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will there ever be another crypto bullrun?
be honest

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once you've truly given up

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Poop poo poo pee anus doo doo poo fag gaylord rectum

Verification required

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LINK to $1000

Literally programmed in.

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Based poopoopeepee poster

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Yeah in 2025.
All the plebbitors are waiting for the Bitcoim halving, once that comes and goes and nothing happens normies capitulate

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Predicting the exact timing of a crypto bull run can be challenging due to the volatile nature of the market. However, given the cyclical nature of cryptocurrencies, it's likely that there will be another bull run at some point. It's crucial to do your own research and make informed decisions.

While your optimism is appreciated, it's important to remember that investing in crypto carries risk. It's not guaranteed that there will be another bull run, and even if there is, timing it perfectly can be extremely difficult.

Your comment suggests that the market often moves in unexpected ways, which is true. However, it's important to make investment decisions based on careful research and analysis, rather than emotions or feelings of despair.

While humor can lighten the mood, it's important to maintain a level of professionalism and respect when discussing financial matters. Let's keep the conversation focused on the topic at hand.

Predicting specific price targets for any cryptocurrency, including Chainlink (LINK), can be risky and often inaccurate. It's important to base investment decisions on thorough research and a clear understanding of the risks involved.

While it's great to see camaraderie in the community, let's try to keep the conversation focused on the topic at hand. This will help ensure that everyone can benefit from the discussion.

Your prediction for a bull run in 2025 is noted. However, it's important to remember that predicting market movements with certainty is impossible. It's always a good idea to diversify investments and not rely solely on one event or factor.

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pink id confirm

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no, look at the state of this fucking board
bots like >>55655863
and pajeets

no one can speak english or put together an intelligent thought except for some people in the generals, but those people are braindead bagholders to begin with and cannot be reasoned with, save for maybe /smg/

this board is dead as shit and averages 4 posts a minute and it fucking shows. the only threads that garner any traffic from real people (non shills or bots) are completely unrelated to business and finance

oh and don't forget government regulations trying to make sure no one ever makes it from crypto ever again. sorry but 2021 was the last bullrun

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I think the next Bitcoin halving will be a glimmer of hope in the recession and every investor will be desperate to get in

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Probably not. Bitcoin and Monero are the only 2 cryptos that matter. ETH too I guess if you consider that it’s necessary to host shitcoins to rob people of their money.

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What is predicted to happen when bitcoin halves ?

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you and every other dumbass waiting for it to happen means that it literally cant(just like 100k btc)

the despair when people realize the halvening won't be pumping your bags is going to cause bitcoin to have its first bear market. 5-15 years we might get another bull.

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idk, I've reached a point where I have to rely on new things like everything related to AIs, SHIBART's art looks more promising than anything else

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This. Not looking forward to the great capitulation

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Most definitely. You just need to be positioned with the right gems.

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This desu, when everyone knows something is going to happen, it never does.

Observing a process changes the process.

That being said, BTC will probably pump anyways for some retarded reason when the halving happens.

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With institutions coming in, it is impossible not to have a bull run. It will be upon us soon. Buy projects that give room for institutions like XRP, BITCOIN, Y2K, and SPOOL.

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Dumb money flows into Bitcoin this cycle, while smart money is flowing into Kaspa.

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I sucked 100k out of XRP by opening a long before the verdict.
It was basically free money.

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10 years. We are in recession mode now and that’s how long it’ll take for economy to recover

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Maybe, maybe not. That's why you buy gold and silver too. Something will moon.

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No, will be a decent pump that will happen before the halving and people will think the bullrun is coming, then massively dump and crab for the foreseeable future until the "everything" bubble pops and crypto becomes worthless.

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Those who rode the short are in bigger profits anon. Although now NFTs seem to be buzzing again, just noticed crazy sales on a few.

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Don't just blindly jump on the hype train, you gotta be smart and well-informed about what's going on. Don't get caught up in wild speculations and baseless assumptions like some old fags here

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Crypto money can be like free jackpot when you hit it right, I still remember the epic gains from Sylo back in the early days, it went over 20x
can't wait to sip champagne on my private crypto island when things get rocky again.

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Based John Poop
Cringe ai shit. Pic related.

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How much time do you have nigger? Are you 18? this is brutal doomposting scenario for anyone above 20

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The Party bears and Flufs on futureverse are worthy mentions chad. Only retards would sleep on it.

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You’re in one

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NFTs are taking over, and the secret sauce is their utilities, just like the seekers that's used as sylo nodes
No more soulless image

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Short answer. Yes.

Long answer. After chikun beated the shit out of doge the clock of the bullrun skyrocketed again, started. It's just a matter of time.

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Not funny jeet

I read that the nodes would get incentivized for users this q4 chad.

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We're nearing capitulation phase, so yes, but not too soon. Give it a year or two...

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Every 4 years the same question, it's getting boring.

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I recall raking in greens on the altcoin as well chad. And now I'm balls deep in ROOT seeing its utility in the futureverse and the rate of adoption.

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wew I can smell the poopjeet on every word you horribly typed ranshit.

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etf + halving coming ai supercycle fed will lower interest rates wtf do you think will happen?

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Made gains in q1 during the ai frenzy via altcoinistdao early reviews. Agix and fet still look good for an entry
Bitcoin etf, halving, Japanese and Bulgarian governments could play critical roles to move the market

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etf is almosta a certainty since they are already moving to make a clearing house. We will see a crazy price action on the 4 listed coins imo

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Those are decent assets anon, but I won't sleep on crypto like Dot, Sylo and Near either which earn me passive income through staking.

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Jeets keep trying new things.

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Take it easy retard

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Grab a few and thank me later benchod.

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i cant believe it's over

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Early adopters would definitely be rewarded. I read that Sylo would facilitate decentralized communication in the open metaverse.

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Looks like a plot for VCs to creep into crypto

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Far from it

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yeah but from MUCH lower prices

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You're right anon, chads who run nodes on the decentralized network currently would be rewarded.

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There are doomer morons EVERY bear cycle saying this. We've known about the halvening cycle for years now. You think normies drive the financial markets???

This is the problem with this board now. Too many midwit idiots trying to sound smart. Whales and VCs will pump the market like always after the halvening maybe even before it this time and then retail will fomo hard because of the halvening....as..... ALWAYS.

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The only good post ITT

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you guys all claim to be making buttloads of money, guess I'm the only idiot losing eh

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This year had plenty small pumps, what makes you think we wont have another bullrun?

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Most analysis is pointing towards 2024 after the btc halving chad. Although I'm diversifying my bags as well with web3 alts like Ocean, Sylo and Fil which are focused on user data protection.

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>Sylo would facilitate decentralized communication in the open metaverse.
It's got that dope decentralized architecture that makes it a perfect match for the open metaverse.

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It's great you know you're the only idiot fucking around the board

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Those 3 gems got your back
It's all about safeguarding user data, a real big deal in this digital era.

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Crazy one there oldfag

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Not making tonnes of it in this bear market but still earning for the sylo-wbtc LM pool

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The market will pump it in 2024

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Hence the need to hold more Seekers NFTs Chad. They'll fuckin make that possible.

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The bull-run started back in January? BTC is still up nearly 76% since then, despite all the volatility.

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Price is not stable chad. may dump again

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Fuckin waiting for the incentivised nodes. Another way to earn

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No or Yes?

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is anyone else holding VRA

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What the fuck is that?

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saw those Anon, but got interested in Flufs after one was sold for a fuckin 694 ETH

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The "bull run" was funded mostly by printed covid money and low interest loans. We are now in a recession (a real one, not the Wikipedia-defined version) and people are spending all their inflated money on rent and mortgages and have no time for memecoins. Even if the numbers "rise" it will be defined in new inflation devalued numbers. Bitcoin would have to be $80-100K to "match" the previous bull run's true "value".

They are running slaves in Africa non stop to "print" more boomer rocks too.

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yes and $kas + $tao will be the big winners

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Yes I am anon, have a 20m+ stack. If they sort their tokenomics (rumor is they're working on it) then it can fly. All other aspects of the project are Top 100.

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That's high Anon, Hope it comes with a high Future Score.

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One big HODL yeah, thankfully it's low-capped. A few DCA on it and Asto will do the perfect blend.

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Kaspa is a big PoW, no cap. I once scalped it before I finally held a big bag for the bull run. Imagine being all sunk into Walkerworld's native token OOZE, staking is solid AF.

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That is a very small marketcap. They shoukd have programmed better

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I do know one thing and that is that most analysis is wrong. Still hope something happens tho

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Whatchu even saying?

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Plebbitors think it'll pump but it won't, it never does.
All that will happen is the block rewards for Bitcoin are halved.
Atleast you'll see it for what it is, just a shakeout.
I wouldn't say it's really hype, rather the opposite, the hype is for the halving. I'm just aware of the market cycles some plebbitors are but they for whatever reason think the halving will frontrun it, if anything the bullrun will be pushed back via a long crab to make people capitulate and return to stocks

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I'm totally stacking mad alts for the upcoming BTC halving, no lie. With my Asto holdings from MEXC, I can bridge to Root via the native bridge. That's some epic DCA action in preparation for the token launch, besides price speculations on 1Cennz=1Root, DYOR.

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Rocking Seekers, Party Bears and Flufs. Their value just keeps appreciating. So much money to come here in the bull market.

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Has /biz/ become so dumb-witted or filled with plebs that no one is aware of WebX, the largest Web3 conference in Asia.
The likes of CZ, Ripple CTO, Aaronmcdnz CEO of Futureverse, Japan Prime Minister all in attendance. With Aaron being a speaker.

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99% of Alts from previous cycle never reach ATHs again. You are better off DCAing into BTC & ETH and swapping for new alts next bullrun. I’d only say LINK and DOGE have potential for new ATHs as the only ALTs from previous cycles

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no. there have been multiple bullruns and you missed your chance

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There'll definitely be another one and you've got to be ready for it. Accumulating Rayguns, Buzzies and Flufs is my thing for now Anon. I'm fuckin sure the next bull run should go well for the Futureverse.

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>I read that the nodes would get incentivized
which coin?

>> No.55669351

>Sylo, via its NFTs called seekers which are clearly nodes/metaverse avatars.

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Definitely yes!

CYMI, COTI, ZPAY all programmed to above $10

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Fuckin retards swap assets for shit and meme coins when there are assets that are revolutionizing the space and will be making much impact on the future of metaverse like xrp, sylo, and root.

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This traction keeps stepping in due to the fact that Japan has opened its borders to Crypto. Futureverse always had its eyes there, Binance will set up there as well.

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Go back to Plebbit

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nothing wrong with plebbit

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this but unironically

>> No.55670857

chat gpt,

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this board truly is 50% bots and shills...

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within the next 10 years or so

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No. Too many people are hanging onto big bags of alts because of

>lel I remember selling my bag of shib too early. Not gonna let that happen again

Type of scenarios. If there’s a bullrun, it won’t be across the board. The amount of people who will make it will be very limited

>> No.55672284

Especially Sylo, it's end-to-end encryption game is on point, no leaks, no snitching on users' info
>no worries about privacy breaches

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the only problem i have with the 2025 bull run prediction is that everyone's predicting it
and usually everyone is wrong

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Fun fact: Japan never mentioned crypto or Bitcoin during the summit
They only talked about web3 and metaverse, what is the significance of that anon?

Great to see futurverse's Aaron mingling with the big boys too

>> No.55673067

My thoughts too
The market usually tends to do the opposite of what everyone predicts
Won't be surprised if the bull run comes sooner or later than that

>> No.55673080

How the mighty has fallen
Biz has lost its glory

>> No.55673114

Did you think he sold them the idea of open, free and decentralized metaverse? Kek

>> No.55673184

>Type of scenarios. If there’s a bullrun, it won’t be across the board. The amount of people who will make it will be very limited

This right here is the major reason why i am staying away from tokens with large bagholder i would rather opt for recentl launched tokens.

>> No.55673308

It’s already started. Unibot summer kicked it off.

>> No.55673451

>i would rather opt for recentl launched tokens.

Going into the bull market this is quite a smart approach i must say, we have seen PENDLE, GRAIL and RDNT all do well of late so this is quite a smart approach.

>> No.55673473

I'm also waiting for the final drop then I can start accumulating coins on my CryptMi app

>> No.55673556

What matters is that they are bullish on crypto

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>OP doesn't know you can make your own bullrun at home by just investing in shitcoins and dumping the jeets as soon as they launch
Nobody tell him tho

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After the shorts are forced to cover and the MOASS happens, people will want a safe place to put their gains. This is when crypto will explode.
Someone will need to die or go to prison first, but you didn't hear that from me.

>> No.55673711

Definitely, and DiD tokens like ENS and ORE would melt lots of faces.

>> No.55673724

I have its card and i like it better than others because I can easily connect it to Apple pay, G pay, and others

>> No.55673868

LINK fag

>> No.55673908

Yea anon. >XMR and other ZK privacy focused assets like RAIL and FIRO are my big bags for the bull run.

>> No.55673923

These are all recently launched tokens which have all done well and i am quite certain other's like CYMI would do well also in coming days.

>> No.55673941

Yeah. Probably one more - after that it either dies off almost completely or it crabs for years until actual infrastructure exists to make it useful.

>> No.55673955

watch your language

>> No.55675458

The Mega run is coming and you will be amazed by the builders in bear. CYMI and ID are two tokens I've been stacking and strongly bullish on.

>> No.55675582

Your shitcoins are worth nothing without Bitcoin.

>> No.55675597

>puts fake presale number up being fucking millions
>oh oops sorry guys never hit its deadline
>pockets 50k for anons

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Only with BTC not gonna make it. Projects that's based on post quantum cryptography has huge potential, best to adopt and ensure security for our investments. I don't wanna get rekt desu.

>> No.55676027

I'm certain he did, what's the whole point of being a speaker there if he don't get to talk about the futurverse

>> No.55676115

We know but you can't make wife changing money with Bitcoin

>> No.55676128

What happens when Apple starts to accept Bitcoin for payments?
We're surely mooning

>> No.55676270

I knew he was a big name, just didn't think he was that big
I like the idea of open comms

>> No.55676511

DYOR before blabbing normie. You don't even hodl BTC

>> No.55676725

Let us first watch how Tap Fintech's relationship with Bitfinex to provide users with the Bitfinex Debit Card goes, Anon.

>> No.55676755

Fingers crossed, Anon. I bagged some DOT, MATIC, and XTP waiting for the poor bulls. Don't blame me, Anon, if your bag isn't mooning. Always DYOR

>> No.55677151

They may not accept it but I already use CryptMi and with my Bitcoin, I pay on ApplePay

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Make sure you have the RAIL sui stack before the run hits. I can't wait for retards to FOMO so I can dump on them.

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There is one right now for tg bots you retard.

Ccip will also bring about a wave of innovation over the next several months, chances are good some of those things will bring normies back.

>> No.55677927

Not until crypto normies see the need to adopt decentralized health data and sharing management. I think having the health industry evolved and keeping patients health data private and secured

>> No.55678021

Utilities is the best bet for crypto adoption and subsequent bull cycle.

Look at the decentralization of the health sector like ImmunifyLife is doing for example, platforms like these will keep crypto on the map

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VCs eyeing the private mainnet launch of Qanplatform like

>> No.55678564

Yup, its coming sooner than expected, that's why I've positioned myself with accumulating ASTRA using the platform's user staking model while I anticipate the next bull season

>> No.55678583

Most likely, also, keeping busy with DAO treasuries and exploiting various investment products and indices makes absolute sense for me

>> No.55678612

Yea, AstraDAO like Vanguard enables crypto investors diversify their investments in the equity market with a chance to harvest real investment strategy profits

>> No.55678628

fake money, the value of which was decided by a lightshow made to brainwash you, can never have any real value. whether the number is 0 or 100000, it'll never matter when you stand before the lord

>> No.55678654

anything japan does will happen on astar

>> No.55679040

same, I'm still of the opinion it will be in 2024 (sometime later after the halvening). it will start sooner than most people expect. Nature of it is to always catch people off guard. but we'll see, after all.

>> No.55679268

Nobody is making money including the first two anons who replied to you. Stop believing lies on this board

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I ain't making money in the past months, portfolio's all red, and the market ain't fully bouncing back. Expecting Krest and Peaq to make it, as it's powering the economy of things, and I'm hella bullish on 'em. Let's see anon.

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You don't do that at a stretch dumbfag. Start small and compound your way to millionaire status. QAN's airdrop activities should be your first step.

>> No.55681447

Should be aiming for airdrops? Kek Just follows projects that are regulatory compliant. XRP will be massive. CYMI also got licensed in UAE.

>> No.55681562

That's why I'm buying ORE.

>> No.55681644

>Just follows projects that are regulatory complain
>decentralized ID projects.

>> No.55682477

I hate chatgpt

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God, I hate ChatGpt

>> No.55682648

theres one right now

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Yer gonna be a vizerd hary
Tg ps1HagridETH