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flexible hours

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You can be free to do anything you want but all you'll ever do is shitpost and jackoff.

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there are unlimitedly more tendies and coke to eat

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Literally nobody will miss you, when you die :)

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Your waifu won't be sad while you're gone 8 hours per day

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Unlimited vacation days just like the big tech offices

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#1 to fuck over others as much as possible

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You finally escape the rat race and become a free white man

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Only problem is that you wouldn't be able to pay some whore to do pic related for you when you're a neet

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>play vidya all day
>give absolutely zero fucks about the whole world
>can spend your time learning whatever skill you'd like
God being a NEET is just the dream

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Im gonna need some sauce senpai

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staking is simply too comfy and avoiding crypto tax is too easy. i'm literally staking like 100k worth of savings in Oyster (Marlin Protocol), Ethereum (Curve pools), BNB (Binance) and a few others in PancakeSwap. i've been frugal my whole life so i dont care about making a shit ton of money either this is more than enough to live and treat myself with vidya, porn subscriptions and takeout.

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>unironically paying for porn
Is there anything more cucked than being a porn paypig? I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than paying for porn. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are actively funding another man's career just to watching ravage the hot bimbo in your monitor. All your hard earned money going down the drain just so you can get your quick dopamine shot. And who benefits? Some kike producer whose whole plan is to corrupt the minds of young impressionable white men so they succumb to their lustful desires while being essentially brainwashed into their Jewish trap for the sake of turning a whole generation of men into cucks. Think about it logically.

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Unfathomably based.
Are you a disgraced programmer that grew tired of all the globohomo bullshit infesting your world or was that inheritance or

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i dont see the appeal. that looks stupid if anything, i understand the whole "choke me with your thighs" thing but to this degree its retarded.

daytrading is not so bad if you choose the right assets. more good days than bad and the profits can be great if you have the capital and the patience for it. lots of staring at charts though, that kinda sucks.

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Hey man whatever floats your boat. At least it's something better than just gambling your money on leveraged trading

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lol. been a while since I saw this pasta

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Femdomfaggots are mentally ill. It's that simple

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Yes sir, backend developer. Grew tired of coding for retarded websites for companies that see me as a codemonkey and nothing else. The pay was good sure but I simply don't wanna do it anymore. I just do contract/freelance shit every now and then for fun and to feel productive, it helps the mind.

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Got a grand total of $20k in savings. Can I live like you with that? Post APR total on everything you stake...

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Don't care, didn't read. Cumming feels good.

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Too bad the requirements are rather high. I understand due to the nature of the product and all, pure infra, plus it's in beta, but god damn. Good on you though.

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the same can be said if you work

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reasons to not live as a neet:

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Most people subconsciously don’t want to work hard regardless beacuse it’s not like they can get rich off their work.

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wait until one of these gets owned in coming future. remember biz-kun from /biz/ told you

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I have been both a sex-less unemployed neet and a succesful wagie sex haver and can tell you that neeting can become very boring.

Of course when you are in your early 20s, smoke weed and play videogames you think its the life, but it gets stale quickly. Also dont forget that everyone, your friends, family, neighbours, possible dates etc will all think you are a loser, and of course they are right.

Neeting can be fun for a while, I done it for couple of years. Just stayed home, smoked weed, played the newest videogames without leaving my house for days at an end, but once you grow up enough you will notice that it isnt the way and you will feel empty.

Luckely for me I turned my life around, got /fit/, got a comfy part time job so I still have plenty of days to do nothing and besides the only way to actually fuck girls or at least not be seen as a loser is if you have a job, otherwise you gotta lie and play the mysterious retired card but they will smell that lie out very soon.
this, weird fucking fetish. Nothing wrong with a bit of kinky teasing but what the fuck is the point in this? it doesnt even feel good

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You could get permanent brain damage from depriving your brain of oxygen like that
I think the thrill is the erotic asphyxiation aspect. People get a high from being around and deprived of oxygen. Sometimes it ends up in people committing suicide, or murder, by accident while jacking off or having sex

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You can use the time to learn a skill that will help you in life. Not something useless or related to the arts or something (in other words, useless) but learn about marketing, economics, market trends, sales etc. And then use your time to learn a skill or how to sell something that is currently in high demand in the market. Go back into real life with this skill, use your money from waging to start a startup, and continue growing it until you don't have to wage anymore and you can expand it enough to open other shops and offer more services and be able to live off of it

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>You can use the time to learn a skill

This is always such a neet cope lol.

>I'm developing myself, learning an instrument or writing a book


>how to speedrun decade old video games

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>>I'm developing myself, learning an instrument or writing a book
If you do it that way, yes it's a cope. I already brought up that learning those types of things is useless as fuck. Did you even read what I said?

I know learning even useful skills is still out of mental reach for many neets, but if you're the right type of person it can work out in your favor

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nah wasnt responding to you personally just to the shit i hear neets come up with

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>>how to speedrun decade old video games
Also, I did this my first year as a NEET, ngl. Then as soon as I discovered marketing, sales, economics, I was so interested in it I was hooked immediately and decided to make my whole life about following the money. I think there has to be some Jew in you to be able to do quickly switch to this mindset, but seriously. It gave me a whole new point of view and I decided not to waste a single hour of my NEETdom anymore except when I'm burnt out and tired and can't possibly learn anymore for the day. I look back and cringe at having all this time too learn about something that can help me in life, just to fucking throw it away on replaying games from my childhood or playing MMOs

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I feel for the skill maxxing too, and one day realized I had all this moderate to advanced knowledge on languages, different software, weightlifting, nutrition, etc. All great for my personal life, but if you don't actively make effort in monetizing what you are doing, you are just going to end up a jacked poliglot NEET who can grow and harvest vegetables, win poker tournaments, do this and that other interesting thing
>Ohhh, so interesting!
>So many unique things that most people don't get to know or experience!
Yeah, all of it great. Except one day you realize you are broke as an adult, wandering from skill to skill, like roasties do with the cock carousel

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My inner jew only woke up when i was already in my 30s

which I hate because when i was neeting I was about 20 which was in 2010 so I literally could have spend my time slurping cheap bitcoins but i was too busy with videogames

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Exactly the most comforting blackpill for me was just stopping learning skills I'm so
>Le passionate about
And just going for whatever seems most promising to bring in the most money. Successful people didn't get their millions or billions in real estate and assets and multiple businesses, by doing what they're passionate about. They took the financial blackpill and just followed the money wherever it leads.

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My inner Jew woke up at 23 after NEETing for a year-ish to 2 years. Which I guess is pretty good. If I'd made it to 30 though, yeah there's be hope, but I can see how by that time it doesn't seem like it matters anymore. I instantly deleted all my video games and stopped smoking weed in one day and never did either again. No kidding man, I thought I would love weed for life, like it was my soul mate or something. I thought I would love video games for life, that someday I could be a Vidya tournament winner. Realized it's not progressing me in life and quit it instantly by realizing I could instead be making money. Money is really the biggest blackpill on earth

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bill gates spent his entire life around computers larry fink was trading stocks when he was in high school almost all pro athletes have been playing their sport since they could walk. the most successful people made their millions/billions doing what they were passionate about.

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Yea, for a select few I guess. Follow your passions man if you want, hope it works out

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>almost all pro athletes
Also, do you know how like 99.9999% of high school athletes who bank everything on finding success as an athlete usually end up getting out of school and doing shitty cocaine til they have to go to trade school? Or how 99.9999% of people with dreams of "making it" in music or film just because they're passionate about it end up drug addicts living in their parents basement or leeching off someone stupid enough to date them? Or how nearly every restaurant that people open because they're passionate about cooking fails, while the ones who pander to to the locals' palate is so much more likely to succeed. It works out for some. A very select few. Passion's nothing to bank your future on though 99999/100000 times.

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I'm in my 30s, and to be fair, I don't consider it all lost time, or whatever. For example, I studied English for many years at College, and even though I didn't graduate, being fluent in English allowed me to learn a huge amount of things that I would have never had access to otherwise. That is the one skill I developed that gave me the most compounded returns in my life,
I think skills are always important, and in one way or another, you should always be moving forward. But you do need to make an emphasis in monetization and income, to try to achieve a balance. Otherwise life ends up becoming a permanent weird self development vacation that drags on for years.
Also learning all I learn about politics, and the medical system, and what not, lead me to avoid being injected at the beginning of this decade, and that's also a reward that is priceless to me.
At the end of the day we all have our journey, we needed those experiences for a reason, and there is no point in wishing this or that about the past, but maybe someone here reading these posts can benefit from our experience

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Yea true, I feel like most things I've experienced led to growth, but I'm glad that in the end I realized that money is most important. And that it didn't happen when I was 50. Now I know a lot of stuff about weird subjects that most people gloss over, and it'll help me in life for sure. But none of it was structured or extremely -focjsed- learning, because there were no goals set, no end game that I had in mind. The idea of wealth and realizing that it's in my reach to be financially successful was the only thing that I've found that made me capable of making goals and visualizing an end game to work towards, in all reality.

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OK but I'm in Canada and will never own a home. What do I even do? You need 250k/yr to mortgage a home here (real figs, not being hyperbolic)

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literally the most successful people in the world made their money doing what they were passionate about and your only cope is yea well some irrelevant retard fucking just kept stacking boxes in the factory because it paid well enough. of course not everyone in life is going to land their dream job but you ignore the fact that "only a select few" manage to do it is pure fucking retard cope. no wonder you are here talking to yourself alone on a friday night. tell me how your life is working out.
lmao even

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> bill gates
> computers
kek. the people passionate about their work in the computer scene at the time made fuck-all in comparison. one sold bill his OS which bill sold to IBM. bill was more of a salesman than a techie. the inventor of the PC got back to being a doctor and nobody knows who he is
and that's only a selection of them, you're falling for survivor bias
massive amounts of kids play basketball or soccer all the time to try and become a successful player and only a tiny fraction gets through

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shut them down take the building site off them today

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When I saw the dark spots around the daki's chest I immediately assumed that the anime girl was lactating.

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Oh no! Anything but that! I better get to waging right away!

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you can be first when another link shill thread goes up and keep the fort against the fudders

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Over-doing waging, but even more fundamentally 'goal' fixation and ambition, rot the soul and turn people into joyless and resentful husks. Being too focussed on some future status carrot the bignoses, govt and females are dangling in front of you, so you'll dance for their benefit (while you think you're doing it for yourself) makes you blind to the things that would make you happy now. The brain literally starts classifying the things it once valued as a 'waste of time' if they aren't contributing to the pursuit of whatever that goal someone has convinced you to chase. Before long the only things you enjoy are grinding for paper and trying to shit on those that don't grind as much. Just wait until retirement when you've nothing but time and past 'achievements' left.
Yes 'progress' feels good, but there's intrinsic and extrinsic rewards/goals, focus on what's intrinsically joyful for you now, and don't fall for the 'arrival fallacy'.

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A wagie wastes his time because he HAS to, a neet wastes his time because he WANTS to

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Nice life, anon. Crypto's saving our day, for real. I'm also exploring the space and joined several activities to earn some gains. Krest was the latest one I bought on Fundrs, making me eligible for Peaq's airdrop too! It's solving issues in IoT, and that's why I wanna invest in it.

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>implying being a sex having wagie doesn’t get old fast