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>200+ applications
>still unemployed
Starting to think there's something wrong with my face.

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no degree for your face

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You just don't want to work.
Tons of retail associates needed for 10 an hour, you're just lazy and nobody wants to work.
Stop making excuses and get a job.

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try working in my small town

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Is the joke that you're sending in a picture of your face with the application? ISHYGDDT

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I'm physically unable to stand for hours and hours as you would do in a retail/warehouse job. I have certain health issues and i get tired after 10 minutes. No I'm not fat, my bones are just weak from childhood.

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No i just can't get a job because I'm late 20s and never worked before. Even if i get to video or in person interview, rejected every time.

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This game is rigged, society insults you for not "contributing" but no one wants to give me a job. I hate normalfags so much.

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Have you considered grooming and practicing hygiene alongside a conservative weekly workout routine?

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Did you just graduate? If so that’s probably why. I also had to apply 300+ applications just to get my first job. After two or three years getting a job is million times easier.

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Didn’t anyone tell you about nepotism? Yeah it’s not a joke

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I literally stopped counting at 300
Took another year and a half on top of that to get hired.
This was a couple years ago

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My hygiene isn t so bad and i can't work out due to health issues. Should have learned how to code in my years of being a NEET

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If your health reasons are real why don't you just go on disability? I don't really understand how people neet without disability unless you leach off your parents, if that's the case you are just lazy and work shy. Either make it work or rope, stop shitting up my indian shitcoin board with.

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taking a shitty retail job right after graduating is how you completely ruin your career. Better off unemployed and homeless

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Stop giving him shitty advice I look homeless and I just got two jobs in a week, as a software engi.