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hello Niggers I have AVAX

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I'm financially ruined

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laggard detected

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It keeps going down and down

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>dumps more

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Going down faster than you can say double spend.

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It's Power Hour, did you think getting ripped came easily?

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I have like 10 avax

is it enough to make it?

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I will be honest with you anon, no its not enough to make it.
go buy more.

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>Morning Ahmet, Mondays right??
>Listen, I'ma need you to post it again.
>Don't forget to do the "Day 689 of posting thick emin.."
>Alright good talk buddy, listen you are doing a good job but I'ma need you to step up this weekend. Biz has started to notice no AVAX threads on the weekends and I need someone to cover. But no overtime ok?

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Hahaha his tie is a pizza omg that's such a cool boss lmao I'd enjoy working there xD

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>ICPoor projecting

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Lunch break is over LMAO

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Kek saved that pasta for later. Thanks for the laugh anon.

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yes Poomar your Lunchbreak is over.

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>most organic ICP interaction to date

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>AVAXcels always think they're one N-Slur and vaguely homoerotic image away from pumping
>It never happens, only dumps
Nice "investment" you have there lmao

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I dunno, is $100 enough to make it in your country?

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I'm done waiting for this shit and you faggots to do anything. I'm done. Solded and bought Kava instead. Cosmos-Ethereum in the same network + dApp development incentive running. It's just better.

Keep holding though maybe Wu will do wonders and I'll kill myself in the end.

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>it's us or them mentality
Nobody is responsible for your losses except yourself. Remember that.

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i wish avaxroaches the absolute worst for polluting the board with ai generated images. unironcially the most souless desperate shit i've ever seen. "maybe if i post my cheap mass produced unfunny images of """waifus""" and a red guy with a big bulge they'll think we are hilarious"

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Avax is no longer relevant. What did you expect.

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>bought solana at JUST the right time
>now im a btc maxxi
Feels good.

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based choice.

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this is an Avalanche board now.
you are free to leave anytime nigger.

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>bought picrel

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>Hahaha his tie is a pizza omg that's such a cool boss lmao I'd enjoy working there xD