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Old fag here who will show you a project not many people know about that is destined for success. biz helped me with Link back in 2018
You need to do some work for me to tell you shit though

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Not your dancing monkies. Sage. Fuck off.

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I highly doubt you're an old fag, redditor. If you think someone here will work to learn about your shitcoin, Ransheej

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You wont get it if I don't do it this way fren. What date and time did Square Crypto formaly know as Spiral (Jack Dorsey's company) make thier first tweet?

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Did /biz/ make you put in the work for link or did it practically do all the digging and spoonfeeding for you?

chemked and this

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I understand biz bros are cynical these days but some of you here will understand a sincere post when they see one

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OP tongues melanin enriched mens anuses
No I will not buy your Zenon bags.

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Can't access twitter anymore without an account.
Forever filtered by not being a normie

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biz did but read my other posts. I can't just come out and say it because you wont believe me so I will do it this way. The project had to be launched in stealth to stop VCs buying the supply that and it was a fair launch. Do you understand that?

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Nigerian zenon scammer. Dorsey dick licking faggot. Trash thread

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I hope other wise anons here can tell by the levels of fud already that there is substance here. Please keep this tab open while I have some dinner and I will come back to see if anyone has answered my initial question. This could be a long and fruitful thread for you.

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The @sqcrypto account doesn't exist

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I said they rebranded to Spiral

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>Old fag here
i understand, im oldfag too
>What date and time did Square Crypto formaly know as Spiral (Jack Dorsey's company) make thier first tweet?
dunno the account doesn't exist anymore

I'm gonna look it up just jumping out of bed

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>Old fag here
JIDF thread. Be cautious of anything this scammer says.

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This, or your thread is shit and you should feel shit.

Assblaster didn't give us a goddam Da Vinco Code cryptograph to work out, he just said Chainlink is the one. Sage again.

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Please if you are patient enough you will understand why it has to be this way. At least read my posts above ffs I spell it out clearly why i can't jus>>55634178
t say. biz. will stay poor

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This is a ZNN Shill thread. I will find you OP.

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Are you the same anon who shilled CTX

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Is it chainlink?

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I'm here but it's going to be hard to convince me but to keep DCAing into link

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When was the project launched?

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ok >>55633906

march 21 2019

now what

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Do you read any of you? When did Square Crypto now rebranded to Spiral crypto MAKE THIER FIRST TWEET?

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how are we supposed to know? we were all grouping your mader that week

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What is significant about this month and day as Jack Dorseys the owner of the company?

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>it's the ZNN shill shifting to a new coin after his first ponzi collapsed

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>Forever filtered by not being a normie
just create an anon account to read tweets retard

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biz surely you know all this fud is bullish

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first twittah post in 2006 was march 21 now what

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start of the 2019 btc bull run

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SOMEONE is getting it and will make it if they continue. It was the first ever tweet
Jack Dorsey made from Twitter
His company made from Twitter Jacks company Square
and most importantly Jack's crypto project

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There it is. the ZNN shill. go ahead, fall for this sociopaths shill. stop scamming newfags.

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but anon why would jack be involved in something other than nostr/lightning network scams? he wouldn't care about ethereum stuff

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tldr on this shill? i remember the muh dorsey znn threads. we can't even check the price of this shitcoin anymore :D

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It's been over 4 years and this coin has only managed to move from one placeholder chain to another, gain 0 value for early adopters, and build practically 0 community. Why would any of this change now? If anything it seems more likely Jack kept his distance from this so he could quietly exit if it ended up being a waste of time.

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I learned that he's building a self-custody abstraction type of wallet called Bitkey. Is this the point of the convo, or what the fuck is the pleb saying? I mean Jark Dorsey.

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Bag holder fearing the worst. All shitcoin go to zero. Needs some exit liquidity so you shill it on a global basket weaving forum. Pray it spreads like contagion. Many such cases. He will lose it all and stay poor. Paneer pajeet is not a racial term, it’s a mentality. It’s the lowest of the low. These faggit games.

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On CM, the project is an untracked listing. Who the fuck is shilling this shitcoin with no data or record?
Even if he decides to launch his own wallet, I'm not going to use it. I will stick to the existing one, which is well known for privacy and security.

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For the uninitiated, welcome to the most fudded project on biz. Zenon will be a very important project and they are just getting started.

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Lol all roads lead to Zenon. It’s going to scale all of these solutions on top of Bitcoin.

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Lol this is true it’s community run so it lacks a lot of the slick coordination you see in other more centralized or VC backed projects. If there ends up being some big use case maybe things change as more people come into the project. Time will tell.

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At present, all the community has in the shill dept is schizo shit about Jack Dorsey, bc the devs refuse to disclose any information at present about their plans.

They are competing with Sztorc and Layer Two Labs and also some other more recent players so they don’t want to give anything away just yet.

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Jack rugged this project and built NOSTR instead...wen satellites tho

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Nah this is what will scale all of that and more.

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If you're actually part of the community, you wouldn't be this delusional about progress. SSSHEEEEESHH

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>Jack dorsey wanting to stop VCs from buying
>literally made Square public
Umm, you have to at least be 18 to post here, schizo summerfag

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It’s some of the guys who wrote the original sidechain paper at Blockstream. They are competing with Paul Sztorc for scaling bitcoin since their Liquid sidechain didn’t work out as planned.

Sztorc has proposed drivechains off of Bitcoin with SVP fraud proofs. Zenon will be something slightly different as a bitcoin layer 2 with the drivechains residing as sidechains off of that. ZK proofs to exit the layer 2 in a more timely manner, but they are using a lot of Sztorc’s drivechains ideas in an adapted way. Because they are drivechains, they are building out htlc/ptlc functionality to allow cross chain atomic swaps across the different drivechains.

So since Zenon is feeless, imagine them launching a drivechain (called extension chains here) for every popular chain, but it is feeless and can be swapped to any other chain instantly, for free. And you can then always move your coins back to the parent chain but why would you ever want to if there are fees? You’ll just stay on NoM. That’s what they mean by liquidity black hole.

Big important players involved in this. Joseph Poon who authored the Lightning paper, some of the Blockstream sidechain guys. Nick Szabo. Others as well.

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You do know that the proposed extension chain design has fees, right?

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just wait and let’s find out. Understandably it’s an expensive proposition for some to put money on the line for that, but it’s an interesting project for sure In any case.

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Is this deeznnutz? It's just a coincidence that Zenon calls gas "plasma."
It has nothing. NOTHING. To do with Poon's scaling solution.
Zenon could potentially adopt Poon's Plasma but developers have never expressed interest in pursuing this idea.

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I'm not doing shit faggot

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Cope and seethe what I said is true.

It has nothing to do with Ethereum Plasma. It has everything to do with scaling bitcoin and Lightning. Poon authored the Lightning Network paper. Blockstream first implemented Lightning.

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Zenon is not involved with any of the projects you've mentioned.

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Of course it’s not involved with the projects I mentioned. It’s a new project. It’s it’s own thing.

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I bought wZNN on Ethereum, an L1 with utility, and bridged it to NoM.
Now what?

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Solve the Alphanet nft puzzle for starters

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No reward. I'm not wasting any time on that.

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Look here OP, now that IMM IDO Kommunitas1is successful, get ready to witness how the healthcare industry will be transformed through blockchain tech.

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Lol there’s about to be like 3k QSR refilled in there. Huge reward. If you want I can dispel the fud about QSR too haha.

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In where? In the treasure address?

>> No.55636330

I think a new address where the seed phrase isn’t already partially revealed. Mrs Kaine said she was going to brute force the old addy since only a couple words remain.

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Stop leaking alpha, I'm trying to quietly accumulate

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Ok. Also thx for the based jpg anon. Stealing it hope that’s ok.

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Hey OP, take a smart look at AGII, which offers AI generators including text, image, code, chatbot, speech-to-text, and VoiceOver capabilities for Web3.

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Maybe they will eventually run an extension chain on Zenon

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You can use it as your profile picture, Rex

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Attention newfags.

This ZNN shill has been hoodwinking anons for about 3 years now. Don't believe his lies. If you don't believe me check the archives.

Sincerely, T.oldfag.

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How I wish retards know that holders of seekers NFT can operate nodes on Sylo network and be rewarded for bootstrapping the network.

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Thanks. I really respect you guys work and I just am excited about our project. I understand the desire for less hype. Just every now and then want to talk candidly and speculatively, nbd. We will see what Zenon ends up becoming, til then who knows.

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What do you mean by "you guy"?

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Tokenization will rule everything soon with the growth of RWA. Arbanx partnership with AlllianceBlock will make a whole lot of difference.

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Pretty sure you’re one of the devs Hewwo

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stfu hewwo

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It's fun having crypto analysis on Tokenmetrics to find out how many gems you're sleeping on, and stop being a retard.

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remember when znn = 1 meal at red lobster

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Few understand this

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Remember that time one of the devs said we should be at $10 by September?

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Hey Jay miss u bro. Hope alls well.

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Same thing. CHIKUN is here bros, let me pay you all back like you helped me back then. This shit is doing x10 soon.
Cock in or cock out

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Bless you, Rex. You're so wholesome.

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shit, was this sumamu the whole time?

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Someone called you out ages ago as being a zenon faggot fuck off with your gay scam

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Fuck me what is this

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>launch his own wallet

Not even in my next life would I use that.

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Are they trying to revive this dead project or what?

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Yeah, that's true, and Top US crypto exchange Coinbase plans to integrate Bitkey. But who gives a fuck? I don't care and wouldn't.

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barely alive but not dead

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>zenon anon still trying to shill his bags
/biz/ is a fucking graveyard of broken souls.

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I keep wondering and being curious about what account type he is planning on onboarding, EoA or abstraction, and how intuitive it will be.
Nevertheless, I actually have one that I've always considered an alternative when looking at any new self-custody wallet. I'm speaking of brillions. I don't care even if the sec chooses to approve Bitkey. Kek.

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Yeah, the essence is an effort to foster the growth of the self-custody wallet, not make it their official wallet. Coinbase has their own wallet, which they will highly recommend to many. This came in shortly prior to the announcement of the beta test. This is just to get attention for their beta testing.

>> No.55637519

What's the difference? The hype, trust, and confidence many have in it are gone. There is absolutely nothing they can do to get many people in. You should understand how the market works by now. There is no useful data on CM or CG to trace.

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Lmfao clown

>> No.55637587

Also, less confidence is good. We don’t want a confidence game going on. ;)

“Trust me bro have some confidence.”

Kek me into orbit

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Community is numb to these kinds of conditions. Active development regardless of price action.

Answer my message on telegram

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This meme always made me laugh.

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You didn’t send me one Jay

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The person I thought you were doesn't use curved quotation marks.

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Nobody uses curved quotation marks it’s 2023

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>“Trust me bro have some confidence.”

You did.

>> No.55637689

Hi faggot remember me?
This fucker has been spamming this same shit for years
Get a fucking life dude. No one is going to invest because you made some imaginary schizo connections.
How about talk about the actual idea and thesis of the company?

>> No.55637709

Hey bozo there is no company
Read this >>55636060

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Nbd I was being ironic Jay

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Now you bridge it back to ethereum and sell it.

>> No.55637857

Makes sense. Nothing else to do on ghost chain.

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>sirs pls do the needfuls and buy
>0 fees sirs
>joseph poo

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If “biz helped you in 2018,” you’re retarded and ought not be giving advice

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Hold on there, anon! No spoon-feeding here, DYOR is the name of the game! DePIN is where all the hype's at, so dive in and explore! And hey, I got some pretty decent options for you IoTex, peaqnetwork, and Wicrypt. Things are getting interesting.

>> No.55638917

NXRA is one of the gems some oldfags have been bullish on. INJ has also made some good moves this year.

>> No.55638923

Lol idgaf what you do. I come here for the bantz. Nice photo of yourself.

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Bot spotted. Nothing will make me use it or buy znn. Let's be honest with ourselves here. Would you buy any project that got delisted on CMC and CG?

Feed on technology and development. I believe this is the key word you guys use to con many in. LMAO

>> No.55639390

Why should I trust it? I don't have a single penny to feed the team with or to use as exit liquidity. Every single penny matters to me, no matter how wealthy I am. Tell me, do you want me to trust znn development or the bitket he has in work? I think he's buying into the ideology of self-custody wallets being the top-tier game changer to onboard many, putting simplicity, security, and privacy as a core priority. I already have one I'm watching that uses SSI from NexeraID. That's fucking okay for me.

>> No.55639815

>Community is numb to these kinds of conditions

This is absolutely not far from the truth. I hope they understand what they are rooting for. For me, the bags matter so much, even if the tech is sound.

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CMC and CG listing opportunities are bullish. Yes.

Hack Jorsey doesn't work on Zenon. We abandoned that theory last bull run.

Sadly, most of them don't.
You don't have to buy ZNN. I don't care either way.

This is a Zenon awareness thread.
I have a direct connection with the man in charge.
Ask me anything.

>> No.55640440

>it has to be this way
no, you just crave attention. that's fine, but the approved way to get it is to ask link bagholders why the token price is so low

>> No.55640888

i remember this being shilled here cause "omfgz dorsey started it" and its pretty sad to to see OP being probably the last holder trying to get someone to buy hos bags lol

>> No.55641114

I got to know about CYMI here and It has been keeping up nicely and its endorsement in UAE will be a game changer.

>> No.55641424

>Even if he decides to launch his own wallet, I'm not going to use it. I will stick to the existing one, which is well known for privacy and security.

There are tons of wallets out there so i agree this doesn't really create any form of excitement.

>> No.55642246

Kaspa is soon to be a household asset. Looking into the RWA and LSD narratives shared by altcoinistdao. Messi planet project might be the beginning of many

>> No.55642372

>There are tons of wallets out there so i agree this doesn't really create any form of excitement.

Laughs in Ledger. It's true there are so many wallet out there but that doesn't rule out the industry needs more innovations and the earlier we have them the better and safer asset management becomes.

>> No.55643073

>It's true there are so many wallet out there but that doesn't rule out the industry needs more innovations

The innovations are quite promising at the moment recently came across NexeraID powered smart wallets which i believe will redefine asset management.

>> No.55643638

SpoolFi is strongly building on both narratives and I think it is going to be a boomer.

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this entire thread is just pajeets talking to pajeets. Fuck off indian shills, we're not buying your shitcoin