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>First get into Bitcoin in 2015
>First exposure is to people like like Andreas Antonopoulos (the guy who created the term: "Not your Keys, Not your Coins") and various others people who are all about self-custody, HODLing, and DCAing.
>Spend 2015 to 2022 DCAing and HOLDing, keep everything in cold storage off exchanges
>Start going on /biz/ in 2022
>See all the people talking about Swing-Trading, using huge Leverage to make tons of gains
>Get interested in trading / using leverage
>Decide to send all my Bitcoin to an exchange
>Start Swing-Trading into Altcoins
>Altcoins get destroyed
>Lose tons of SAT value
>Lost so much Bitcoin swinging into alts that I NEED to use leverage to have any shot at getting my Bitcoin back
>Starting using Leverage to try get back the Bitcoin I lost swing-trading my Bitcoin into Altcoins
>Get liquidated for all my Bitcoin in a matter of a few months of bad trades
>Have nothing left


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Many such cases!

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can't win if you don't play

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I thought I just have a go at taking 10 Bitcoin or so and going 100X long in a position where it looked like the market bottomed out, and then id quickly get out after a few % increase, but then it dumped heavily on me and Id panic out of the position at a large loss, up until the point where I did this enough to where it eventually got all my Bitcoin from me. Not only that, but each and everytime my trade failed, the market would go in the direction I bet it would just after it fucked me.

The thing is, if my first 10 Bitcoin bet on 100X worked out and the market went up just 2-3%, I would have made my goal instantly. It was only supposed to be a quick in and out thing, I wasnt going to keep around and keep trading, I just wanted a quick boost to my stack.

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Don't worry anon most people never had money to begin with and the few that do lose most of it. You always want to keep your long term holdings in btc at bear market prices. When buying alts its best to buy during a specific time during the bull market. Make sure to take your profits and convert back to btc if its early in the run or fiat if its late. Always make sure your long term holdings are growing as a percentage of your whole portfolio so if you lose out on your trades you're not really regressing in wealth or lifestyle. Only convert to fiat during the end of the bull market then dca back into btc during the end of the bear market or accumulation year. To check if an alt is a good trade compare its price action to btc instead of fiat, also make sure you sell when the indicators are telling you its topping out, or better yet when momentum is waning, because alts tend to fall fast and it could be before you're mentally prepared to sell. You could probably make back life changing wealth on alts these next two years but you have to pick wisely, take profits (most important part) and use good risk management because even the best make poor decisions.

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Well I have nothing left. My only course of action right now is to accumulate ETH and play the shitcoin market next bull run. I fucked up so badly I am forced into playing the shitcoin casino.

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Yea you have to play the long game also always make sure you have buffer room for how much it can go the wrong way before it starts going your way. Also have a pricepoint where you are willing to acknowledge you can't lose more on that trade even if you know you could be losing out on it reversing the second you leave.

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Yea I'd say get a job and buy into alts this run. Then hopefully you'll have enough that you can just buy large caps next run or for the rest of your life.

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Yeah thats the issue man, I never went into it thinking I was going to be some kind of elite trader. I just wanted to take advantage of leverage to get q quick boost to my stack and then go back to HODLing and DCAing, but I got caught up in it after losing ONE TIME and starting to chase that loss into another loss into another loss etc.

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I dont trust any of the current alts except for ETH because I assume all the "new" big shitcoin/altcoins that do 1000X in the next run will be on running on ETH

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The rule is 1-5% of portfolio.

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Like I said I wasnt trying to be a trader, I just wanted a one n done trade with leverage.

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I know it's wrong but I feel joy seeing retards throw their money away

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ethereum is entirely tapped out for out performance against btc at this point. less than 50% at the absolute maximum.

2015 was basically the best possible entry after 2013, the game is now entirely different and nobody is going to become wealthy from any of these top 5-10 alts.

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>100X long
It'd be easy to make fun of the misfortune of others, but you were also psychologically manipulated, and still are.

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well deserved for those who spend all day shilling their failed alts like link.

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I am not talking about buying ETH now for ETH specifically. I am talking about accumulating ETH now to use it to buy new Altcoins/Shitcoins using on ethereums network when they're at low MC and haven't been listed to exchanges yet.

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Why is it funny though?

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Bro you lost everything and didn't even learn your lesson

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nobody knows where the next shitcoin casino is going to be. it wasn't on ethereum last cycle, it was on solana/avax/luna. defi summer came during this period in the cycle and gave us the permanent tops on nearly every defi coin from the earlier yearns to the later links.

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What else am I going to do though? Just give up? I will NEVER be able to DCA back into the amount of Bitcoin I had. My only option now is low MC future altcoins/shitcoins for the next bullrun.

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you can't win at tradeing/swing or leverage becuase the exchange can see you positions and so can pick you off

Stop and think for a moment, you have these exchanges with 20 - 500 people working there, some of them must have access to the order book and your position. They can just dump or pump to your position and then back and your done.

You can only win at buying bitcoin an hodl and cash out a bit now and then.

This is becuase you/they can't just make new BTC.

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You need to spiritually accept you lost money by being a retard. The answer isn't being more of a retard.

Making some money by DCA into BTC/ETH is better than losing all of your money again

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yeah this, but the time you have hear of shit coin x, the founders already have thier 1000 - 10000x and your just going to get rugged

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You will never get that money back without robbing a bank. This is how stupid you sound right now.

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I spread my portfolio out to a few alts and occasionally I'll throw $20 at a shitcoin. I think of them as the digital equivalent of scratch tickets.
I mean, an alt goes up, sell it.
Bitcoin goes up, sell it.
No favoritism. See the dips week to week, buy the dips. See the highs, sell the highs.
Miss one? Don't hit your order? Wait.
I do alright.

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You will lose what you have by trying to profit off shitcoins. While you say you "have to [make that profit]", this is the same thinking that led you to losing your initial stack of BTC. You are trying your failing strategy again, and you're doing so BECAUSE IT FAILED WITH BTC. You're ignoring this due to the same reasoning which caused the initial loss too, i.e. "it just HAS TO work". It will not work and you will lose more if you keep doing it.

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all you had to do was nothing

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I guess you missed the term swingies get the rope.

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Im not talking about current shitcoins.

I am talking about future shitcoins when the next bull-market starts.

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I know.

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I am sorry, not everyone is meant to make it.
You spent all those years just hoarding btc only to get rekt on bullshit later, while others had TWO bullruns full of opportunities to get crazy Xs on altcoins and shitcoins
The good news is that it's not too late and i hope you learned your lesson, dont touch leverage bullshit, start researching promising alts to accumulate in the next months, gamble on shitcoins with small amounts of money as a way to get knowledgeable with that unique subworld of crypto.

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Why do you trade with such enormous amount and enormous leverage
Has to be a troll right?

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I did it because of the massive returns potential.

With 10 Bitcoin at 100X leverage position if I was successful in the trade with Bitcoin going up just 3% I would have made YEARS of DCAing in 1 trade.

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Whether the shitcoins are current or not is irrelevant. The point is your chosen strategy of trying to profit off shitcoins, which is all but guaranteed to lose money. It's not 100% guaranteed, sure, but it has caused you huge losses so far.
I know it sounds as if I'm arguing with you somehow; I'm not. What's actually happening is that you're trying to just force a goal, but via some of the worst means possible: you "have to make it". All right, fair enough. But then your mind does a little bait and switch and makes you think: "if I try desperately enough, the non-viable way to do it will become viable".
Let's take a more extreme example to illustrate: let's say someone was throwing coins down a well to get wishes, and that was his strategy. He's thrown down almost his entire coin-collection so far, and no wishes, but then he says: "I'll continue, because I REALLY need that wish. What else am I supposed to do?" He might have tossed 100 gold coins into that well already, and have maybe 5 left, but we can clearly see that none of those facts will cause the well to become a magical wishing well. All he'll accomplish if he keeps going is to lose his remaining 5 coins too, after already having lost 100.

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But at this huge amounts exchanges and bits hunt your position.
Why not x10 with 1 btc, or even better x3 at obvious bottoms with 5 btc.
X100 with 10 btc means 1000 btc position wtf lol
But we'll that's gone anyway, it's just interesting to me how somebody psychologically can do this, I have a much smaller stack and would never play that risky.

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The mistake I made was getting into the altcoins/shitcoins at the wrong time, in 2022.

Bro, during 2020/2021, if I had put 20% of my Bitcoin into shitcoins/altcoins, I would have 10X'd my stack at a minimum.

The mistake I made was getting into alts during a bear market.

Now I know to stack ETH and wait until the next run comes around and then start buying new low caps.

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I thank you for your sacrifice op
Threads such as yours on here have kept me away from both swing trading and leverage
Despite the very best efforts from the casino shills that everyone can be a winner

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Your greed will prevent you from ever making any money. Even now you're trying to defend gambling all of your bitcoin away "I could have made so much money!" Yeah man keep going all in on the roulette wheel. How have you not learnt your lesson yet

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I didn't access the entire leverage. There are maximum's you can leverage. 10 BTC with 100X doesn't mean they let me use 1000 BTC.

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Am i wrong though?

90%+ of those who made it in 2020/2021 did it with altcoins and shitcoins.

Bitcoin % returns weren't high enough to give "make it" money unless you had a whale tier stack.

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Ah ok did not know I only ever did leverage with 3 figures or less.
Anyway I can shill you a coin that right now will perform minimum as good as Ethereum

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max position size on bitmex is 10 million tho. Can't exceed that. Besides the margin requirement is a lot higher as well, you literally can't 100x. So larp.

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Thank you for being my exit liquidity, sir

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read >>55729632

>> No.55729667

If you're going to LARP as Mr Smart Money at least post proof. Until then you're just here to antagonize

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Sometimes the "retarded" option turns out to be the winner, thou I'd rather go for something like Vet, Sylo, Ocean, or BMI with cleat use cases.
But I'm def steering clear of the shitcoin casino.

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but you're using the 2021 playbook for 2024. the 2013 playbook didn't work in 2017, and the 2017 playbook didn't work in 2021. the only people who say otherwise are the ones with heavy bags of old obsolete narrative coins or already topped assets like avax/link/sol/ada/xrp

most of the money was not made in "low caps" during any cycle except for 2013.

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buddy I first tried to buy Bitcoin in like 2010 or 2011, couldn't find a way to do it. Then in 2013 I tried again but the exchanges like Coinbase wouldn't accept my country. I was blocked from generational wealth because of where I live. It is what it is. 2023 I have nothing, about to head off to my low paid wagie job now.

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Fair enough but i actually had the Bitcoin in cold storage. You never got around to the point of having any. I threw away a ton of money DCAing every 2 weeks from 2015 > 2022 that is all now gone.

The difference is I actually had it and was comfortable with it and could have just kept holding forever.

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altcoins were entirely fueled by ethereum, other than that it's absolute dogshit. And there are little to no alts with any actual potential.
Crypto is looking to much at the coins/tokens which is only because there's no other way for retail to make money. By the time any of these companies IPO it'll be to late for massive VC returns. DLT is a game changer tho

Virtual payment coins like Doge, XMR and the likes will survive and continue on as an alternative to the feds funny money and escaping increasing government control.
Other than that, it is really just Bitcoin. Even Ethereum is entirely obsolete and only serves as introduction to smart contracts.

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same broskis.
I wasn't barred, I think. Never got that far. Simply couldn't figure it out. On Bitcoin in 2013 and Ethereum in 2015. Sad. Could have a lot. But idgaf, I always think about people like OP (sorry bro) that lost everything in a hack, exchange rugpull or gambling.

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Which country?

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What do you guys think is the worst way to lose it all? Getting rugged or CEX shutting down (FTX) or the way I did it?

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I don't know what to tell you but bitcoin's market cap is tiny compared to everything else. It's going to reach gold 's market cap soon. If you want to trade with leverage, trade s&p futures, not crypto.

>> No.55729806

The way you did it because it was genuinely your own fault and you can learn from your mistakes

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Get off of this website it is nothing but toxic designed to ruin you

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crypto is so mature and so much money has been made places like biz are now just shadow billionaires and multi millionaires shitposting on the same board as all the deeply underwater bagholders making xrp, link, or memecoin threads

it's turned into a very silly place

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>since 2015
We both know you have wagie mentality. You probably thought "1 million isn't enough, I'll only make 10 million at best next bullrun, swing trading can let me speedrun this" like a dipshit.

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Pretty much. Didnt think I had enough to make it next BR and I gambled it all away lmao.

What the fuck is wrong with me.

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>Like I said I wasnt trying to be a trader, I just wanted a one n done trade with leverage.
You mean you wanted to be extremely lucky and gambled away your entire networth like a fucking retad.
You are the reason for the increasing difficulty for retail to get into financial markets.
Go to the casino where you belong, buy a fucking lottery ticket on the way out.

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>You are the reason for the increasing difficulty for retail
no, he's the reason why many people like me are retired.

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>Decide to send all my Bitcoin to an exchange
>Lost so much Bitcoin swinging into alts that I NEED to use leverage to have any shot at getting my Bitcoin back
>Starting using Leverage to try get back the Bitcoin I lost swing-trading my Bitcoin into Altcoins
gambling addict

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I started in 2023 and did almost the same. DCA’d for years as poor uni student, lost some with shitcoins when BTC was around 10k, then tried to get it back with leverage. Lost it all right before the bull run.

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>You are the reason for the increasing difficulty for retail to get into financial markets.
>no, he's the reason why many people like me are retired.
The two are not mutually exclusive.

>> No.55730539

You mean 2013?

>> No.55730548

How does me doing what I did help u make gains?

Leverage trading is the one main thing keep bitcoins price down

>> No.55730571

Yeah meant to say 2013
I was also a huge fan of Andreas. Too bad nowadays shitfluencers gain all the attention

>> No.55730644

andreas is a kikestream shitfluencer

>> No.55730868

He can't.

Yours is worse because even if /biz/ hates FTXoids they can at least say "sam bankman was supposed to be legit, the SEC said so". Your way is "I worked for 8 years building up a stack with my investments and now I'm sitting here with my cock in hand a year and a half before the next bullrun".

>> No.55730969

So what do I do then? Move on in life and accept poorfagdom? or do I do what I said, buy shitcoins and hope for a 1000X

>> No.55731005

This is what I dont get

People dont actually give any advice here. They say


But then what? Im never gona be able to buy the amount of bitcoin I have back, so me going back to DCAing into Bitcoin from now is pointless, I dont have enough income to accumulate any amount of BTC now with the price its at, its impossible.

My only 2 options are

1. Quit crypto

2. Buy low market cap shitcoins and hope for huge gains

Thats basically it.

It would take me 10 years at current prices to accumulate the amount of bitcoin i had if i put every single dollar of my income into Bitcoin for the next 10 years and it stayed at 30k LOL, and bitcoin will prob be a million dollars by then, so thats just not gona happen, so anyone suggesting I go back to DCAing into Bitcoin, thats just pointless at this stage.

>> No.55731033

That's for you to decide the next step of your thousand mile journey.

>> No.55731066

The point is I had my chance to DCA and Accumulate Bitcoin, I did it from 2015 to 2022, and I fucked it all up and threw.

I cant go back to DCAing, I am not some richfag, I have a below-average income, my income is poverty tier actually. Its over for me when it comes to Bitcoin.

This is why I dont understand why people are saying I am making a mistake starting the Shitcoin thing. What else am I going to do? I wouldn't even be able to accumulate 3% of my old stack DCAing at these prices by the time the next bullrun starts.

>> No.55731168

Option 2 is quite risky. You don't know if your low cap shitcoin will make it in the end. I remember, someone shilled PIVX on Monero thread. It's PoS + privacy but unfortunately PIVX skipped the bullrun in 2021. Good thing I don't buy any of that shit.

I think it's better if you're trading BTC again but with lower leverage. Remember, greed kills more people than whiskey.

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I’m on a low income

Any amount I put into bitcoin now won’t be enough to do anything

I’m forced on low market cap shitcoins or I have to quit crypto

There is no other method of me making it

The only reason I was able to start on bitcoin on a low income job is because I started in 2015

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Samefag here, changed internet conn
I can't give you advice as your situation is pretty much a black box to me, but I can tell you what I did and what I plan to do.
We're still in bear market and if you're here you have a good chance at making pretty good money. While you may never recover in BTC terms, you can still get rich.
I got a web3 job which pays a lot better than other opportunities here (eastern europoor). I started studying the markets, the technology, etc. to get a competitive edge in investing. Right now I'm farming airdrops (already got a good stack of ARB) and investing in small caps with strong fundamentals. If you have a technical background you could get into security audits (it's a gold mine), but you could also look into MEV, liquidation bots, etc.

>> No.55731273

>lost my ass gambling
>wrlp looks like the only option for me is more degenerate gambling

Just say youre a dopamine addict and cut all the pretentious bullshit pity stories. You cranked on your pecker til it fell off, the end.

>> No.55731288

You never had the money in the first place, you just had bitcoins.

>> No.55731304

Which will be worth millions in 10 years or so

Millions I now need to find from another source

>> No.55731307

Daytrading is retarded.
Daytrading with leverage is sub <80 IQ move.

>> No.55731616

thanks for playing

but this is a larp anyway nobody is that dumb

>> No.55731659

OP, look up the history of the pool of bethesda and Jesus healing the paralytic man. that feeling is exactly what chasing crypto is. hope this helps, it did for me.

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How could such a thing happen?

>> No.55731751

It takes retards like you to move the market forward. Thank you for your sacrifice

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Shitcoin roulette is a risky game, play at your own risk
solid bet alongside trias and vra

>> No.55731808

Easy come, easy go. Focus on holding for the long term and selling when we hit the peaks of bubbles. Just remember that the price always comes back down to where it was before the bubble. Don't get swept up in the mania.

>> No.55732040

Literally just buy link. Get to 1,000 or 2,000

>> No.55732417

which one of them can actually do like a 30x in the next bull market?
I feel they're just too many tokens that you need so much luck to pick the right ones

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thanks for playing retard, no refunds

>See all the people talking about Swing-Trading, using huge Leverage to make tons of gains
99.99% are either liars or get liquidated like you

>> No.55733399

Statistically, 1-2% losses are what peak winners risk, both in stocks and casinos... You learn better with 50-100 loss chances instead of just 3-8 trades

>> No.55733489

sorry bro
trading the btc/link chart also rekt me
after many failed trades i decided to keep my 1.2 BTC and holding like a retard

>> No.55733546

Ha fucking loser. Jokes on you, I put 212 BTC into a cold wallet and lost the key, maintaining maximum value!

>> No.55733561

that's called a gambling addiction and not understanding risk management at all
you didnt use 100x leverage to trade your entire stack did you?

>> No.55733681

imo qnt is one of the safest 20x imo. central banks will use it, oracle, etc.

>> No.55733803

sylo is like $7million market cap, listed on coinbase and has a good product

do with that info what you wish anon

>> No.55734076

>I thought I just have a go at taking 10 Bitcoin or so and going 100X long in a position
yeah youre def the first person to think of that!

>> No.55734086

yeah youre def the first person to think about doing that again!

>> No.55734094

Thanks for the cheap sats. Kek.

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>> No.55734379

Buy Bitcoin miners like MARA and RIOT

>> No.55734781

Would have said you take the info and stick it up your ass but I'm in a good mood today kek

On a serious note, it might be undervalued and bobos are blind to that fact

>> No.55735572

You can loose only 100% or you can win 1000%, the math is obvious. You just got unlucky.

>> No.55735596

holy fuck if this is real then this dude walked away from millions unironically. when is enough enough dumbass?

>> No.55735700

Not every altcoin is a shitcoin stuff like gmx and aave have actual value and are still being used today. The key point is you know when to sell their tokens inorder to maximize your profit and more importantly protect your downside. Just because something is in a bubble doesn't mean it has no value at all.

>> No.55736025

It's obviously a retarded larp. So he was "dca" Bitcoin when it was like 300 dollars. Which means he would have tons of them. Held through 20k and down to whatever the bottom was in late 2018 like 1.5k or whatever. Then held through 69k in 2021 when he would have surely been a millionaire and have witnessed two cycles by now. Then decides in the middle of the early bear in 2022 after having never touched millions of dollars worth of bitcoin in 7 years to gamble it all for no reason. Without ever cashing out anything.

>> No.55736849

Even better this retard could have went long and short at the same time. 5x short and 3x long. You close the red early before your in too deep and close the green when you are on profit. Good traders can close both positions in the green if they are patient. 3x leverage needs a 34% price movement to liquidate you. 5x needs a 20% move. BTC and ETH don't move that much even with fuckery by the exchanges. But when you are at 100x leverage they only need to move the price up or down 1 % to liquidate you bro.. you sound like a absolute child with shit for brains. As a rule of thumb. Bet high leverage positions are supposed to opened and closed very fucking fast. The lower the leverage the less risk and the more you can sit on a red candle.

P.S. Disregard everything i just said if you are a faggot hindu. Go rub some cow dung on your face and worship your black phallus. Saley fudu.

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>> No.55738161

Damnnnnn that’s crazy.

Thanks for playing :^) !

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ETH has had its ups and downs, not ideal for me now. I'll rather invest in Krest knowing that I'll get that Peaq airdrop

>> No.55738846

You don't wanna be some clueless normie, amassing ETH without giving a single thought to privacy. It's a wild world out there, with hacks and surveillance lurking everywhere. stay woke

>> No.55738884

It's funny because even when you know you're fucking up you can't help but to screw yourself.

t- first bought Bitcoin in 2013 still haven't gotten close to making it

>> No.55738924

What's alright?

>> No.55738935

I can assure you bro that many of these "make it" bros can lose it all just like you.

I probably lost 500k fuckin with margin.

>> No.55738944


>> No.55738957

These exchanges don't pay fair, they're going to steal your crypto again.

>> No.55738969

Things would have gone different than how you think most likely. Market mentality was very different back then

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>you literally can't 100x. So larp.

>> No.55739221

did it never cross your mind you could have been wrong in the trade and lost YEARS of DCAing in 1 trade

>> No.55739625

A patient dog eats the fattest bone, Fag. I'll hold LRC, MATIC and XTP from cradle to grave, Anon.

>> No.55739657

Finding the right trading pair has been an issue for me, Anon. I utilize Tap due to its pair agnostic trading capability.

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Are they actually mooning? I couldn't find it among the 40+ cryptocurrencies supported by Tap Fintech.

>> No.55739688

>I just wanted a wuick boost to my stack

There is no such thing as free money kid. The exchanges are prepared and wont let you take their money. The market is heavily manipulated. The reason why "the market" kept dipping everytime after your buy and then miraculously recovered after you sold is because the algorithm of whatever platform you were using sees your position/play upfront. It then swings the market against you and thus liquidating you and taking your money.

If you wouldnt have sold, the "market" would keep dipping until it would eat away all your funds.

You didnt "lose" money. You literally got robbed.

But you know how the saying goes - a fool and his money are soon parted

>> No.55739905

leveragelets never learn

>> No.55740041

leverage was never the problem, only getting fooled into thinking any alt has a financial future beyond the current bull market.

>> No.55740201

there is only one alt in the world and it is ethereum

>> No.55740498

ethereum fully relies on a never ending stream of new alts though, and without them has no purpose or use whatsoever

>> No.55742007

Fucking good advice.
Many of us are poverty tier and it would be wise to do the same. bTC at this level works if you are dumping big money into it buying whole coins. Anything less is okay but it won’t make you rich

Alt coin roulette is what gives the gains. Hardest part is separating the real teams from the fake and not getting scammed along the way.

>> No.55742353

Get a job
Buy Qanx and prepare for the altcoin run
Buy Bitcoin with your profit
That's all it takes to make it again pajeet

>> No.55742746

It's always said to do what works for you Oldfag. I've always known trading is not for me so I simply hold assets that are promising like Zcash, Sylo and Dnx and can stake some as well as join LM pool for some passive income.

>> No.55743078

Yeah, this is why I don't touch leverage. I'd rather just yied farm even if it gives me much lower returns. Currently staking some USDT on Curve. Kava pools didn't get affected by their exploit so that's also a big plus.

>> No.55743090

fucking pussy.
this is why you're poor earning pennies instead of actually making it like a true man

>> No.55743101

Whatever you say pal.
If kava makes it, it'd be pretty similar as just investing except I'm not fully exposing myself to volatility, lol. GG

>> No.55743600
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I'd rather go for Qanplatform with real life utility than some shitcoin that will get me rekt