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>youtuber said so
ok i sold

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He's not just any youtuber, he's the doctor, yes THE DOCTOR, of digital currency.

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Oh shit, if The Crypto Trader said it, it must be true!

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loris capirossi?

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This doctor couldn’t cure my ligma

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What do you think happens the next time Bitcoin pumps again? Do you think the normies eventually see the pattern? If we pump up to like 300k or something during the next halving and crash back down to 80k will bitcoin still be a bubble to these people?

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If you are so sure, take out a short. Lmao
>listening to some random youtube talking head

I mean at least buy 25k Blackswan so you can have lifetime access to the bot. The trading bot uses AI to execute instant trades based on news releases. It helps you to enter positions before the market reacts, whether it's bullish or bearish news. You can specify the events you want to trade on. Their twitter/website has more info on it
website: blackswan dot biz

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he called the very day of the top

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Mumus can’t refute this

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he's been saying this every week for the last 6 months

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>he called the very day of the top
he's a permabear, he called 500+ tops and was correct once.

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Let's go Blackswan bro!

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Normies can't see patterns. That's why they're normies.

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So when does he delete this video when Bitcoin rallies back up to 32k in a couple days?

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Nope, gongo up.

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you gongo I gongo we all gongo
down way way down

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Checked and correct.

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Trips of triple truths

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Dyslexia hitting hard