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Check the Zestimate.

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are you the one that was up 7% yesterday or the day before?

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jesus my 'value' of my home went up 100k over the past few months, wtf is this bullshit? just because of historic low transaction volume? basically like a no liquidity shitcoin due to low interest rate mortgages? I'm pretty sure the federal government will be forced to intervene if the inventory stays so insanely low, perhaps mortgages will need to be forced into adjustable rate?

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>basically like a no liquidity shitcoin due to low interest rate mortgages?
Bingo. Thin markets are schizo markets.

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>perhaps mortgages will need to be forced into adjustable rate?
LOL fucking try it.

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you think the government won't be forced into doing exactly that? and who exactly are you implying would stop them?

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>checked and holy
i am surprised they hadn't done it decades ago.

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The USA did have a large portion of ARM until 2008, which was part of the problem. To unilaterally rewrite loan terms from fixed to adjustable rate would be financial/legal/political fuckery of the highest order. Somehow I feel there is a clause that allows it because of (((force majeure))).

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They can't rewrite everyone's mortgage contracts. I can see them ending 30 year fixed mortgages, and have euro style mortgages. I'm sure the banks are already discussing it.

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Can I divorce my husband because MY zestimate is going down? It's his fault

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>They can't rewrite everyone's mortgage contracts.
they can do literally whatever they want lmao, did you think they also couldn't rewrite peoples lease/rent contracts as they did with covid when they allowed people to stay rent free for 2 years?

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You laugh, but divorces will spike.

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yeh right. I understand that they cannot just go changing contracts. I was more interesting in why long term fixed rates were still a thing. where I am the longest term available is around 4 years. the 30 year life of mortgage fixed rate does not sound rabbinic at all to me. variable rape mortgages would be much more profitable i would have though.

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Well, turns out, when your economic system gets shocked back to life with near zero rates for a decade, adjustable rates are a time bomb for a lot of people. For instance, a lot of debt on commercial property is about to roll over on these new higher rates. I believe a lot of Canadian mortgage holders are also affected similarly.

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mmm yes true. we're about to get rocked hard time in australia as well.

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i have, its been going up

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unironically, my wife is pissed. it's "up" for the past whatever unit of time they use and zillow pretty much tells everyone that, but if you look at the chart its clear we're past the peak and it seems clear that won't go back up to that level again for a long time.

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you are delusional.

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It just keeps going up babe