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IQ test

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Did you pass?

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> Implying past performance is indicative of future results

Jump off a bridge retard

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another nu/biz/ """bobo""" who is just a coping poorfag who desperately prays for cheaper prices so he can finally click buy

tl;dr all market participants will click the green button sooner or later

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uh yeah the price will follow this pattern exactly despite completely different macro situations

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checking my own r1b haplotype id

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Seethe baggies. Two more weeks till BTC breaks 31k

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yes capo 12k will happen and you will be made right and whole
just 2 more weeks until you are relevant again

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Last chance to buy below 30k ..ever

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I love reading posts like this. It reminds me that when I flip bearish and sell my bags, there WILL be a retard who unironically thinks we're at New Paradigm

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KEK Baggies. How’s the 90% drawdown treating you?

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I sold everything on the 18th November 2021, scaled back in too early but I'm still massively up, thanks for asking. How about you?

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My dude after everything settles and chikun pump you'll wish you had not judged the past performance and actually proyected into the future

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>90% drawdown treating you
what 90% drawdown? btc didnt even do a 80% drawdown and its up significantly since its lows
also incorrectly assuming we never sold and bought back in, i am up considerably since

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he's an unhinged esl link fuddie in the wrong thread