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>be me
>loser with no degree or job experience
>know basic IT stuff
>apply for 80k a year job at medium size company
>the only truth on my resume is my name, age, and email
>show up to the interview in rented suit
>completely bullshit my way through with confidence
>make some shit up about how ever since I was little, I’ve had a fascination with computers and natural ability to help people
>say yes to every problem that needs to be solved even though I have no idea what the fuck he’s talking about
>I recorded the interview so I can look up the problems beforehand
>FF 1 year I manage the IT department of nerds who probably have actual credentials

Thanks professor Google

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>>I recorded the interview so I can look up the problems beforehand


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>>I recorded the interview so I can look up the problems beforehand

He believed in the him that believed in himself.
Based OP. Yami.

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The problems that I said I could fix that I didn’t understand. I wasn’t going to remember them all so I recorded to go back and actually look at how people solved the problems

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good for you if its true but after a year none of the nerds with actual credentials ever questioned your past experience and knowledge?
what sector is this company in? what it makes or provides?

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>don't do that
>just get a job in a factory that pays $25 an hour
>its not q Japanese car company so it obviously sucks and isn't very good at keeping people busy
>make $25 an hour to look at some high school grad girl's add all day
Stress isn't worth it, frens.

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1. I’ve picked up a decent amount of experience as I was by myself for the 1st 2 months
2. I’m the only one of the team that isn’t a socially inept retard
3. I’m easily able make friends and pick up on technical terms the use amongst themselves in their nerd convos
4. The company buys old office supply stock and resells it to discount stores. Whatever sector that is
5. Since I’m the most socially capable they GM promoted me to the head since I’m the easiest to communicate with

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If you understand some tech stuff enough that IT fags think you are ok and can serve as a go between with the business fags that are baffled by IT and IT peoples lack of social skills you will go far. You don't need to be the best at either but if you are competent at both you are management material for IT people. Business people hate talking to aspbergery IT people and many IT people hate talking to just about everybody. Lean the language of both sides and profit like this guy did.

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op had time machine dummy
also checked

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Massive larp.

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That shouldn't be on there

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literally this. I get paid $25 an hour sitting and talking shit on a gate to a construction site. I've got my own little hut with power and can piggyback off the WiFi on the block.