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Anyone else find it odd that people will work shitty retail/customer service jobs for 30-40 years and never bother looking for better ones? After a year or two at my job I get the itch to start looking for something better

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The majority of human beings are literal human nigger cattle with slave morality. Their role is to be used by superior men like us who are on the path to something greater.

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Routine is a hellavu drug

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>get job interview during working hours
>have to decide to quit shitty job for chance of better shitty job or say put and not risk getting fired for leaving work
I had to have money in the bank to become a higher end wage cattle.

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Arnt those the ones that go to college?

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I remember when I worked as a picker packer at an auto warehouse talking to one of my coworkers who constantly bitched about the shit treatment over the years. One day I just asked her if she ever considered going for another job and she looked at me like I grew a second head, and she was there for at least a dozen years if not longer when I was there. As I went through other jobs I’ve come to realize that as shit as it may sound for some, there is a not small number of people who genuinely have no desire or aspirations for greener pastures and will just put up with whatever nonsense falls their way, no matter how poorly they’re treated or how little they’re paid. Hell I think businesses intentionally depend on this, since they’ll have these people do the jobs of 4 other employees for the same shitty pay. Another guy in his 60’s who was there passed his 30 year anniversary, literally did the same picking packing job the entire time where the most he made was the $15.50 an hour when I got on, and as a reward he got some glass plaque and a fake gold watch, then got fucked with work immediately after. I don’t give them any shit because lord knows life beat the hell out of them enough as is, but always keep in mind to never settle and stagnate for some garbage job.
t. In accounting and going into IT

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I've only been at my job for 5 months and I'm already looking to other pastures. Too many catter 40 year olds gossiping about each other and micro-managing boss who's life IS work. I'm saving money to get the fuck outta there.

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I think thats the whole point of religion and shit parenting which is why neither one is usually questioned. The point is to churn out mindless niggercattle.

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> Blue Yeti mic

NGMI. You need that fancy Shure S7MB mic or whatever it's called, and combine it with a sound processor (another $700), a XLM mic processor (another $200 or so), and combine with an intricate system like you see on Caleb Hammer's channel. YouTube is FAR too competitive these days to cheap out on something like a Blue Yeti.

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That’s someone’s mother

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I don't work at all, Satan.

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I took a lower paying job while going through a career change and it's amazing how many people I met who seemed like they were overqualified for their job yet never bothered going elsewhere

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Some people just lack career ambition and I am one of them. I would get calls from recruiters all the time and just say no thanks. One asked me how long I had been with my company and when I answered she asked why so long and I realized I had no answer because I never gave much thought to it. I like working on problems and getting immersed in tasks but career advancement just doesn't interest or motivate me, though I realize this is not a good thing and will only hurt me in the current environment.

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Odd? No.
Pathetic? Yes.
People will wagecuck at the same company for 30-40 years because they know they are too dumb to do anything else. They are completely and totally convinced they cant do better

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You and others here have motivated me to change this shit. Right fucking now.
I'm in an administrative IT role but I'm on about 80k a year. It's been several years now and I often wonder what the fuck I am going to do next, because often I feel like this is as good as it will ever get. I hate it though. But most of the time I'm essentially being paid to do nothing.

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Personally I have genuinely no idea how some of them even live with the way things are going nowadays, unless they just give negative fucks about everything I guess.
If true then good to hear. Personally there’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay in a spot regardless of what it may be if you’re genuinely happy or at least content with it, but its beyond obvious that so many in those positions are either internally seething about the whole thing and only show up because of routine in the same way you show up to the bathroom to take a piss in the morning, or they’re just completely dead inside and essentially shambling corpses that haven’t dropped yet. Shit is genuinely scary not because they may be stuck in some bad low end job, but for the wider implications that has on your life at large.
>also if I were you I’d snoop around the company you’re at first and see what may be available, I’ve gotten in some interesting positions that way

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I work in a shitty customer service job, lots of boomers there that have been doing this borderline minimum wage job for a decade or more.
..and honestly it is not that bad, it's very low level responsibility, the job gets easier the more repetitive it is.
The main thing about the job is the extreme "down time", i had a 12.5 hours shift once where i watched the entire lord of the rings trilogy, literally spending 9 hours watching movies and getting paid for it. Most of the time I play chess, watch youtube videos, podcasts, etc.

I imagine a lot of retail/service job are similar, from my experience at least it's not that unusual to walk into the store and you are the sole customer there.

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It's hard to find worthwhile work without the right credentials, connections, and/or putting yourself into debt, especially if you're from a poor family.

I've wanted to be a portfolio/financial advisor for a few years now, but every time I look up the cost of college and the credentials required afterwards, it turns me away. The nearest college offering finance, or economics would end up costing around $120k to get my degree. Then you usually need to get a job in the industry and get sponsored so you can take the series 7 test. I know FINRA got rid of the sponsorship requirement, but goodluck getting a job at a financial firm without a degree. So instead I just study economics and finance as a hobby.

I work in a factory doing very monotonous work. It's not challenging, or fun, but it pays decent for the area I live in. Every time I look up other jobs, even in banking, the pay is shittier. I make about $22/hr, not including overtime. I have 4 weeks of paid vacation and great insurance benefits. I looked up jobs at my local bank. It's $15/hr to be a bank teller, yet the local Walmart pays $17.50/hr. The mid-managers at the bank make $20/hr and you need a degree in some type of buisness/accounting major. Unless I became the branch manager I'd be making less money than I do now.

Sometimes there aren't better options for people unless they're willing to take a massive risk, like moving away from family, going into debt, etc. Especially if these people already own a home, or have kids.

I'm not making excuses, but there is a lot more nuance than just claiming everyone is "nigger cattle NPCs" like this idiot >>55683681

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I noticed when I worked in kitchens that the lifers identify with their job and put a lot of stake into their immediate hierarchy. In the last restaurant that I worked many were pissed when I was promoted over them within a couple months and I imagine they seethed when I left their coveted position to join the film industry. In my last few years in film I again haved noticed the people that move up quickly identify more with their interests than their current job title. Those that only work for money or a comfortable place in the middle ranks are no more than slaves.

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This really grinds my gears, have lots of friends in this situation and they blame capitalism. Grrrr

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honestly, a budget wide diaphragm condenser mic (MXL, Shure, etc.) plugged into a decent DI (Steinberg, Focusrite, M-Audio, etc.) would do. Get a cheap stand, a cheap pop filter, and Reaper (DAW) and you’re good to go. You can watch tutorials on how to EQ your voice with ReaEQ, how to use ReaFir to cut out the rest of the bg noise, and how to use a compressor and you’ll sound better than some idiot with a high-end Neumann or whateverthefuck. You can send your DAW audio right from Reaper into OBS, or whatever you use with, ReaWire. Don’t even need to buy a license for Reaper.
>~$200 altogether but you could probably do it for less
t. work in the music industry

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Most people on /biz/ are zoomers and younger millennials aged 18-35 who think they just need one lucky roll and they'll make it big and fuck all the girls they didn't get to fuck in highschool. For most people however once they get into something, they make bonds with the people there, maybe they manage to save up and get a mortgage (especially true for older people like that 65yo boomer assistant manager at walmart you're talking about) and don't want to move/are afraid any vertical leaps to better their lives will make it worse.

/biz/ just generally has a higher risk tolerance than most people, because /biz/tards are narcissists who think they deserve to make it to a million bucks before 40 and get their nuts licked at the paris olympics by a slutty ukrainian milf and her zoomer daughter.

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I used to try to help people who weren’t looking for help. They complained every day about hating their jobs. I knew all their reasons to hate their jobs. I heard them frequently.

Every suggestion I made for a way out, or at least something to try to break out of the rut, was met with reasons why they couldn’t do it. No matter how simple my suggestion, how small the step was, it was met with a “Well I can’t do that because…”

That was my fault. I was giving unwanted advice to people who didn’t really want to leave their positions. They just wanted to vent.

If you decide to look for reasons why you can’t afford to quit, you will absolutely find them.

Believe me, on this, it is a decision. You can just as easily decide to look for how you can quit. Stop focusing on why you can’t.

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And they shall do all of that for a silver quarter once my time has come.

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>Another guy in his 60’s who was there passed his 30 year anniversary
and his house and retirement are paid i bet. were you even in diapers in the 90s? on the radio to school all the time youd hear about 100s of people being laid off enmass from white collar companies lol.

warehouse work is where its at. i make more here than i would working for the state of CA using a chem endorsement. plus they would require a CDL, fuck that shit.

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His retirement is paid? Bro spent his existence being garbage, is now a 60 year old wrinkly inconvenience to himself, retirement here he comes...

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holy shit you described me, stop spying on me you creep. and yes I deserve my nutz licked.

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that's because you were born in December or possibly late November OP

that's why you don't understand it.

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>because /biz/tards are narcissists who think they deserve to make it to a million bucks
This is a retarded take on your otherwise decent-ish post and reveals that you take bait posts here too seriously or are intentionally misconstruing them and portraying them as legitimate.
Any perceived narcissism on here is usually overcompensation for low self-esteem and an inb4 of FUD. Anybody saying they "deserve this or that" are also inb4'ing demoralization attempts by exclaiming extreme beliefs that are less likely to be challenged than saying "i want this or that" because the premise of the belief itself must be argued along with the goal that is posted and thus demoralization attempts become derailments. And any post relating to roasties are counters to the incessant FUD that is posted in response to any developmental goals posted which is usually; you will never have sex, you will never have teenage love, you will never reproduce, etc. etc. A narrative which is pushed to attract those very peopel and lower the quality of the site to the benefit of other platforms and the agencies which run them.
The fact that you do not know these things means you are too new to know how compromised the internet really is, you fell for the propoganda over time, or you are part of the problem.
Pick one and reassess your biased perspectives.

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every job has the "i fucking hate it, i'll probably get fired soon" person who's been there twenty plus years, it's some awful form of babyism and self flagrance. Imagine being the middle manager who knows you have more experience than anyone else thinking "Christ i wish Barry would just shut the fuck up and be a team member for a day".

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maybe they have other investments and hobbies that make them money and just want to get out and meet some people. retail is very comfy because you can get jobs that are totally fine with 12 hour work weeks from you

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why do you assume anything about her? maybe she has a million dollars invested in LINK on the side and is just killing time until it moons. you fucking smooth brain zoomers assuming everyone's net worth is pretty gay

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There is comfort in having a low ceiling job that you know inside and out.

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For many people it doesnt make sense to gamble on something better at most times. If they are getting paid the average or median market value for their position and/or are unsure of the value of their skills (or know they lack skills), then it may make more sense logically to stay put. This creates a vicious feedback cycle where a person may mentally enforce a status quo they hate. Things really wont change until the odds tip in a way that make searching a logical choice (such as them skilling up, or discovering that they are paid below the average of what their current skills are worth).

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>>tfw currently doing a 16 hour shift

It might be time for a career change me thinks, us humans were never designed to do night shifts

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Name me one army in the entirety of human history that consisted of all generals

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was having this convo last night after dinner with my gf, complacency kills

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Based satan trips

The interview process is fucking annoying. Then you have to tell the job your currently at your trying to jump ship and then the new job calls your old job to talk about you and if you’re a right candidate. Absolutely fucking nightmare.

But this doesn’t count if you’re in retail or McDonald’s or some shit. Lmao just get up an leave.

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I was one of these people, I smoke and drank constantly. As soon as I went sober I decided I needed to do something.

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>/biz/ just generally has a higher risk tolerance than most people, because /biz/tards are narcissists who think they deserve to make it to a million bucks before 40 and get their nuts licked at the paris olympics by a slutty ukrainian milf and her zoomer daughter.

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People like consistency in their routines. Unfortunately, some settle for consistent mediocrity.

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luckily mediocrity isn't measured solely by your wagie job lmao imagine being this normiesque

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There's a stark difference between doing what you're passionate about and making a little money in the process, and working a dead-end job for years with no aspiration for advancement or even other constructive interests or hobbies to indulge in.

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>/biz/ just generally has a higher risk tolerance than most people, because /biz/tards are narcissists who think they deserve to make it to a million bucks before 40 and get their nuts licked at the paris olympics by a slutty ukrainian milf and her zoomer daughter.

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what if your dead end job enables your ability to make tons of money outside of the dead end job? people really just over assume about anyone working for $18 an hour. yea well guess what at least im not stuck at a desk sitting while my tummy wummy is gassy working 40 hr weeks.

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>two more rate hikes this year

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>literal human nigger cattle
i have to agree thesedays. No ability for them to think on their own or take initiative on something. And its not even one political party or the other. Some 60-70% of americans took at least 1 vax shot. Theyll do as theyre told.

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these people tend to be extremely low IQ. it's better that they stay where they are. for instance, i had a 60+ year old woman cashier spend 1-2 minutes staring at my new state issued ID. she didn't say anything the entire time, but i'm guessing she was perplexed by the holographic backing new on Real IDs.

someone like that, even in the prime mental state of their life, would have no hope of succeeding at a job involving more complexities than ringing up items and throwing them in a plastic bag.

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>what if your dead end job enables your ability to make tons of money outside of the dead end job?
I greatly respect people that do that, and did similar in the past, but I don't really see the point in sticking around given the time opportunity costs if there are other sources of income that more than offset the cost of quitting.

>people really just over assume about anyone working for $18 an hour.
I don't judge people for what they make, or even their line of work. Do they genuinely enjoy what they do? Do they own a stake in the business? Are they investing in themselves or building other revenue streams outside work? It's all respectable. Working a job they despise for years on end and going home each night to drink/smoke and consume content, not so much.

>yea well guess what at least im not stuck at a desk sitting while my tummy wummy is gassy working 40 hr weeks.
I'm not.

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many people don't have the money to afford to pay for school

>> No.55689090

never heard of sick days?

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>But most of the time I'm essentially being paid to do nothing.
man, wish I had your job

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it might seem fun but after a few years you will want to kys

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Because there are a lot of sexy dumb sluts working those jobs. I do it just to bang sluts. I already made it from eth

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Please, go on.

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You sound like a nigger

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Idk, if I got paid to do "nothing", I'd use that "nothing" time to learn languages, read books, work on my calligraphy, do pushups and situps, study classical music...

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Not just LINK anon, she looks like a chad who would diversify into based gems like INJ, KREST and TOMO for future gains.

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Yeah, this definitely makes sense if you're still new to the industry and you know your skills have a lot of room to grow. But during that time you should be building up your skills so you cam have better opportunities.

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>stuck at a desk sitting while my tummy wummy is gassy
God I hate how relatable this is, and the fact that you said it means you must have experienced it too. This shit is not right, it's just not right. And I spend all day having to take a shit but it's practically impossible because someone's always in there and even if they weren't, the toilets are too small to be comfortable anyways and the lights in the bathroom turn off after a couple minutes because the company is "going green" or whatever

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Your idea of initiative is simply just getting others to do work for you replacing a role of slavemaster. Nothing would get done if people didn't work together. The idea that every single individual works for themselves is retarded

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Get a bachelors then go work for fidelity in their entry level positions that allow ypu to get a series 7. Saw so.eone post about that earloer this month. You must sacrifice to gain something.

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>That was my fault. I was giving unwanted advice to people who didn’t really want to leave their positions. They just wanted to vent.

Been there. This is why I don't bother to tell people about dcaing into index funds and bitcoin anymore. In my early 20s I used to think all my friends and family would want to get rich with me. God has a plan for them and god has a plan for me. When people complain about being broke or having a shitty job I just say "that sucks, man. Hope it gets better for you" and move on.

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I don't get those. I also don't get paid vacation days.

>> No.55692883

That's what I thought, too. Your response just sounds gay and memeworthy to me right now. Very Reddit flavored.

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What company do you work for? I have a CSR job and it's constant back-to-back bullshit calls. I want to quit, but I'm trying to get another job lined up first. Something where I have a shitload of downtime to develop additional skills or do online work to boost my income would be a VAST improvement.

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Its a sad predicament chad, but good thing crypto has come to take the pressure away. Bizfags are making a fortune and adoption is taking new leaps, I've even seen Fintech industries involved in the space with on-ramping access for users.

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Non-playable characters

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It depends. If you had a job/career that let you retire early, paid you benefits for life afterward and the job itself wasn't hard would you leave it for more money and a change of pace?. I really don't know if you could. I mean hey toss away the ability to kick back and do what you want before the typical age 65 is a pretty big thing to toss away. All that aside; uh you want to know why people are still doing what they do at WMT? Cause they're getting paid 15+ an hour and getting stock in the company plus other benefits. Hell getting paid that much used to be just for people in more lets say high class jobs. The demographic changed to. Used to be just mostly high school and college kids. Now? Hell you'll more likely to see older people working cause kids are "lazy do nothings" and the older folks need the extra money to pay bills.

>> No.55695527

Younger people don’t work those jobs because its a literal waste of time to do so. The pay they offer means absolutely fuck all unless you’re already a retired old timer. And besides, said old timers bitched for years how those jobs are only temporary, and everyone treated them as such.

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They have no special skills or knowledge. They have nowhere else to go.

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Bump because I don't want to be one of my dead husk coworkers who've been working the same shit job for 20 years.

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I work onshore for a ferry company, mostly checking papers and stuff for truck drivers.
It's somewhat a specific job, but here is a couple of "green flags" for a high down turn, which I think could apply to all sort of different jobs.
1) operate 24/7/365, the traffic falls off hard depending on the time, day and season.
2) "on call duty", essentially you can't leave the the workplace for a lunch break, but are required to remain at the site at all time during your shift.
3) the bottle neck being downstream from you, in my case we can process the trucks way faster than the ferries can charter them over.
4) certificate/safety fetish, we are often overstaffed because we are required to watch the surveillance feed of the port, needless to say nothing ever happens.
5) Limited tasks as opposed to endless tasks.

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No one wants to work anymore. absolutely no one. the streets are overflowing with bums reaching the change in my cupholder as i drive my ass to WORK. bums with BED SORES instead of callouses. FAT bums, morbidly obese bums having EBT FEASTS in the middle of the road. That's why there are so many potholes, government is going broke feeding these FAT BUMS lobster macaroni as i drive my ass to work!

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>After a year or two at my job I get the itch to start looking for something better
This whole "grass is greener somewhere else" mentality is kind of delusional imo. For most people, there IS nothing better because the thing that they hate at their job is present at almost every job. I see so many people jumping around from job to job, for a reason that might seem specific but it's nothing new:
>I HATE my coworkers/supervisor/HR
Those people are everywhere, you are not going to magically find a job that has great people to work with all the time. Even if you're trying to escape someone who has it out for you, you will likely find a whole new type of hatred for the next coworkers you get.
>the work is so boring I want to kill myself
That is 99% of work. It's monotonous, it's not glamorous, it's just toil. There's a reason why it's called labor, not playtime.
>it's not worth the money
There is not a single job out there that is fairly waged. There's a 99.999% chance that you'll be underpaid or there's a .001% chance that you'll be overpaid for the work that you do, but you really don't have the wherewithal to get that kind of overpaying job.
>I just feel burnt out
And you will feel burnt out at your next job. And the job after that. And the job after that.

Not saying you need to pick a job and marry it, but ironically it's not much different than being the woman who burnt through 20 different guys trying to find Mr. Perfect and then realizing when they hit the wall "oh shit, I was trying to select for traits that really don't even exist".

>> No.55698874

>maybe they have other investments and hobbies that make them money and just want to get out and meet some people. retail is very comfy because you can get jobs that are totally fine with 12 hour work weeks from you

This is true for maybe .005% of retail workers

>> No.55699453

I take home 25k a year and am grateful to have a job.

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I stayed at a toxic underpaid software job longer than I intended(3.5 yrs).

I was planning on switching but COVID hit, and I fell into depression shortly afterword. I couldn't perform during interviews but the did the bare minimum to stay employed. Finally got out after more than a year of being on the market.

I think people just fall in a pit of despair at their jobs and it's really hard to dig yourself out. I can not even begin to imagine the people who stay at their shitty jobs for most of their lives...

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>I take home 25k a year and am grateful to have a job


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For what it is worth anon, you will not be managing anyone’s portfolio unless you have at least a masters, a CFA and a CAIA wouldn’t hurt. Financial advisors just tell their clients to quit spending money and pick which portfolio managers they give their clients money to. They really don’t do much but still take a nice cut. That would be much easier to attain as well. You would need a CFP and probably license to sell insurance as well.

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Oh. If you were in the US I was gonna recommend jobs that are easy to get but pays way more

>> No.55699764

i work in a call center
my salary is 70% higher than the national average
it's a 100% remote position
i can go out during my shift because the workload is very light
i inherited 300K already and i will inherit more in the next 20 years
i have a nice btc stack

why would i try to get a better job again?

>> No.55699795

i have to add that i work from 3pm to midnight
so i don't even know what is an alarm clock

>> No.55699821

I'm that faggot. Worked for 10 years. Thankfully I realized what the fuck am I doing.

>> No.55699823

>why would i try to get a better job again?

Retire earlier, to challenge yourself, eyc

>> No.55699957

Unironically want to do this when I make it

>> No.55699960

i wish i could save these on the site without having to screencap and fill up space onn my comp

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They are not dumb, they settle into routine. It's horrible, especially where they are perks to justify it.

>> No.55700395

>accounting, going into IT
goodluck faggot. protip: good jobs don't exist no matter how high the pay. if you're not the owner you're getting fucked in the ass.

>> No.55700401

Why does this truth hurt so much?

>> No.55700403

I wish that were my dick

>> No.55700471

Damn look how she grips that massive bbc. You just know she wants to start gawking on it and suck the grey color right off it for money.

>> No.55700558

what are they?

>> No.55700560

>i'll probably get fired soon
It's what they secretly wish. They can't leave, but being fired would be a push they wish they'd get.

>> No.55700670

Her cuck bf looks so lame and annoying. She probably never has to change the diapers because she's too busy with her "podcast"(sucking off other men).

>> No.55700688

I used to until my retarded brother got a shitty retail job in his 30s and talked about it like he liked it. I tried to get him to quit but he wouldn’t.

>> No.55700697

The mic. It's my cock, love.

>> No.55700778
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>> No.55701910

I drive full time as an uber driver

there is no barrier to entry

I'm a high school dropout with a ged and 132 iq

any other job is more effort to attain, and keep

I work more hours on uber than typically would be expected on a full time job, but that also includes pulling my phone out and waiting for orders, or in a drive through or down time

at any time I can choose to shut off uber and stop working, whereas, companies pressure you to take overtime or they gaslight you for not working hard enough

I have a full beard and long hair and my approval rating is 96 percent, totally disproving, grooming standards that most companies insist upon

basically real jobs are gay as fuck

lower your standards, because, I'm not going to college unless they drop tuition 10x from where it is, I'm not shaving my beard, and I probably won't work overtime standing on concrete floors for 12 hours a day

>> No.55701921

but 30 or 40 years, yea that's a long time, I've started a farm personally and I follow the markets pretty well, so yea, I probably won't be in this game in 30 years

the economy in its current state probably won't even last 20 years so, yea

pay me in xmr

>> No.55701942

I've never understood the general drive to "work"

the goal isn't to work the goal is to prosper, and profit

if work is unprofitable, or isn't generally comfortable and easily attainable, then the stress isn't worth it to me

filling out job applications disgust me, but I guess some people enjoy personality tests, that's the niggercattle to me, the bend over backwards mentality