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Kava has the best lineup of investors and partners. Prove me wrong.

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>hype driven shitcoin that will be forgotten in about 2 months tops
>good project
>and a bunch of literal who's

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I thought vc's were completely extinct in crypto ventures, what the fuck?

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Yeah, sure thing it has uhhhhh great partners such as "infstones" whatever that is... can someone post LINK's list of partners, please? Thanks

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>ripple will be totally forgotten guys trust me
>im not mad i missed out on xrp totally trust me please
I'm laffin
They were. Now with Larry 'Big Chungus' Frink shilling Bitcoin on live television you can expect a lot more of them to pop up once again to eat up early tokens and dump on late retards. Just like in the good old days.

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yeah they said the same about bitcoin, guess they where wrong lol.

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Seethe harder.

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The only noteworthy project in that list is Ripple and you know it. Don't even try to kid yourself into thinking otherwise.

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kava is literally built for cosmos you troglodyte

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>mfw xrp schizos were right all along
>mfw missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime by not holding
>mfw there will most likely never be another pump like the one XRP gave to the whole market when it was declared not a security ever again

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Isnt Kava related to ATOM? kinda believe SEC has 1 or 2 funny things to say to you lmao

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Some of you guys really act like XPR was your only good investment. Like this is the first time you got any high off of crypto and so you feel the need to shill for it and defend it without even giving two shits about the real longevity of the project. Behave a little bit yeah?

Also Blackrock getting into btc is bearish, not bullish.

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Literally WHO are these companies

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The fuck is cosmos?

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Shill me why Cosmos is supposedly so important relative to Ethereum for example.

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BCC (big cosmos cock)

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newb alert

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>Also Blackrock getting into btc is bearish
>t. Jewish Demoralization squad to make sure anons never make it

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they fail and then they become lending platforms

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literally who

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leave this board and luck for a month or so. then and only then can you consider participating again.

replaces PoW's inherent obsolescence by connecting blockchains. This is better imho than PoS, too.

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I miss the days when ripplefags were contained in a dying general