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Fuck this crab dumping piece of trash coin. Going down faster than you can say double spend.

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You know why they call it avalanche?

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Because all it does is going down

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I've been holding 20 avax @ $50 for like 2 years kek. Make peace with it, son.

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I've been holding 1500 of them since 2020. Bought at $3-9 but still feel rekt when you see total dogshit like Basedlana mog us

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Did you ever swing, or did you watch it go from $3 to $147 and all the way back down to $10 like me and do nothing?

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Turkroach scamcoin

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ETH maxis successfully destroyed this coin socially. All influencers outcasted Emin, VCs got sought up in Ethereum narratives completely, Avalanche just have dumb community, egocentric founders and retarded philosophy (Thinking they can change consensus by speaking their opinion on twitter lmao, They fell exactly into ETH maxis trap, That's why Vitalik stay away from twitter talk and let his puppets say all the retarded things he couldn't say).

Tech is very good tho, But it doesn't matter, Emin shilling today Avalanche to Brian (CB), Who's already ETH maxis like all prominent people in this space, Just looked silly, And he got bullied by ETH maxis too (Which already scapegoated the whole Avalanche team, It's disgusting to watch but like i said, It was obvious goal which the team failed to notice months ago), Imagine thinking Coinbase will launch on a project with $1.3B TVL and sub $5B marketcap, It doesn't make any sense, If you want your protocol to get real adoption just fucking pump your shitcoin, That's the only way to increase liquidity, change sentiments and accumulate more community members.

If it worked for fucking Polygon, Cardano and Solana, All inferior (Although Solana is decent desu) then it should work twice as good for Avalanche because they'll actually shill a working product.

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buy QANX instead. I think it's next cycles Fantom

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You guessed it, it dumped on this news too. Literally cursed.

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AVAX decline has been kinda sad but It's not the worst case I have seen so far. ICP went from $460(launching price) to $4, that's a lot of people scammed there without the slightest chance of ever seeing that money again.

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Every coin has done that, AVAX isn't bad in that regard. I'm specifically asking if he went through the same pain as me. Watching it pump from $3 to $147 and back to $10 without doing a single trade? I am filled with regret.

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biz didn't buy at 460

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QANX has already been hacked once. Go back to the 3rd world.

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You had too much fucking time to sell and make a 20x or 30x after the winter market started, thats on you. On the bright side, you can still make a solid 4x today anon.
You seem to be pretty sure biz didn't buy at $460. Maybe at $630? or $550? I remember that shit getting shilled on this board every sec

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I know my mistakes, you don't need to tell me. I was new in 2021. Hell of a learning experience.

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Who the fuck wants a payment system built on a crappy L2. The Bank of Englands report on CBDCs said they would need 30k tps, pushing to 100k for peak demand, and sub second finality would be an absolute must. I know slaphead has heavy ETH bags, but an ETH L2 for payments is an absolute nonstarter.

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Tech barely matter, Have liquidity, reputation, economic security (Basically big marketcap) and community and then Avalanche could talk with Brian. Rightnow it seems like all of these are bottom priority for Avalanche, Which's utterly retarded if you ask me.

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icp was like $50 when moonman was shilling it. Most baggies here have average buy ins closer to $10-20

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>icp was like $50 when moonman was shilling it
It was round 40$
>Most baggies here have average buy ins closer to $10-20
My average is around 7.4€, some Anons claim to have lower averages

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most organic thread fudding avalanche. how do I join the fud crew? I want to get paid by posting low-quality copypastes too... I know there is a Signal group chat

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>icp was like $50 when moonman was shilling it.
>Implying every biz icp hodler has been holding only after moonman got here
In your words, average biz icp hodler has lost 92% of their invesment and not 99% TOPKEK
>Most baggies here have average buy ins closer to $10-20
there is no way you can do these math and get an accurate answer

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Never swung. Holding and accumulating. Will sell staking rewards from 2030 onwards at $5k+

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>there is no way you can do these math and get an accurate answer
Tell me that you are not white without telling me.

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The joke is... It's really organic because it's fun and also because I think avax has the last paid Shillers still here. So we noticed and are now shitting on them until they leave. There used to be Shillers for other coins but they left so we noticed the avax shilling really hard

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what is that file name man do you guys just smash random digits

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We all made fun of this horrible scam when it launched.
I missed the moonman threads so it took me a long time to realize some bought icp unironically. But that was at around 40 dollar

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I dont think they're paid shillers (I shill avax for free because I genuinely think its amazing and im in it for the tech etc); I think they're astroturfing ICP fags going I HATE NIGGORS etc

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>I dont think they're paid shillers
Monday to Friday, ok.
>I think they're astroturfing ICP fags going I HATE NIGGORS
AVAX is known for astroturfing ICP is known for 3c. Get your facts strait lil roachie.

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>dumping on bullish news
must be the same cunt whales that do this to LINK. I'm starting to think there is a massive market suppression scheme against anything that threatens MEV. lot of hostility coming from the ETH/Uniswap crew, who simp pretty hard for Flashbots.

>Emin shilling today Avalanche to Brian (CB), Who's already ETH maxis like all prominent people in this space, Just looked silly, And he got bullied by ETH maxis too (Which already scapegoated the whole Avalanche team
source? was this on twitter spaces?

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>le Monday to Friday
I saw like 4-5 avax threads on the weekend, but don't let that spoil your forced meme.

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Go to the archives and post them here

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>source? was this on twitter spaces?

Check the replies for Emin's tweet

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these were active on the weekend. didn't find any avax fud threads though, I wonder if that means anything...

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yup it's over, I don't think Emin can ever recover from this

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4-5 versus 10 a day

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They are 4 creaturas de las Americas that started working for Emin on September 2022, they change the strategy from time to time to try to prove us wrong kek. There is always 1 guy that works overtime on the weekends to bump the Friday threads, and when they try to open a new one instantly dies out.
Some times the schedule is from Tuesday to Saturday.

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Also that "hello niggers i hold avax" isn't even working with them, that is a legit bag holder.
The ones that post the pedo chans, long pastas and pajeet memes are the ones that work for Emin.

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once again you fucking roach faggots: put "avax" in the title so this shit is filtered for me