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This shit doesnt even have candles. Slipping down is the only thing it does.

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Its called LOG charts phaggot retard. You've never taken Calculus I ?

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You really zoomed that one in KEK

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Yeah i'm not selling my bags.

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ICP pasta

Won the worst project in crypto award
>Less than $300k TVL
>Worst dump this cycle. 99.5% from $700 - $3

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wow that's crazy well lets try charting it priced in avax ok by my calculations the ratio between ICP and avax seems to be incredibly strong, hovering around 0.35 for over 2 years now, remarkable!


>Wen $0.4?

So I guess that means when icp is $0.4 then avax will very likely be $1.3. Yep but how could we figure out when AVAX will be $1.3? or approximately another 90% drop from it's current price?? Well we already saw that once from its all time high price. There's no telling when this will happen again.
But what we can see though, is AVAX supply has increased 40% since it was at ATH just 20 months ago.

Wow I wonder what the avax bagholders think about that!

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someone doublecheck my math please

surely a real multi hundred million dollar VC backed project such as AVAX with hundreds of employees would perform better than a VC pump and dump scam like ICP, and not have to resort to inorganic shills spamming /biz/ for years?

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I agree humble sers. ICP is scam and moonman is scammer

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thank god I bought LINK instead

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I bought in at $17 and thought I bought the bottom. I remember seeing some dude on here saying to sell and he’s shorting to $5. I got fudded out and sold
at $15 at a small loss. Anon, wherever you are…thank you for saving me from losing thousands on this stupid shit VC scam. I hope you’re enjoying your profits.

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We're talking about the foundation for the future of the internet here and you're focused on meaningless trades for what, a few hundred bucks? Anyone with a functioning brain spent the bear market accumulating as the price dropped, not fussing over a single decent trade.

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Not that bad now! ICP printing U shape recovery

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>Bringing other coins out of nowhere
>Reddit spacing

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Icypoopoo is a scam

>Wow I wonder what the avax bagholders think about that!
Literally rent-free

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These threads are such fucking garbage these days. Why do you niggers keep shilling this stuff? Is it all just sunk cost fallacy?

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>We're talking about the foundation for the future of the internet
You cannot make this shit up. I refuse to believe someone can be so retarded. You must be trolling with this post because the chart speaks for itself right now

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given the fact that there are RETARDS out there who still defend /lunc/, it wouldn't really surprise me that this shit has some sort of masochistic BDSM tier cult following. That won't stop me from making fun of it though

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me neither sister >;3
did you also buy your HRT dose? I sure did!

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If you bought the $50 top then you're just as fucked. Tell me you at least waited for it to also lose like 80% of its value before buying.

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Just a reminder.

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these are the shittiest meme this board has ever spawned, period.

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shill me your bags again!

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I truly regret not having read that Arkham report back when this shit still had shorting potential because otherwise I would've done what this anon here said >>55686266
It was quite literally free money but not in the way ICPfags thought it was.

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better luck next time

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If you've got AVAX, then I've got Krest, and the listing on MEXC is already announced for this August 2. Still bullish on the Kusama ecosystem. DePIN narrative is gaining traction anon.

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You could get compensated with royalty rewards and privacy as the private blockchain will be launched anytime soon.

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Fuck you

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I own 2000 ICP that I paid 3800 dollars for.

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He's a tranny nigger jew, so of course he has but he doesn't care because he's too busy with a dragon dildo up his ass.

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Simple as

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yeah you could have bought something better like link or avax

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i cant believe i fell for this scam and locked my tokens up for like 16 years or some shit when I could have just bought AVAX and I'd have made it next cycle. You guys still shilling this shit are either delusional or evil trying to get others to jump off the cliff too. This is a dead shitcoin.

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it's because it's some ava corporate shills desperately trying to appear organic yet it's dumber than moon man

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no one buy icp
just buy avax and algo

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40% inflation since last cycle

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>corporations are now hiring people to post racist pepes and elder scat porn on backwater internet forums
ngl, this was not the cyberpunk dystopia I was expecting

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this guy is right avax subnets can do anything

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>AVAX with hundreds of employees
I wouldnt exactly call paid shillers employees

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I caught the based god candle a few weeks back anon, great profits right there. Now I'm seeing same with XTP, its only up from here.

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What's the make-it stack for Algo anon? Maybe I'd add it to my Egld and Ride bags for long term gains.

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>Good Evening Niggers
I have DKP (formerly known as SNS-1).
Do you have DKP, White Man?

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>corporations are now hiring people to post racist pepes and elder scat porn on backwater internet forums
>ngl, this was not the cyberpunk dystopia I was expecting

yeah since Air drop for OGs

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>Buy retarded shit because "it went down 90% surely it can only go down another 10%"
>It dumps more
>You're now a community member

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I'm losing ties with the whole shitshow in price. I'm just going to go with my gut. Convert to mx participate to be eligible for Krest airdrop on the Mexc launchpad.

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that's everything except bitcoin and ethereum right now buddy

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What a coincidence my biggest holds are BTC, ETH, and OP!

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Buy IMM on quickSwap, stake it for 350% APR. This is the secret of every smart richfags.

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How about trading crypto indices on AstraDao for passive income and joining the ambassador program to earn rewards.

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Adding SCLP to the list without looking back since it's connected with payment gateway for businesses,

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You better stick to Elfin game, have fun while your bag gets filled. Especially now that IDO begins soon.

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>Less than $300k TVL

its well over 1.1 billion tvl right now, im not going to even bother doing the math. not that it matters though because the point of icp isnt just defi scams.

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Also adding kas rsr and route. All Altcoinistdao mentions for the next bull market