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Pic related. Wtf is this word salad even supposed to mean?

You’ll notice, Chainlink is trying to pay more and more enterprise shills, while older shills like John Wolpert actually have dignity and morals and have begun telling the truth about this technology

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>too dumb to understand something
>"fucking shill and his word salad"

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If you don't hold link, and don't intend to buy any, why do you care? See how no one replies to your thread? That's because you're a retarded fag loser who shits up the board with brainless fud. You really should think about killing yourself cause you're cancer

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What am I too dumb to understand? His three sentence long single run on where the articles don’t match the descriptions? He is saying nothing, and you’ll pretend that’s not the case.

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You did reply though…and seem really angry. I guess negative token price action will do that to a bag holder.

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Not at all, im just board of /biz/ being flooded with piss poor threads like yours. You'd know all about that though right?

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lmao @ this word salad.
fucking scammer & shill.

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It is actually a part of his performance. I shit you not, but he eats that burger in two bites. He always does that to energize the audience before his presentation. They go absolutely insane when he does it. You can hear gasping and loud mumbling, as they sit in disbelief as to what they just saw. Sergey then says "You would never in your wildest dream believe that what you just saw is possible. You will think the same about the presentation, but it's true, all of it". He immediately follows up with a very long, almost never-ending, gurgling fart. This is ensued by dead silence as the crowd again is in disbelief and shock, and not sure how to react. That's when Rory starts slow clapping from the back of the room while leaning nonchalantly against the wall. The audience follow his lead and it ends in a standing ovation. People are are cheering, clapping and even praising Sergey with their arms and head stretched towards him with blissful faces. The energy in the room moons, and some of the ladies are crying and even fainting.

This man is, as Scott Adams would put it, a master persuader.

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gottem :}

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seethe more low iq nigger

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cope :}

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Brainlets like you will never understand

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nope :}

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>another seething link loser showing how much estrogen it has

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I too noticed this garbage post
Like, we all know how to read words and order and understand that the higher up words come first, dude.

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Hadn’t checked in on John in a while.

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What has John Wolpert said about Chainlink recently?

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Lmao that is word salad

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Linkies are actually highly masc thats why they ignore the social shaming (feminine trait) of the fudders on here who just constantly screech for link holders (dad's) attention

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john wolpert is a bizarre guy. he put years into those "magic schoolbus" series of livestreams and no one ever gave a shit, is baseline protocol even relevant? he represents massive moneyed corporate interests who would much rather see you all stay poor(and most of u degens deserve to stay poor) than for there to be some meme "token economy" where degenerate filth gambles for lunch money as a barometer of their "intelligence"

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Chainlink has become bloated like Sergey. No wonder his first company NXT failed as well.Bearish as fuck

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>please know that i'm "masc"
you're a low t loser

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this shitcoin and its community are a fucking disaster

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I think it is important to let you know. I am never selling my chainlink tokens.

Please respond with outrage and disgust at my financial decision.

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I think I’m not the only one on here that realizes that the Chainlink discussions here aren’t organic at all.

A complex mix of paid shills and bots post memes and start conversations. Real anons browsing /biz/ think these convos are real and start making convos themselves. Then when things die down, the bots and paid shills start again to capture new bagholders.

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>schwab posting
>for 5 years
>think its organic



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>open thread
>filter op
>refresh and do the same for any other fuddies
>enjoy thread
heh, nothing personal

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>Nit Guer

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>magic school
lmao you retards will fall for anything. The reason that guy did not become internet famous is because he is boring af no cap. He only wanted his 15 minutes of fame. Another fallen star. Next

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this guy was fucking with sergey a bit during their last talk so be interesting to see if he has come around a bit
swift announcement might have helped him
in the last talk he was saying that anything would be years and years away

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You jump at my beckoned call and see the world through a lens of alphas and betas. You're on here bwgging for scraps of attention from men who could not possibly care less about your opinion. Your projection is adorable. Want to know how I can tell you were raised by women?

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chainlink dumped tokens not long ago. They hav cashflow to pay for positive sentiment now

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oh wow very good point fren, didn't consider that!! must be it