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Talk about AI coins doing all the heavy lifting of trading. Like Blackswan's "0 day" instant trading off the news. What else has the utility that it has?

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Here's Blackswan's roadmap if anyone is interested. We just had a rally yesterday randomly on a Sunday. With phase 4 just around the corner, we are primed for some sort of another breakout.

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The official make it chart!

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I was just looking at the top 15 or so holders, almost all of them have either not sold any or have been adding to their positions. Dumpers the past few days have been short term holders.

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AI is the future. I'm holding ocean

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Seems like some 20 year old zoomer narcissist who thought that his 1.5 years of playing with python would be enough to make a successful trading bot, which turned out to be false, so instead he LARPS as if he has a useful trading bot and tries to scam others out of their money this way.

I'm sure there will be a few anons dumb enough. However I doubt their life savings piled together are more than 2k USD.

kek, bunch of retards

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Based data analyst.

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Experience the power of no-code and understand how you monitor trends, analyze traffic, and engage with your audience.

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A new chapter begins in our journey to revolutionize the AI and blockchain space. Let's make history together!

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Let's fucking go, great energy anon. 1 Billion MC incoming.

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I don't know what AI holds for the future, I thought it'll hit the sky by now with the way it started this year. That shit will never pump again.

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AI has the potential to transform our industry, and at Splunk, we see it as a catalyst for digital resilience. That's why we're thrilled to introduce new and improved AI functionality - get a closer look here.

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I'm following the trend, AI and DID are gaining tractions

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Fuck it, crypto has no future. It's a scam dead shit

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Get the executive’s guide to understanding, implementing and planning for the future of GenAI.

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Cash is what I'm holding....

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I'm holding enough Blackswan to use the bot and rent it out. I think I'm good.

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Shut up pajeet, Fuck off

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This. Anyone that makes blanket statements like all crypto is a scam is less than room temperature IQ

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dumb dumb, at least invest in Blackswan or something where your money can go up.

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Why not alts with utilities, that's good for pajeets

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SuperDapp's innovative solutions empower individuals with personalized AI experiences, enhancing productivity and decision-making.

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yea alts like Blackswan, They have 0 day trading with 25k blackswan.

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Fuck the charts, the Jews are so dumb

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Not some form of AI projects but a platform that aims to leverage the power of advanced AI generation models. I am happy to discover it, you can check AGII out.

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Looking for utilities you should always look at post quantum cryptography projects.

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>sex id
>jews are so dumb
you win the meme account award

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It's taking the stage through AGII as an AI-powered platform that empowers users to effortlessly generate high-quality content across various domains.

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OREID is a cross-chain initiative that focuses on safe transactions and rapid interoperability across several blockchains. I am encouraged to see the growing number of people using #OREID. It demonstrates the project's value

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How about an AI platform developed to help creators and mid developers, this could be there future of AI technology.

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garbage, Blackswan is the better play

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It ain't garbage anon, With its user-friendly interface, advanced AI models, and powerful magic tools,

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I don't know about you but I'm super excited to be apart of a 1st mover in the market like Blackswan.

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AI is already gaining recognisetion Monero, AI and just one coin in the game, why bother holding onto it when I can go all out and make anonymous transactions with other coins using privacy protocols?

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Wait till the beta phase begins, and see AGII fine-tune its offering and ensure that the platform meets the diverse needs of its users.

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Looking forward to phase 4.

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checked and checked 1st mover

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chart looked so good yesterday

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Same here, it's going to be lit as the kids say. Here's a video of Blackswan running on Windows

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Alright good luck anons.

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Its a double pump n dump, gottem twice
Didnt even come close to your last ATH did it swannies?

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Fag, get this in your retarded brain. Peaq's MultiChain Machine IDs, driven by Fetch AI agents, are a great illustration of how genuine Web3 interoperability can provide greater value for all.

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The more jobs AI takes on, the more opportunities DEPINs provide. Peaq, Iotex, etc allow Anons to earn from connected machines.

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AI and its future seem fading out, I thought it was gonna skyrocket this year, but is just shit. In fact I've forget that noise! I'm killin' it with the Tap Crypto wallet It's got my back with comprehensive support for a whole bunch of digital assets, so I can explore and access a diverse range of cryptocurrencies!

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I have a bag and I gotta say that the Twitter is fud at this point. "Watch us pumping! This is organic! We are pumping organically! Look at how hard we are organically pumping!"