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FUD me out of making these my bags for the bull run

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you should buy these absolute their very good for moon potential community is nice and devs are based

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Sorry anon. This is a white man’s thread

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for me ser I buyed both and have baggage of them twos dear

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We are all white in the thread fren, these are the good coins many money to be made

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I'm not a goldbug. I don't need to fud your stuff.

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are very white blue eye likes sapphires

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Jannies you can delete this thread since biz anons would rather larp as jeets in my thread while holding alts from last cycle instead of discussing which coins have the most promising future

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KAS already pumped
could go higher but doubt
RXD is super cheap send it..

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I think KAS will go to $1-3, people still don’t realize that this is the most revolutionary tech after BTC and ETH. This is at the peak of bull market mania. RXD is interesting because it has such a low market cap and is younger than KAS, but tech wise it can’t be compared

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Sers what is the feed the village stack and what is the never redeem stack?

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Until the end of the bull run, RXD will have the narrative of “missed KAS? Buy RXD” which is why it pumped in April. This narrative sounds gay but you realize that was the same narrative for shib

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>most revolutionary tech after BTC and ETH
That's a bold claim. Just at a glance, it looks like KAS is just an open source DAG. What makes it better than say FTM?

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BTC security with 1-10 blocks per second

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From the article on kaspa by the lead research guy of binance:

"Moreover, many blockchains utilize DAGs to process their transactions but not their ledgers (i.e., they are not a true DAG-based ledger). Blockchains within this camp include Fantom and Aleph Zero. On the other hand, current projects utilizing a DAG ledger operate according to proof-of-stake; thus, they are less secure, with a security threshold of 33% compared to 50%. These projects include Avalanche X-Chain and SUI."

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whole article for the tech oriented anons:


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Blockchain researcher here, DAGs have a large difference between upper and lower limit performance bounds. The reason for this is why you'll hear that DAGs have known scaling problems. Here's an easy example: say you have a simple coin transfer tx between two accounts, your VM can do 10 of these tx/s per second, and the consensus overhead w.r.t. time is baked into the 10tx/s number. In a DAG, the performance of the network varies based on how it's used. The upper bound can be near infinite IFF different users are involved in every tx (eg: acct_a -> b, c->d, e->f, etc) -- they can all happen in parallel globally because they are causally unrelated. However, the lower bound of a DAG is determined by the case where every tx is causally related (eg a->b, a->b, etc) and in this case is 10tx/s. This has a pretty good model for thinking about it (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amdahl%27s_law -- the sequential portion of a program bounds the max speed improvement). Thus, the problem is DAGs is that their scalability is dictated by how they are used -- they aren't "CryptoKitties Resistant" in that a cryptokitties-like app can and will congest the entire network. Even if you don't get a kitty, someone that you are interacting with probably has which means that you get caught in the cascading causaility web that killer-apps trigger.

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So basically they should never do smart contracts on the L1 if they want to keep Kaspa’s performance high?

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what is interesting about Kaspa's tech
to me there is nothing
no smart contracts
no unified vision
not much

>>55735236 see >>55735304
RXD is going to pump just off narrative alone
low marketcap L1s all get a scam pump to the top 100-200
this is why i also hold NEXA
my only conviction POW holds are KDA and FLUX
KAS is garbage, idk much about RXD or NEXA but probably trash too

yes which is why kaspa is worthless
but no where but here will that message get across because the kaspa community figured out the same fake positivity thing where anything negative is drowned out by soi filled OH GEE I DONT KNOW ABOUT THAT MY GUY

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oh shit I thought you meant xrd for a second yea your bags are sinking to the bottom

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> RXD is going to pump just off narrative alone
low marketcap L1s all get a scam pump to the top 100-200 this is why i also hold NEXA
Do you like NEXA better than RXD? I thinks it objectively worse but it does have a team

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i dont like anything for POW except kda and flux
i like low cap and haven't pumped yet for money to put into shit i can sleep holding

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terrible projects with nothing to offer lol
kava. atom+erc-20 + aims to replace terra as the main platform for defi to blossom in cosmos again
moon, good devs and wealthy reddit sheep love it.

buy both.

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Oh yeah and XNA

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I wake myself everyday to be delighted by the new upcoming scam.

I give you a couple months more to witness your fall alongside your shitbags and the posterior witch hunt given by people like arkham as they already did with FTX and Terra.

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Funny enough that post in your screenshot was responding to me. Fuck CVX and CRV ponzi bullshit!
I'm famous ma!

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Yeah I stole it from your thread because the anon that posted has my exact thesis

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All of these coins have too low of market cap and I don’t like AI coins because it’s just fad hype

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Kaspa already a top 50 coin. Crazy not to have at least a small bag. Like you I hold some flux but I'm not expecting much. The project in my view is about surviving a WEF dystopian future it's utility will help with that. A bit like monero in that regard.

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privacy projects like XMR RAIL ZCASH DERO are the real gem.

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> still believes in the smart contracts meme

Anon, I can’t…

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The offical jeet stacks

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Kas is already pumped; I have no idea about RXD. I'm focusing on holding at least 2,000 KREST to take part in a $1 million PEAQ airdrop.

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DePIN is my best shot, Jeet. Brainstem utilizes it, allowing me to own & monetize my health data from wearable devices.

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While you're arguing on the biz, I'm owning a fraction of Teslas on Eloop via the Polka ecosystem and earning from their revenue stream. kek

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Dump these shitbags and buy RAIL. It's still at $0.28, fucking undervalued.

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You all made me kek sers

Exactly this. But it's still better holding KAS than holding LTC though. But I don't own any KAS, I sold the top to buy RXD

Careful anon. You seem to be a bit biased and blinded by your big Kadena bag. RXD is way better than Kadena, DYOR. Come to the discord and try to rape the devs with your questions if you please

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Not buying any coins from previous cycles
This smells like paid shilling
Previous cycle
You don’t want to diversify into KAS in case RXD takes too long to develop?

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kas only

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I don't feel like buying in again, I know it can easily go a to a dollar in the bullrun but I already got my profits from it, rotated to RXD

Probably will be very slow indeed but I prefer waiting more for bigger profit, I'm even taking advantage of the slowness and DCAing

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You’re buying more RXD? I want to but can’t put all my portfolio in a $15M MC shitcoin

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Shit indeed. I can't risk it actually. I rather go for ID, ACOIN, and CYMI, at least I know what they are building.