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Hi everyone I just learned about this place called 4chan, nice to meet you all! I can't wait for it to go to the mooooooooon! XD

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that guy kinda looks like hitler

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$chan is going to 0 faster then BTC!

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Why are you talking about Hitler? He was an awful person and that has nothing to do with investing...

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seems like a righteous man who has made some compromises he is sorry for but is willing to do Good seems like a righteous man who has made some compromises he is sorry for but is willing to do Good

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You forgot to enter your name

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welcome. cookies are your left. as for the milk, jerome drank it all.

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Paint your walls a neutral color ya fuckin weirdo

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XD that's funny dude!

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Where do I do that?

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Welcome to 4chan's /biz/ board, anon!
In order to be accepted as a fellow anon, you must buy at least a bag of Sora (XOR), it's mandatory because Makoto said so
Glad to have future bizness with you my man!

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Welcome brother, and remember: Heil Hitler!

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Welcome onboard, fellow 4channer! Buckle up and prepare for the crypto ride of your life... we take no prisoners and it's all for one on this spaceship!

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Welcome fren. Ignore the shills.

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Worst bait ever. Also, reddit niggers/troons get the rope.

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Shadilay! Welcome to 4channel fren, we are anonymous. We are legion. Be sure to buy chainlink as kek wills it. Based!

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Man, I'm sorry to say, but if you post your face in here, you are no longer anonymous

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You say that until I hit airplane mode button