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I am a millionaire without any friends or gf/wife

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>boohoo feel sad for me
fuck off

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I'll be your friend brother. Let's go buy houses near each other on a shitton of land. I'll pay rent and you can make more money haha but I'd like to have 50% of the legal ownership for friendship purposes my best friend.

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Me too, but I need more money before I can focus on those so I avoid thinking about it.
soul brother!

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I'm a millionaire with a gf and I envy you

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Ill be your friend for money

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It’s a double edge sword. With a gf/wife life is hell, kids, stress; but without a family you just feel like a loser. Can’t win either way.

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I'm 30 and nobody will date me because I'm broke.

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sad. millionaire is not enough for fresh unused gf you can get a used one

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If youre based in Australia hit me up, I'll introduce you to my friends and we can all have fun

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I’m broke despite slaving 50 hours a week and have no friends or family. Yet somehow I don’t start threads like this

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>I am a millionaire
>without any friends or gf/wife
go to church
jelly much?
sodomite loser
>he doesn't know
>because I'm broke.
kek cope
only correct take ITT
only based take ITT
>Verification not required.

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So now that you realized money didn't fix that for you you can go and improve other aspects of your life

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How? The bar is so low for men. You DO have basic decency, right?

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I'll be your friend
for a price

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Lol, I'm not a millionaire and I also don't have a gf/wife
Funny shit

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it seems like you are thinking about it though

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you can always find someone who has the same money as you do
or someone who is interested in it, you are also not as screwed as you think, I still hold VINU and sometimes I feel like my gf will leave me when I stop having money

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can i bee your fren?