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another day, another catalog full of low effort link fud. at what price do you think it will set in that they missed the boat?

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I just dont know what the point is
No one holding link here is gonna sell, and board activity is crazy low. So they spin up like 6 threads an hour pretending to be unique users and hopping ids when theres only like... 50 people on here. They also hate being here, judging by how they instantly start raging when they run into comments as mild as "I think link is a neat project"

Its as insane as it is retarded.

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we hate link
and we hate you
whats so hard to understand?

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But you're just shooting yourself in the foot in an attempt to injure me for holding link. That's what all your wasted hours amount to. You're slapstick / cringe porn tier entertainent at best, and the rest of the time its just background noise that has been tuned out.

Insane. Retarded.

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>Chain shit
>Link submarines
>Down 90%
>Token not needed
>1x in 3 years
>65% premine
>Sergey dumps
>700k binance
>2 more weeks
>HR roasties
>Pumps the least dumps the most
>Kek baggies
>Fake partnerships
>Pump and dump
>Pay up paypigs
>Fat Sergey
>You will never make it
>Down vs btc
>Down vs eth
>Nft gaming
>I can't perform
>African wfh devs
>WEF globohomo
>Cult members
>Saturn worshippers
>Chainlinkgod incel
>Klaus Schwab
>Women in crypto
>Refugees welcome woke
>Missed the entire bullrun
>Outperformed by dog coins
>ERC 19 downgrade
>No adoption
>Ccip flop
>Staking flop
>14% inflation
>Token not needed
>Cuck cage link marines
>$50 Top buyers
>Fell for lpl rug
>Fell for bancor
>Fell for Celsius
>Got btfo by bulgarians
>Nexo won
>Shorted by Simeon
>Zeus capital
>Bagheld for 7 years
>No link holder made it
>Fell from rank 5
>Subsidized by dumping on baggies
>Sergey cult antichrist
>Ccip tranny
>Chainlink shill team 6
>Paid community advocates
>Bagholder support group
>All smart OGs left
>Gm based king clg
>Eric Schmidt yacht payment
>Nft partnerships
>Team owe you nothing
>Cayman islands shell company
>Link is an unregistered security
>Chris barret running
>Chris barret flexing
>Francisco smartcon threat
>Russian scammer
>Smart Con
>Chainlink FTX endorsement
>90% of baggies in negative profits
>Link shorted by everyone
>Rorys wife's black son
>Swift announcement dump
>Shadow fork
>Stockholm syndrome
>Missed the 2021 bullrun
>Dead 2017 shitcoin
>Every narrative failed
>Bulgarians -> VCs
>Token not needed
>Down 90%
>Kek baggies