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Show hand with a timestamp to prove us that you are not some paid pajeet, then maybe people can start respecting you roaches a bit more.

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Just bought a suicide stack of link to my portfolio. The contrasting blue rubbing against the red on the solid black Delta background makes my cock hard.

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Going down faster then you can say double spend

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I don’t know how the exif data is stored now on 4chan. But on /b/ back a decade ago, they used to be able to grab your location from it. I’m not going to risk it so I can prove to some schizo faggot on the internet I am white.

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>implying ICPoors are people
LINK & AVAX remain as the god protocol.

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Fucking kek, so you truly are brownies!

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Show your hand brownie kek!

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Oh man that killed this thread really fast

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One more day until the weekend! I'm so fucking hyped, I don't have to waste all my time shilling this roach coin on the weekends! I'm probably going to get a gay prostitute and pretend he's emin as I fuck his brains out.

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You speak like illiterate 3rd world guttertrash. Your random use of “kek!” has the feeling of LFG and rocket ship emojis that jeets use on telegram.

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I am still waiting for a hand pic mister Brown

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bruh you killed him kek

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saving & compiling all these pajeetery for later on.

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Hey you with the brown ID, show us your brown hand with a timestamp.

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shots where fired and you're not ready to have this conversation.

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Emin bitch slapped Vitalik and mETHheads this morning in case you missed it kek

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Hand with timestamp roach

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>tfw poomar keeps on bumping avax threads for free
>tfw poomar is the real avax shiller

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>Still didn't prove that he isn't a paid shiller for the third world

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post yours first, FUDers are pajeets until proven otherwise and I have nothing to prove to street shitters kek

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>tfw OP is a streetshitter that gets paid $1 a day to shill scams online

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I mainly just lurk, occasionally shitposting now and then. But you seem genuinely upset every thread I read. Why exactly are you hellbent on AVAX? I get “TURKISH ROACH SCAM” but even scams after a while you eventually ignore and just hope they go away. What is your reason?

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Your turn roaches

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Stop playing victim roach, you have been a plague in biz for a year now.
>you steal memes
>you invade threads
>you literally lie
>you create at least 5 threads per day
>you call others niggers when you are the niggers yourselves
>pasta spam
>pedo chan spam
>all chains are scams expect avax
Am i missing something here?

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ok this was gay enough, now shake hands and suck each others dick

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>Euro faggot
You shouldn't talk like that to your ancestors you third world burger.
Now lets see the rest of the roach army.

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are you in a garage, is that a cement floor?

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please send my regards to the telegram pajeet FUD central

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/biz/ is an Avalanche board now, get used to it.
now go back to your poorfag computer with the poorfag internet.

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>Another third worlder
So i got the colours wrong but you are still third worlders, that explains why you have to work for avalabs.
Poor burgers i didn't knew that things were that bad on the other side of the ocean sirs.

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I want to cockblast wide avaxchan pussy gap

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>crossed 7

non-burger detected

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w8 a minute no USA passport?

ohh no, white Turkish scammer

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AVAX Chan fucks every node operator.
You're 2k avaxxies away from all the AVAX P-chainussy you can have.
>"show your hand!!11111"
*shows hand*
kek braindead icpoors getting desperate as usual.
Chop Chop! Better call reinforcements! This wasn't a good day for brownoids.

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Get the fuck out of here!

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curry hands

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kys fatso

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I've got large hands like my cock.

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why are there so many white people on this board? I thought everyone was supposed to be a jeet...

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I think supernatural phenomena are real because I've have premonitions similar to the ones described here


This obviously implies that events are predetermined to some extent. It may or may not imply the existence of God. I have no way to verify anything other than this happens to me and it's happened to people in my family as well. I as well as family members of mine have profited based on the premonitions they've had.

If you're wondering, (1) there will be a hyperinflation scare which will cause people to rush into gold, but there will be a major announcement by Powell (Federal Reserve Chair). The whole country will be waiting on his announcement. After his announcement the gold price will tank.

(2) Avalanche (AVAX) will be adopted by the Turkish central bank and flip Bitcoin's price & become the #1 most valued crypto. I will become a multi-millionaire due to owning large amounts of it.

Do with this information what you will.

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>Avalanche (AVAX) will be adopted by the Turkish central bank
mashallah, brother

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Something's cookin