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>Stocks in a bubble

>Bonds shit yeilds

>Real estate in a bubble

>Crypto in a bubble

Everything is overvalued /biz/ what do I invest in?

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Love through Christ

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How can I short this?

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Education (maybe get a Pilot's License or something else you would enjoy)

Cheap real estate (still available on the east coast)

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move to a 3rd world country and live like a king.

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Bitcoin is new gold though.

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Already in school.

I only enjoy making money.

Currently have $250,000 in fiat and $900,000 in Crypto.

Want to reach $10,000,000 and build a house in the hills before 28 years old.

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There's a time for everything.
Smart money is moving into gold/silver at the lows before they moon.

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Monaco looks sexy rn

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holy fuk she's literally perfect

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Lots of burgers are retiring at 35 and moving to gated communities in shithole countries for this exact reason. Funny how poor central/south americans flooded the states so now moderately wealthy white americans are moving to belize and chile and shit.

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Are you fucking this 14 year old or just taking creepy photos of her?

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Bonds are underrated and will moon somewhat when real estate/stocks/student loans get raped.
Or Gold.
My fav- have yourself startup targeting boomer 'grey money' (i.e. cycling tours). very easy, lots of customers with money to burn, get yourself outdoors. rob some boomers.

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You didn't buy BZC yet anon? Kek

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Grandpa please leave

She's clearly in her late teens or early twenties

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You stick your penis in it anon.

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Looks exactly like my hs girlfriend when she was 15, except not as good in the face. If she's older than that I'd be shocked, no way can anyone fuck that without feeling at least a little bit like a pedo.

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Thanks, just bought 100k worth of books that I stored in my garage

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When do you guys think the real estate bubble is going to burst?

In Canada we are looking at a steep decline in Q1 2018 as new mortgage rules come into effect on Jan 1, 2018. Bag holders will also get raped as the bank of Canada raises intrest rates to stay in line with the Fed. As intrest rates rise people will start to default and Canadian dollar will rise reducing forgien investment.

Can Americans comment on your situation and predictions.

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The only real answer

Easy to forget nowadays though, guilty of this as well.

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Go back and look at your GF's photos during that time, I'm sure you'll notice she looks less mature than you thought.

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Silver is so under priced right now and gold is so over priced. No idea why.

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I think you forgot to take your pills again grandpa.

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kek. The fingernails are a giveaway that she is a child. No woman just lets her fucking nail polish rot off when they can spend $1 on nail polish remover and not look like a fucking 11 year old.

Them flabby arms gonna hang low when she ages a little, best take advantage now, pedograndson.

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source op plz

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manipulation, silver is more valuable than gold

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not valuable. *useful.

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Inherited wealth

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You can buy a house for $10 in Detroit

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who cares if she's a a "child" retard

shes the one showing off

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Pick one you stupid fucking whiteknight

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Well fuck. If this is what 14 year olds look like then I'm headed down to the local playground right now.

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>study law
>make her marry your friend
>offer your services as a divorce lawyer

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those fucking eyebrows wtf

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Bonds of what country?

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anon did you save her insta plz, will send eth

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All metals are over priced right now. Lots of slow bleeding left until they are priced to sell.

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1 ETH and I will drop her real name so you can stalk her.

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Invest in Hard Work

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2much sry anon

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If you think a crash is imminent it's worth holding fiat so you can scoop up bargains. however inflation is no joke right now./

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good lord who is this chick?

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under rated



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Weed stocks

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jesus h. christ can we get this on an exchange that isn't shit

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Source source source

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I smell LARPing. If you were that rich you woulnd't be begging for ETH in exchange of a name. And if it's really true: did you start in crypto with a 100k donation from daddy?

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Mined BTC back in 2011. Got a 200k loan from parents and flipped a 1M real estate to 1.3M in one year leaving me 250k fiat. Asking for ETH because I'm salty AF I missed mining it because I read a blog post from BTC core dev who said it was a meme.


I suggest you boys pool together.

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who is this chick op?

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Go to Estonia, New Zealand or Singapore and act like an angel investor for really small businesses.
You could probably own pieces of at least 40 enterprises, if you got a good eye for it, making real money really fast.

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estonia has that e-citizenship ive always wanted to try out. basically they let you become a legal citizen over the internet.

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The thing is there are quickly diverging real estate markets.
If you don't already understand this, then it's pointless to explain it to you.

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god bless

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Anon comes in clutch with the reverse image search lol.

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U don't need 10 m to build house dumb larper

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how did you find anon. i tried using image search but it didnt work

also ty

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invest in me i am way undervalued we will get you that house in the hills asap

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Also wondering this. Please, tell us what the magic skill is.

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>Spends entire new worth on house.

Are you really this stupid.


No reverse image results? I'm guessing he didn't know here since he asked for source before posting. Must be Mark Zuckerberg.

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>trusting core devs ever
found your problem. I bet you still hold btc oh jeez

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I've learned my lesson. But, I hold all fork and haven't touched my cold storage since 2013. I need a new scheme to acquire ETH now that my plan to sell picture of underage girls on a McDonald's employees union forum didn't work.

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Real estate bubble?

Fucking lmao

Right now is the best time to get into real estate with Amazon killing retail centers.

K-mart: dead
Walmart: Dying
Macy's: dead
Sears: dead

The amount of forclosures are delicious. For the last 4 years my financial statement has been increasing on average about 10 million a year. You can make money speculating, but all the dumbasses in here who just think they will make it simply with just crypto are delusional.

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Get that beaner slut out of here, she will blow up in a few years.

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So what do you buy? Real Estate ETF?

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Yeah but crypto gives a chance to everybody, while one can do what you are doing only if they're already wealthy.

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U can build mansion for fraction of what u claim to have. Research more so ur larp fools someone

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Only things I can think of are:

>non-U.S dividend yielding stocks



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I get that stocks are at ATH and there's been years of consecutive bear markets, but aside from that what's the basis for claiming there's a bubble that will soon pop, say in 2018? I wonder whether its better for me to max out Roth IRA contributions at the beginning of the year. Historically lump sums beat dollar-cost-averaging.

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I convert dead retail centers into self storage.

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*bull markets

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Kek, a fraction of a million will get you a shack in Canada.

American? Real estate in Canada is absolutely crazy.

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Its a good start, i have a lot invested in crypto as well. It shouldn't be the end game. You need to have passive income to really make it in life. The problem with my business model is it takes like 5 fucking years for my deals to lease up and stabilize, so i have been fucking suffering dead broke not able to touch any of my liquidity because i constantly get audited by investors to make sure i have enough liquidity in case something bad happens. If one deal tanks, I'm pretty much fucked with my full recourse loans. I am rich on paper, but i drive a piece of shit car and still rent a home. I am on the cusp of having a few deals start to cash flow so I am getting really stoked, but it has been a painful business. Point of this post is: use your cryptogains to invest in some type of real estate that will give you passive income.

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does she have a bubble butt is the question.

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Companies have been preparing for legalization for a while. It's almost old news by now

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First post is best post

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Man, girls like this kind of hurt to look at. They're so unbelievably hot and you know you could never dream of landing someone even a quarter as hot.

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Yes america. I buy all over the US where ever there are foreclosures. I freaked out because they actually talked on Fox News exactly what I am doing so now I am scared it will be even more difficult to find the diamond properties.

If you want to get rich, learn how to do land entitlement and how to tax shelter money using depreciation of real estate.

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Yeah for about the next 3-5 years, after that they hit the wall and get fat as fuck when they've married some cuck that will cater their every need.

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Not true, you do not need to be wealthy to start. It is called OPM (other peoples money). You should only put 10% of your own money into deals and use other peoples money for the rest. Honestly, only dumb investors (thats the ones i look for :) ) put in the majority of the money.

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Boobs are meh without the bra. Stop being so nerdy and get some ass with your crypto millions anon

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Her tits look flabby, what are you talking about

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That girl is looks like a high maintenance whore. She is just a liability looking for some rich old dude for a pay check.

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nobody's perfect

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Silver bullion. Short Tesla and Apple.

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Collect whisky bottles

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>brown eye

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Just another larping ranjeet
Nothing else of value except poo

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I think part of the appeal of this whore is she doesn't look to high maintenance.

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Everything is overvalued because the dollar is a reverse bubble, always being printed into oblivion.

Pretty soon you're going to hear a stunning statistic. In some expensive cities in the world, middle class millennials have more chance of buying a house with bitcoin proceeds then they do of actually earning one through a job.

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I prefer not to depreciate properties so I don't get hit with recapture when I flip them for a profit. Combine that with 1031 or CCA classes and real estate is really unbeatable.

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Haha $700 today, possibly $5000 end of 2018, with a 12% interest rate.

In due time She'd probably accept 1 eth to straight up fuck her raw.

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My wife is 30 and does this (she works with her hands and does her nails once every week or two). All women are children, anon, you can't use maturity as an indicator of age

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Look up component depreciation. Instead of paying taxes, the government ends up oweing you money that you can carry over into other deals. I have not paid taxes in 5 years thanks to this. I would be in the poor house due to phantom income if I did not know about component depreciation.

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Quick Google search says this is not allowed by the IRS anymore. Either way wouldn't you be hit with recapture when you sell anyways? It's not like you can only sell the roof and foundation.

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What do you think about SALT. Once they get the LTV upto 80% and intrest rates to 3-4% it's going to be amazing for people like us. Put up 1million in Crypto and get 800k loan which you can use as down payment for a 3.2 million mortgage.

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this man is wrong
-t. family has jewelry shops

helium is better

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You 1031 into a new property. Upon my death. All gains are voided on my death with step up in basis.

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In which case deprecating your assets makes no sence as you are deferring capital gains anyways. Then finally just do a share sale and claim the full lifetime capital gain deduction.

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>and Canadian dollar will rise
Why would this happen?

I'm Australian and our property bubble is even worse than yours. Interested to know why you think the bubble popping would boost the dollar. I thought it'd be the inverse.

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Honestly have no clue of mechanism behind it but everytime the overnight intrest rate rises so does our dollar. It has something to do with keeping out intrest rates inline with Americas. The rising intrest rates will be what trigger our bubble popping.

How is your real estate market? Is a pop in sight soon. We export alot of wood products to Australia and a bubble pop there could be what is needed to pop our bubble.

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I have been wanting to get some salt but I am waiting for BTC to tank in the next month or 2 to 8k to buy some. I am just holding xlm and icx right now

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The component depreciation carries over into the next 1031 property.

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Our real estate market is far frothier than yours for several reasons

1) We never had a recession in 2007-08 like everyone so it just kept chugging along
2) There are massive tax benefits for property investing that nowhere else in the world has
3) There is a religion-like obsession with residential property in Australia

The crash is going to be epic

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I don't really see the point of buying the token. They will keep membership prices the same in USD regardless of token price. Just buy enough tokens to purchase a enterprise membership when needed.

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Is there anywhere in Australia where housing prices aren't inflated? For example I live in a small city in Eastern Canada and you can buy a functional but small home for about 150k CAD, is there anywhere in Australia like that or is it all some degree of bubble?

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No one can call the top of any major market you idiot. Valuation is incredibly dynamic and complex and no one knows when or what will topple it.

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This is all true of Canada aswell, except of government is already trying to cool the market somewhat. I think I bubble will pop together.

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Yeah absolutely. The bubble is pretty pretty much limited to Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney is the big problem though, Melbourne is comparatively affordable (its at like a 25% discount).

Property in Perth which has suffered since the end of the mining boom is cheap as chips.

The problem is that all the jobs are also in Syd/Melb.

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Wow you’re something retarded boy.

Walmart will never die. How many white trash small towners will buy from amazon in place of Walmart?

Invalid argument Sears and Kmart were dead before amazon truly entered the space.

Also housing IS in a bubble again. Anon didn’t say you couldn’t make money, just that it’s in a bubble.

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>watched one Robert kiyosaki video

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This. I made 250k in real estate this year alone but I know it's too good to last. It's ok to be greedy but don't be the most greedy person or you will be left holding the bag.

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OP you faggot tell me who this gf of yours is. No I will not pay you 1 BTC

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We're in the Twilight Zone at this point. Job income is mostly shit. Hilarious experience and skill requirements for the pay offered, hilariously low expectancy for growth, little-no skill development, hilarious time requirements, god awful psychological conditions. Employment for others in general at this point is something you do if you have absolutely no other fucking choice. That's an option that should ALWAYS be available and appealing and yet, it's not. U.S. stocks aren't even real anymore. The amount of correlation, lack of volatility, competition, and countless other factors make it so fucking ominous and unfreemarket like that you're basically playing a video at this point. The average trader today has a skillset and knowledge base that eclipses for example most of the "Market Wizards" of the past. Those guys were making fortunes on moving average cross over systems. Those days are done. Bonds are complete shit, but in many ways are a great metaphor for the job market.

Once upon time you'd be getting 10% yields on the 10 year. Once upon a time you could start a family on most full time jobs. Gone. Real Estate is a bit outside of my wheelhouse, but from what I know of it, some markets are better than others, but you're still in a regulatory environment worse than any before. You hear stories about people pulling equity out of a rental to buy more rentals? Yea, those days are done. Crypto, also a bit out of my wheelhouse, but it's bizarre in general that people are having to delve into exotic digital currencies to capture any significant returns. So then you have entrepreneurship in general. Go where the demand is, which I'd say is sort of how you arrive at crypto in the first place, but other than that most businesses worth starting require hilarious amounts of start up capital and/or are regulated to fuck and back as to make entry practically impossible.

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when the (((credit))) is recalled 1929 style

>> No.5575661

Concerning Amazon, it just amuses me 10+ years ago people thought it was weird I ordered a lot of essentials off Amazon (drinks, razors, etc). Nowadays Amazon is a lot more expensive and its super mainstream to order a lot of stuff off Amazon so everyone that found it odd now does it with less of an advantage. Normie adoption is weird.

I get some areas are in a housing bubble, but the city Im in most houses are still under their 2008 level. I remember we were like the last to have prices shoot up and were at the tail end of when prices all fell.

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Throw some acid in her face. Her value will plummet.

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I have a good amount of money saved away, but my income has taken a hit from what it was in the past. I'm trading smaller in general, but sort of getting tired of the dynamics of everything with the Fed, the government, the regulatory environment, the economy in general, the public, etc. and strongly considering just liquidating everything and moving to some 3rd world shithole. I don't know how people aren't diving off buildings. I'm doing pretty well and this whole environment makes me feel like I'm in a simulation anyway.

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>So then you have entrepreneurship in general. Go where the demand is, which I'd say is sort of how you arrive at crypto in the first place, but other than that most businesses worth starting require hilarious amounts of start up capital and/or are regulated to fuck and back as to make entry practically impossible.

That's not even the worst part. The worst part is you will most likely fail if you're offering a product because China will steal that idea (even if patented) and sell it in the US while undercutting you. I have 3 ideas right now that could make me a lot of money, but I can't move on a single one because the nation of China exists.

>> No.5575893

>he cant beat china
must be shitty ideas

>> No.5575894

you're my greatest ally

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a rifle, bullets and range time

we endtimes now

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You're a moron. Ebay and Amazon will sell knock off patented shit with wanton disregard. You can't beat China.

>> No.5576096

>Assuming you wouldn't pump her full of your light-eyed seed

>> No.5576255

Amazon causes more damage to the US and world than China does. China gets to take advantage because our governments are fucking traitors and let us. You want to get your way with a Chinaman? Go scream in his fucking face that you're the boss now and he'll give you whatever he wants.

>> No.5576333

Im a eruopoor and this fucking pisses me off

USA should just fuck with china and stop buying new useless shit every second year

>> No.5576653

The answer to your question is prime real estate in third world countries that start using blockchain based land registries. The gulf of Guinea area, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, etc will have enormous growth in the coming decades.

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I could give this chick 1eth in one year to fuck her ass.

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Keep telling yourself that
As the rise for the next 5 years

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Boomer begone