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8 fedcoins waiting room

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>its real
genuinely wtf?
and i bought LINK today at 7.70. im so used to it going down after i buy. am i dreaming?

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Time to short grandpa then

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Dear Mr. I'm-Too-Good-to-Update-My-Fans
This'll be the last message I ever send your ass
It's been three months and still no github update・I don't deserve it?
I bought three bitcoins worth of Chainlink,
Each time half the value before it,
So this is my shitpost I'm sending you, I hope you read it
I'm on Binance right now, about to sell all your shit for 10 Request,
Hey, Sergey, I drank a fifth of russian vodka, you dare me to dump?
You know the song by Wutang Clan
"Torture" about that guy that gets pumped, with a hot hanger, up in his rear hump?
thats kinda how this is, you could've pumped to save me from dumping,
Now it's too late, I'm ten times down now, and I'm drowsy
And all I wanted was a lousy update or a tweet,
I hope you know I deleted all of your meme pics out my C:,
I loved you, Sergey, we could've been rich together ・think about it!
You ruined it now, I hope you can't sleep
And you meme about it
And when you meme
I hope you can't sleep and you Airbnb about it
I hope your shitcoin eats at you
And you can't breathe without me
See, Sergey..--shut up, REQ! I'm tryin' to talk
Hey, Sergey, that's my new shitcoin screamin' in the trunk
But I didn't dump her, she gives me gains, she aint like you
Cause if she dumps on me, ill have nothing left, and suicide too,
Well, gotta go, I'm almost at the pump now
Oh shit, I forgot, how am I supposed to sell when this shit is scamming me out?

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look and the charts and then close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having
Take long, slow, deep breathes and put all your focus and attention onto your breathing
iiiiiiiinnnn.................... ooooooooooooouuuut

good. Do this for a few minutes, then -
VISUALIZE yourself becoming rich through your LINK investment
ANTICIPATE the things you will buy with your new found abundance of wealth
IMAGINE as though it is all happening now in the present moment, for the present moment is all that truly exists
FEEL the way you will FEEL when that moment comes and you make it!

Now open your eyes, look in a mirror, and recite these affirmations (use/add your own that is relevant to the reality you want to create once you make it)
It's important to do this when you wake up and before you go to bed, but do it as often as possible. Also hold the image and idea of us making it and LINK being worth $1,000 or more in your mind as you fall to sleep.

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At one point the Oraclize guy called Sergey a sandwich fucker. He even accused Sergey of eating the sandwiches after busting loads into them. There was an intense bit of silence while Sergey glared. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead immediately, and his face was flush. He forced a chuckle into the microphone. Then he walked off stage and just out of the room where there was a magazine rack. He was still in full view of everyone through a window. He starts taking these magazines, two and three at a time, and just tearing them to shreds. Sometimes he would pick one up, and try to twist and tear the whole thing at once, but fail, so then he would start ripping out individual pages. He was facing away from everyone, so we never saw his facial expressions, but the jerking of his arms and jiggling of his head as he ripped the magazines suggested he was apoplectic with rage. This went on for two minutes at least. At this point I thought he was totally screwed, and that he had just ruined the reputation of chainlink in one fell swoop. However, he turned around and walked back into the room. He looked completely rejuvinated and full of vigor again. He proceeded to completely btfo Oraclize in every way, acting as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Afterwards, he even did a little q&a session after the Oraclize guy left due to being frustrated from the harsh btfo. Janitorial services were picking up the mess of shredded magazines at this time, and the only acknowledgement Sergey ever made to the mess was when one of the older janitors fell over while leaning to pick up the pieces. He sort of covered his mouth with his hand, clearly holding back laughter. It was bizarre, but with genius comes inevitable personality quirks.

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It is actually a part of his performance. I shit you not, but he eats that burger in two bites. He always does that to energize the audience before his presentation. They go absolutely insane when he does it. You can hear gasping and loud mumbling, as they sit in disbelief as to what they just saw. Sergey then says "You would never in your wildest dream believe that what you just saw is possible. You will think the same about the presentation, but it's true, all of it". He immediately follows up with a very long, almost never-ending, gurgling fart. This is ensued by dead silence as the crowd again is in disbelief and shock, and not sure how to react. That's when Rory starts slow clapping from the back of the room while leaning nonchalantly against the wall. The audience follow his lead and it ends in a standing ovation. People are are cheering, clapping and even praising Sergey with their arms and head stretched towards him with blissful faces. The energy in the room moons, and some of the ladies are crying and even fainting.

This man is, as Scott Adams would put it, a master persuader.

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The alpha and the omega?

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Unironically this. Seriously, sort out all your emotions about being rich, the imposter syndrome, the existential crisis, how you'll deal with relatives. Figure it all out now. This is why people who hit it big go broke, they didnt prepare themselves for how drastically their lives would change.

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If there is enough volume to overcome Sergey's massive sell wall then maybe it will pump. That's unlikely to happen. He's still sitting on hundreds of millions of LINK he's planning to dump.

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Im going to miss these when we do actually make it and check out of here. Checked.

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We are never leaving this place