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What are you doing.

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Stalking cute girls in instagram wyd

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jacking off with this board open in one window to the left and rimming porn on another to the right.

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talking to you

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Nice. What porn are you watching? I'm currently reading some incestuos H-manga :^)

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Trying to figure out how to investigate this shit since I'm on paid vacation at the moment and I don't got much else going on. This is kinda fun, larping like a detective that is.

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So you are in the closet.

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What am I doing? How about (you) tell me what YOU are doing?

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fuck this one is such a timeless classic. jesus

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trying to convince a fucking nigger roastie to hire me for a job. i'm done with doing irl interviews for positions that lead fuckin nowhere.

/b/ has threads about that all the time if that's your jam, degenerate.

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How the fuck does one connect a wallet to a real person if they never talk about it publicly in the first place?

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What the fuck am I looking at? Looks like some sort of Matrix-inspired exchange or something like that?

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I can't recommend anyone in good faith to browse /b/ these days. It's such a retarded cesspool filled with garbage that I can feel my IQ dropping simply by being there. Fuck that.

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Heard one of their new submissions was on MS lmao. It'll be funny as fuck once they post them.

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Are we friens?

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I'm sure Do Kown's address got exposed like yesterday, right?

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getting redpilled fucked up inna crib bruh

boring as fuckk

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>Elon's wallet supposedly spotted
>MicroStrategy's too
I thought only pajeets would use this to submit sub-par/fabricated info but if these are real and they post them then these could be pretty important.

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What a fucking pussy

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vidya gaem

rate my V.

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>that landwhale
Is this bait?

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>not playing in 1080p
I knew this board was filled with poorfags.

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White haired bitches are mentally ill every time.