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How low will link go this time?

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I think it's time to meet our old friend, sub $5

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>the year is 2035
>Chainlink serves as the backbone for literally every aspect of daily life
>there are no more partnerships that COULD be announced as every major corporation is already publicly integrated with chainlink and operating nodes
>new developments are being made every single day to maximize the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of the oracle network
>the fourth industrial revolution, the singularity, the great reset... all of it was real: and every single datum, transaction, and contract is verified with chainlink.
>token price: $0.22
>24hr performance: -2.7%
>unstaking: soon
>then you wake up and realize it was just a bad dream
>Chainlink doesn't even exist in the future
>The Great Reset was dead on arrival and Chainlink went to zero in early 2025
>you own everything, you are very happy

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Link fags are about to get a lesson in humility.

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if the last two years haven't done it nothing will

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GM based kings

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Link = Gas
Simple as.
You'll get it soon.

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>skipped 2021 bull run
>dragged up to a mere $50 by BTC while the rest of the market went ballistic
>dropped 90% after that
>95% down vs eth
>3 year downtrend
Linkies have been thoroughly taught humility, anon. Fuddies are up next.

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i saw a dream today where VISA announced a partnership with chainlink for interoperability (it was a public and explicit statement, not a crumb), followed by the federal reserve
at the same time there was an announcement of CCIP's mainnet release
chainlink was trending everywhere and /biz/ had crashed from the traffic

before i could check the price on cmc i woke up, almost as if what i was about to witness was not meant for human eyes

im not a schizo but i genuinely believe this to be an omen
i believe that our top 3 status is an inevitability

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We’ll get there one day but dream Interpretation is astrology tier

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>top 3
we won

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fuddies rekt

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ah yes, daydreaming has also been my hobby for the last 3 years while becoming continually poorer to the point of -85%

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>top 3

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fudsisters... we lost

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linkies been taught how to short too

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GM based kings

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$8 just accepted

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Is it really over?

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Why is it not dumping harder already?? Really annoying to see.

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Have faith anons believe in Jesus the end times are approaching

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Back over $8
Fuck fuddies, fuck niggers, fuck jannies

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we are going back to 7.60 and maybe 7.00 and you know it

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$8 savagely accepted

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This one my fellow sir

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We are going straight past $1k and you know that you're going to kill yourself.

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Fucking fuck you.

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yeah, we are going straight to 1000 usd TODAY

with no stops, no returns

come on dude

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Amen to that.

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anyway that's a risk I can take

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>top 3
>Nog ID

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what's ur sell price, target and sl please

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Damn, I just saw these. Can anyone interpret this dream?

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No stop loss. If I get liquidated I made big bank on my spot position anyway.

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Linkies unironically believe this. Just opened a fat short at 8.08

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wild but I think will work out

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If the past years have taught be anything it is that all LINK pumps MUST retrace. It isn't an XRP, or XLM, or whatever token that can randomly pump 100% and hang around there for ages. LINK will pump 20% if you're lucky, and will retrace. Always.

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Check again

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Wtinessed....put me in the screenshot mommy

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Yeah im thinking we are going to make it

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Based anon. I believe, Lord help my unbelieving!

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So you bought the top? Fudfag didn’t even check trips

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You were saying?

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Again?? Holding link is a humiliation ritual

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checked and ive also had a chainlank dream
only crypto related dream i ever had

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I want to believe.

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>top 3 status is an inevitability

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>8 dollars accepted
>BTC just randomly does its meme dump
lol quelle surprise

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Sergey is truly a genius of the next level. He created bitcoin as the tool to suppress his real magnum opus, chainlink, until it was ready to lift off. The man is capable of thinking in 4 dimensions.

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>top 3
>$333 per LINK

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Checked. The chosen are always belittled by false prophets, only in our dreams can we access information that is pure.

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Check-ed , it will reverse dump into 1k EOY

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Perfect response. This is standard market physics. Bears don't get a higher entitlement to euphoria and greed. The scales will tip eventually, even if this move is doomed to fail given BTC's doddering about under 30k.

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