset and a redistribution if power to the individual. It’s happening, not without a fight admittedly but it is happening.

The old families and people running things from the shadows time is nearly up and the system they use to control us will go with them. It’s goung to be a bumpy road ahead but it is a needed one if humanity is going to advance.
We probably need eugenics too but that’s a different issue.

>> No.5589101

It’s great, I literally make .1 a day doing nothing with this.


>> No.5589150

You're insane lmao.

>> No.5589298

Well it's still better to live in porschetopia and look up to lamboland instead of living in hondaville

>> No.5589348
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ur a white male

>> No.5589503

I think you missed one.