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It's funny how Chain Link is the only project with 100% organic online discussion.
Every other crypto project (scam) has to resort to telegram airplane moding to spoof interest.
Half the threads end up 404'ing with <10 replies while the community advocates work their asses off posting new fud bait to keep one or two threads visible and bumped.
That's the case for other projects, but not for Chain Link.
Invest now.

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I think I’m not the only one on here that realizes that the Chainlink discussions here aren’t organic at all.

A complex mix of paid shills and bots post memes and start conversations. Real anons browsing /biz/ think these convos are real and start making convos themselves. Then when things die down, the bots and paid shills start again to capture new bagholders.

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quantitative eating

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It's not really that organic. We all know its potentional and now we are bored

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Chainlink thread is basically Thomas ans CLG talk to each other.

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It's just people like Drake posting long-winded monologues about stuff they make up in their head so they can then screenshot and repost on Twitter and Telegram to get engagement. Like babies who cry when they want attention.

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holy based

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Do you post this in every Link thread?
I feel like I've seen this thumbnail a million times this past year.

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Community advocates ruined this board. Yeah it used to be organic

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GM based kings

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>100% organic online discussion.
only a retard thinks this

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>only a retard
Not really, I think this.

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yeah, the organic discussion that resulted in 1000 eoy and every single one of you being fed to the grinder as smart money exited mid 2020 to catch the bull run.

to put it simply, you guys got played.

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Part of me wants to accumulate link, but i feel like its too expensive? Or does it go to $100bn in the bull

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>Or does it go to $100bn in the bull
If done right Link has the potential to become half of the global financial system.
Invest now.

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>Community advocates ruined this board

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This moonboy shit is the same said about xrp though. Im inclined to agree with link considering how integral it is to defi while xrp seems like pure hopium/irrelevant to price action