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Talk about Blackswan's roadmap and future prospects. Maybe discuss the talked about plans for the future not outlined in the graphic. AKA rumors.

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Any estimated date when phase 4 is released? I'm close to a 6fig stack

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Honestly? I have no idea. It could be today or in the next two weeks still. The dev is tight lipped about it. Just keep picking up those cheapies and you will be in a fantastic spot when it does release. It's what I've been doing.

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I think its a few weeks off but no clear date yet. As the chad above has said, its a good time to take advantage of being able to accumulate in peace. Anyone with more than 1% legit has a makeit stack.

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Got my 6fig stack, just waiting around now. Bot tokens seem to be the play lately, pumped to see some action again on this.

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Nice digits. How is the bot going for you? Have you made your ROI back yet (25k blackswan)

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Is this a telegram bot?

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Check out the website for more details. Blackswan dot biz

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I hope its not a scam

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It's not

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How do you know lol

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From the almost 3 months of not being scammed from using it.

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Big holder wallets haven't moved a cent since launch, I've been watching them. They didn't even unload during last week's pump, which would have been a red flag for me.

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realistically how high can this go?

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does it work well? I'm very interested on the bot.
sell me this swan

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JP morgan is making something similar to blackswan. The narrative is definitely there for the next bullrun

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god damn it anon I'm trying to play battlebit not shill my bags. But whatever, just join the telegram and look at how active the team is and see for yourself. And you are gonna need 25k blackswan to try out the bot unfortunately. But it's a solid bet, Phase 4 is going to pump the hell out of it.

As for the bot I've had 100% success with it making trades that I preapproved, that's how it works you tell it what you want to do x when y happens. It's pretty slick

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They have the gull to say they are the first of their kind too.

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god damn I have this special thing for bots.
I'll buy a bag next month when I have moonie moons money.
so plz keep it stable atleast for a month.

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>so plz keep it stable atleast for a month.
I doubt it will stay like this for a month.

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Interesting thanks. I hope it's in a couple weeks. So I can keep accumulating.

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checked and phase 4 is going to be wild

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The bubble map is out of date but it seems like those few confirmed connected wallets arent budging

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I concur, it looks like the people that bought last Sunday's rally sold off their share. Because we are exactly where we were when we started and when this pie chart was made.