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Hello sirs, trying to run some test to creating my first test token, just need to know what code snippet I needing to use to be able revoke ownership on ERC20 & if you have any resources I can see. Any dev help?

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I found some on this, anyone know service on Eth test net where I can be test locking with funds getting lost? Any Devs online

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No ser devs are busy

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I'll help if you give me an allocation of your shitcoin you're going to advertise on /biz/. Otherwise I, and the rest of /biz/, can only lose by seeing your "ser buy my memetoken" spam.

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Try uncx network for locking testnet kek :)

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No shitcoin now test. Thankyou sir will get uncx

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Ok done, how to unlock in test net?

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you should ask the ERC council

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You have to wait til unlock . Zzz

Did u lock with small amount for short time? Should be fine ser

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So I lok 10k in test Eth for 100y

How you get test Eth back?

Address is here: 0x807534B396919783B7e30383Fe57D857BC084338

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That’s not testnet ser kekek

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What you mean sir? I used test Eth

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>uses token called TEST on mainnet
>says he used test Eth
You have no idea what you're doing, do you?

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Not help sir, what do you mean I’m learning to be Dev, I want make big Defi coins like Sandeep from polygon

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You lost your eth to the degens boss kek

Check the chart

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I used test Eth what do you mean I don’t understand, why are you not help I need my Eth, how can I get back? Any real Dev help?

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Saul goodman - you are hero now

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lmao gg your token is now at 850k marketcap

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Dev, we believe in your token.

Please create a twitter and tg

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manufactured shill by crypto personalities, just like $bald
fucking normies get the fuck out of this board

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yup no jeet is locking $10k eth accidentally
this is some insidor larp shit