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We are currently witnessing the death of Capitalism. Invest accordingly.

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Yeah I'm sure that'll totally take down corpos just like Occupy Wall Street!

There are enough niggers and jeets to fulfill every wagie that walks. That's why wages barely changed

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idk about le strikes but eventual tech industry and housing crash will be ebin

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>There are enough niggers and jeets to fulfill every wagie that walks.
not for white collar work, that's why this time is different. unemployed white collar workers can actually get their shit together and represent a real threat to the managerial class.

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nothing short of large scale violence is going to change anything about the corporate/international banker stranglehold on the west.

there will never be a housing crash so long as there is an unlimited stream of foreigners pooling on properties, an unlimited amount of wealthy foreigners buying properties, investment groups with unlimited money and connections with the fed buying properties, and social programs giving unlimited money to foreign laundering operations instead of building massive amounts of houses. once again something that won't change unless there is large scale violence, it will just get worse until then.

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Nothingburger 10000000%

t. Knower

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true, strikes are probably more of an early symptom of what is coming.

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LOL get over yourself. replaceable npc cogs spouting "this time is different' meme lines unironically, lmao. enjoy your bug burger, fag

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SHUT UP. It's really happening this time.

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>nothing short of large scale violence is going to change anything
large scale violence is always the end result, not the cause. often celebratory, even symbolic, of the real revolution that had effectively already happened behind closed doors, within cultural and social institutions. like war, the result is decided before the 'action' even begins.

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No it's not. The union is going to get about 1/3 of their demanded raise, the union will look like the bad guys, and corporate will retain control. This has been planned for months, UPS just had to go through the motions to make sure that this would be the outcome.

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Also, Teamsters put up with a lot of shit because of the benefits. Scabs don't get those benefits, they leave quite quickly. WGA and SAG-AFTRA can't really be scabbed because on top of their jobs being skilled positions that rely heavily on professional networks, the studios/agencies/consultancies have pretty much handpicked the people they want in those roles, the only people left on such short notice are those they initially rejected, who know they'll be dropped as soon as an agreement with the golden children can be reached.

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Ummm, sweaty,
immigration is a human right

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Neat fantasy you've got there.

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ok, what if one of that long list of things changes?

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change is constant. NPCs see the world as static, like you. they can't understand that their world can be flipped upside at any moment, and once it does they can't understand how they ever understood the world before it was flipped. they live in the present and their lives begin and end from dawn to dusk.

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absolutely!!! They are highly skilled workers!! They can't be replaced. But even so an immigrant can do the job. but not yet.

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that doesn't change the fact that this is still America, the greatest country on earth. Who cares how many white people are here. What makes a nation anyways?

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what about AI replacement? seems like self-driving delivery vehicles and AI script writers are the real threat, the long-term one at least.

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>What makes a nation anyways?
the word nation comes from the root word nat-, as in natal, meaning where one is born. so the phrase 'a nation of immigrants' is an oxymoron.

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yes, okay okay, I know. But what about when they all have a kid? And then they invite their family and they all have kids?

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At least 10 years out. Plenty of time for an upstart or rival to eat your lunch, if your don't have your labor. For the writing, particularly in the geek-driven sequel/franchise-heavy world the studios have created, an AI that is constantly making mistakes, with regards to the canon it's supposed to be pulling from and manipulating to create new content, is a no-go.

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>Le drive on a parkway park on a driveway
Nothing is more human than abstracting away from a basic concept, modifying it with a seemingly contradictory one in order to create new meaning.

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Wait for Arkham strike (There won't be any, the only ones getting fucked are gonna be pajeets and scammers topkek)

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more like the end of the state

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actually retarded if you think this is the death of capitalism, at best some minor capitulations from a few sectors

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>muh labor rebellion
Remind me how well you leftard faggots reacted to the Canadian truckers, American railroad workers, or Dutch farmers.
Remember to sage in every field.

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You betcha!

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Oh no! How will I consume (((fiction))) now?

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Not gonna happen, cope nigger

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It's not the same anon

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I truly hope lmao

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Shut the fuck up you bunch of nigger NPC faggots for fuck sake

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let me fix that:
>Nothing is more Jewish than abstracting away from a basic concept, modifying it with a seemingly contradictory one in order to create new meaning.

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Yeah, no. You’re clearly a zoomer if you believe something this retarded.
The country only needs so many roofers and cleaners.
Beyond that you have to both speak English plus be able to interact with a customer plus actually show up. This already phases out all the illegals and most of the nigs.
Beyond that you have to actually solve problems. Now at least 85% of nigs are phased out.
Beyond the problems you solve just get more complicated. Now you are phasing out all the remaining nigs as the job becomes more skilled and/complex. You better automate everything and dumb it to an 70 IQ level then make sure it never breaks down.
Good luck retard

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white collar rebellion due to elite overproduction and AI. society has never been overthrown by the proles, it's the upper middle class that's the real threat. it's so fucking over, you don't even know.

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The level of pajeetry required to be targeted like that has to be over the top

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>At least 10 years out.
I say five given the rate of technological progress, but societal/regulatory roadblocks could down implementation.

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>Da jooooos
No. Unless you're implying that only Jewish people are human. (That's even worse.)

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OWS was a rebellion of the least powerful members of American society. broke college kids with no social or financial capital, no connections, experience, and not much of a clue either. of course it floundered, successful revolutions always start at or near the center of power, the youthful veneer is simply a propaganda byproduct of the footsoldier youth that love nothing more than to be told that they are important and in control of their own destiny.

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No, it's definitely closer to 10, particularly for self-driving cars and robotics (text AI might be quicker, but not much). We're on the first run-up of the technological S-curve. We'll see some more crazy improvement for another year or two, and then a long period of stagnation while the Pareto Principle kicks in and we deal with all the crazy edge cases that make the tech too imperfect to cut humans out completely.

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Oh no, self important overpaid pretentious assholes are refusing to do their work(which produces 0 tangible value)! How will we ever recover? If only 50 percent of the population wanted to do those jobs and the only thing that stopped them from gleefully working them for 90 percent less was that they don't have the right connections. Oh well, I guess we'll have to suffer without the next shitty movie.

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I can't speak for script writing, but are a lot of little things with driving and delivery I imagine are hard to program an AI to do. Judging turn around spaces, if your van is going to get stuck, where to park when the customer lives off a F/M road, etc. Lots of little decisions and assessments like that.
I figure its still cheaper to have people do it.
t. amazon drone.

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capitalism will emerge stronger than ever after the collapse of the multinational globohomo corpos

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you're making a mistake in assuming the S-curve flattens out at self-driving cars and robotics. that may be the goal for us, but the technology has its own goal, so to speak. It will shoot far past that in capability and flatten out closer to human equivalence AGI, which would make sense since organic evolution does a pretty good job at reaching the point of diminishing returns.

it's always the Jews, even when it's not. But I'll bet the Jews themselves crafted the term 'a nation of immigrants' for their own reasons. And it's dishonest, dare I say Jewish, to imply it was just linguistic drift like the current meanings for driveway and parkway. a long time ago people did in fact 'drive' on the driveway, and a parkway was a 'way between parks', look it up.

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You Are Correct! AI Will Be Replacing White Collar Jobs So People Will Fight Back Just Like They Did Against The Indians!

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>Judging turn around spaces, if your van is going to get stuck, where to park when the customer lives off a F/M road, etc.
what's stopping a fleet of 10 humans monitoring 200 delivery for those moments, jacking in, and taking over until the problem is resolved. You could even broadcast audio from loud speakers in case you need communication to surrounding drivers. getting the package from the van to the home without a human sounds a bit complicated though. maybe some kind of package cannon or drone?

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>being so mentally buck broken that you can't even imagine, can't even entertain the thought, that maybe, someday people will fight against systems of oppression
pathetic, just sad. not to mention ahistorical.

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The last mile would be the last thing automated. Maybe each house or neighborhood would have a standardized package receptacle. Truckers going between distribution centers would be first. Automating warehouses and distribution centers would be easiest, lower hanging fruit as liability is a non issue and they have complete control of the environment. A self driving vehicle should be able to gauge turnaround space better than you, as it can measure exactly how much space it has and knows exactly what radius it's turning.

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You're Right! The Indians Will Rise Up Against The Ai Since The Whites Were Already Replaced!

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>standardized package receptacle
that sounds like the easiest solution. might have issues with crime ridden areas.
>A self driving vehicle should be able to gauge turnaround space better than you, as it can measure exactly how much space it has and knows exactly what radius it's turning.
it should theoretically, but current self-driving cars freak out around close quarters with complex geometry.

stop typing like that

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> society has never been overthrown by the proles


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>standardized package receptacle
Almost like a mailbox kek

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>There are enough niggers and jeets to fulfill every wagie that walks. That's why wages barely changed
Then why is manufacturing still short 3,000,000 workers?

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That's not how S-curves work. AGI is the second bull-run leg. There's a plateau between there and now. Please actually go read up on the difficulties involved in SDC and robotics. There are hard problems to solve (HARD, not hard).
>Da joooos
Natal->Nation is dictionary linguistic drift. "Nation of immigrants" is a clever turn of phrase that marries both ends of that drift. There are plenty of other examples.
>Gym clothes
>Secular holiday
>Planetary orbit
Try and think of more, it's fun.

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I would bet my life that the phrase “a nation of immigrants” was coined by a kike.

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This man knows.

THEATRE of war.

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what would really fuck with corporations is a truck driving union. the teamsters only represent around 2% of truckers nationally.

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>There's a plateau between there and now.
you don't know where the plateau is, nobody really does. But I do know that it isn't where you think it is. I drew a picture for you :)

>difficulties involved in SDC and robotics, etc etc etc
forest for the trees, same drivel (((Krugman))) said when he equated the Internet to the fax machine. that's all he understood, since that's all he knew. the jewish mind is only imaginative when it comes to word play. speaking of...

>Secular holiday
sounds like a another Jewish invention tbf

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>Who cares how many white people are here. What makes a nation anyways?
the people make the country

low quality people make a low quality country

actual political concepts and principles are mostly meaningless when you understand this, success and failure are almost entirely race/culture based

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>I would bet my life that the phrase “a nation of immigrants” was coined by a kike
you'd be right, Ben Epstein of the ADL came up with it and had JFK write a book with the same name

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truckers don't have the social capital. See what happened in Canada, massive civil rights violations on working class(the left's sacred class) and nobody even blinked.

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I’ve been hearing this shit since 2012. You genx niggers were really traumatized by the bush recession.

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Note "complex". Like cutting-edge research. It's a cycle caused by breakthroughs leading to a large number of new questions and possibilities. Once these things are enumerated, it takes time to work through them and find the ones that lead to the next breakthroughs. (Zoom out), and you realize that this is (fractal).
The models that have come out in the past year are the breakthroughs. The VC mania is part of the enumeration of possibilities. It will take time to finish that stage, then whittle them down, and then to develop the next breakthrough. I give it ~10 years.
>sounds like a another Jewish invention tbf
How'd I know you would focus on the bait instead of having a snicker at "gym clothes"? You're hopeless, Charlie Brown. Completely hopeless.

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The crashing economy has literally nothing to do with this and no one cares Hollywood is striking. Wait to be 20 years old to post.

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Oh right, the S-Curve that doesn't actually look like an S, but a curly jew hair drawn by (((economists))), Well excuse me for being learned in the hard sciences, maybe I should have studied the Talmud instead so I could engage with you in this cartesian pilpul.

>gym clothes
I don't find semantics particularly interesting, since the translation into meaning is what is ultimately important. Anyways, I originally spoke of 'a nation of immigrants' which I correctly intuited (confirmed by >>55606641) was an artificial phrase unlike those silly cases of happenstantial oxymoron. Although words are not meaning themselves, they carry meaning and the manipulation of them can therefore manipulate meaning. So to dress up the Orwellian manipulation of language as 'haha gym clothes so silly cause muh naked greeks' is a form of sophistry.

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>none of these strikes/potential strike will claw back even 2019 real terms TC
Libshits are so fucking dumb it's embarrassing, you're going to hail these strikes as "worker victories" as they all take real terms pay cuts. Natural born useful idiots the lot of you.

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>The VC mania
it's interesting that much of the progress is coming from open sources. maybe it will turn back to private growth eventually, but I wouldn't want to be a VC investing in AI right now, at least not directly in AI models. AI implementations maybe, I have a sibling working in educational technology sector and are already gearing towards AI directed online course learning and tests. They already use ChatGPT4 to create web filter blacklists.

okay Billy Bob, don't you have a cousin to fuck or something?

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wagies are delusional, it's hilarious

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every single revolution was planned, orchestrated, and manned by delusional people. the realists are thrown in the dustbin of history and, if they are lucky, posthumously declared correct, but only just in time for the next revolution that will throw the next set of realists into the trash.

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>too dull to understand the chains he wears

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Holy cope, Batman!

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You have to go back.

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>wga and sag-aftra strike
don't care. i only watch anime and kaiju films so it doesn't affect me.
>ups strike
don't care. i mainly order online from amazon which has its own delivery network.

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think for a second anon. Those organizations listed on your meme have been winning for what? the last 30+ years? why? which demographic do they derive their power from? semi-affluent white collar professionals. that's right, the same people you say 'yes sir' or 'yes ma'am' to when you fix there plumbing. they hold the power in society. you mock them on you're little secluded internet board, but we all know you, and most of you posting here, are the low caste. they are brahmin, you are sudra. dirty and unwashed lumpenproletariat. lowly mud people.

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>top down worldview & direct brained
Perpetual useful idiot. World is bottom up little statist.

1) Hard money forces positive sum activity as everything has to balance.
2) Hard money fell out of favor for transactional not economic reasons during the industrial revolution.
3) Politics always favors soft money because it enables easy and opaque theft.

Social spending acts as a supply-side subsidy for labor, a worker CAN'T sell their labor for less than subsistence, but what happens if we give them food stamps, subsided housing, Medicare etc? Well now they can sell their labor for less than it costs to produce!

But wait! How were those social programs paid for? Deficit spending? Exactly. Deficit spending is an expansion of the money supply (simple dilution), it robs ALL income earners and gives to asset holders (as an increase in money supply will naturally inflate assets), a HUGE and on going parasitic transfer of resources from income earners to oligarchs, THIS is the driving force of the wage/productivity divergence seen since the 60s.

Notice that the fiat grift also suppress incomes of white collar workers by tricking them into believing the nominal gains on house value is wealth instead of inflation, why mechanical engineers etc get paid so poorly, $60k seems like a lot if you bought 30 or 40 years ago, but you haven't gotten wealthy, your real terms income has just drilled through the floor.

Even illegal immigration, generally seen as a driver of wage stagnation, is merely a justification for further debasement, or do you think paco is here for our magic clay and not our social welfare spending?

There are no political solutions, and not in the poltard "violence is the answer" as violence is of course wholly political, there are no political solutions because politics is a memetic parasite that never fixes anything. There are only technical and economic solutions, and BTC is just that, a technical fix for the political corruption of Money.

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>World is bottom up
hahhahahah HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, yes, let the roaches rule! HA!

no, the only problem here is that the wrong people are ruling the country and the mess you described with fiat/immigration/deficit is just proof of the current ruling class' incompetence. it's very simple what needs to happen: we takeover, they die.

and by we, I mean, the true elites and by takeover, I mean, send hordes of our low caste people into the meat grinder where they will, thanks to our superior tactics and propaganda, end up victorious. then we'll pat ourselves on the back and start fixing the country.

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nigga this is literally capitalism in action. people get tired of the old shit and compete with new shit.

oh wait no they still want to suck on Disney and Warner's teats while not even THINKING of fucking off to make their own shit.

>b-but they don't have the money

if you have the money to live in joo york or commiefornia you have the money to make your own show/indie movie

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2 more weeks.

if there are real Bizraeli's here still, when you smell a /pol/lock, do the opposite. When they finally buy the top, sell everything.

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>complains about /pol/
>does the same "just two more weeks guyss" faggotry that /pol/ always pulls

what a waste of a perfectly good dub.

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the entertainment industry is the core of democracy, it won't die, even if it means externalizing everything to japan and korea.
Plus it's summer and nobody gives a shit about tv shows right now. In September it's going to be another story

dont forget that the japanese bureaucratic bugs have allowed AI to be trained on pirated data, this is why, even though the japanese Ai models are crap, all the western merchants make a deal with japan firms to train the western AI on the pirated data in japan, and they will import back into the west the output. This means all the wageslaves in the entertainment industry are killed. good riddance.

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and every single revolution made life shittier for the plebs

>> No.55607728

you're currently living (presumibly over the age of 30) while not living in a constant state of polio and cholera thanks to the industrial REVOLUTION

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You are blinded by political theater. The world is bottom up not top down, emergent, organic, the State a dying memetic parasite, feebly grasping for relevancy after technology obsolesced it's function (propagation & memetic convergence) within the meme complex. "Nothing ever happens" "everything is fake and gay" why? Because the State is dying, if not already dead, a bloated memetic corpse puppeted by grifters.

The last meaningful lever the Statists have is fiat, from which their influence over Economy rests, but this influence is perverse and inefficient, while Economy is naturally positive sum, fiat allows the manipulation of Economy to favor zero and even negative sum economic transactions! Blasphemy! Economy will not abide -- "The market ahh finds a way" -- and a way it found. You've been shown the path, you just need to follow it.

>> No.55608058

I hope you're right. I'd rather live in a BTC lolbertarian utopia then the nightmare world I'm imagining. I just got back from the gym, so now I'm feeling slightly more hopeful. still, it might be worth to mentally prepare yourself for the worst.

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>Upper middle class

Will you retards ever learn anything?

>> No.55608102

skill issue

>industrial REVOLUTION
not a political revolution, also if they made it past childhood then people lived surprisingly long. the whole 'people died at the average age of 35' meme is a misunderstood, misused statistic. it's also the case that people lived generally healthier lives since the unhealthy were weeded out very young. modern society is a basically a factory farm for humans.

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>I can't wait to live in a world where I have to pay the fire department with Bitcoin to put out my house fire.

>> No.55608121

how is that any different than paying the fire department with property taxes?

>> No.55608202

Because you don't have to pay them directly. It's a presumed fee paid apriori by society. Your house fire/robbery/ and in societies that aren't backward your medical coverage will all be taken care of no matter what.

What should the person do who has no funds to cover their house fire do? "Sorry your house fire burnt down the whole neighborhood guys but because you're all to poor to afford it that's just the way it is "

Nah. Now I agree private options should be available but our taxes should deff exist as a base line for market failures and if some people who can afford it want higher coverage private options that should be available too.

>> No.55608254

if someone has a house and doesn't have money to afford property tax then a lien is placed on the house. likewise, if someone can't afford private fire insurance then the firefighters would still save the house, but then put a lien on it. you get more or less the same result. as long as the incentives are working properly, there is little practical difference between private collectivized services like private insurance and public collectivized services.
that said, there real-life examples where the incentives do break down, disastrously even, and you end up with the American healthcare system.

>> No.55608285

Go back to work wagie, nothing ever happens

>> No.55608306

You're just pushing the problem back; First of all anlein isn't guaranteed because in COVID my landlord stopped paying the mortgage on the house unbeknownst to us and the bank straight up took it from us. Further more even then at some point a payment is not going to be available and at that point what do you think a priavte company is going to say?

>> No.55608338

Last I checked 6 companies control the media in usa. Maybe 4 companies control the vaccines. Like 6 companies control the smartphone service while like 6 companies dominate smartphone sales. Capitalism still looks like a wild factory of making a small group of people very fucking rich.

Tell me capitalism is dead only when we go from iphone vs samsung coke vs Pepsi to something like iphone vs a large number of companies with equal control of the market. Right now if NVDIA hikes the prices we get fucked anally

>> No.55608345

Because they want to run skeleton crews and import more spics

America has no open jobs unless it's Amazon wagie or Uber eats

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Teamsters take people's union dues and then don't defend them if the company wants little financial favors. Abolish Teamsters. Teamsters are crooks.

>> No.55608658


Non union cucks stay mad.

>> No.55608694

>OWS was a rebellion of the least powerful members of American society. broke college kids with no social or financial capital, no connections, experience, and not much of a clue either. of course it floundered
OWS was subverted by the very people who now fund commie movements.
Prove me wrong.
Capitalism is based gobernment is cringe.
Prove me wrong.
You will be just as poor-off under communism as you are under capitalism because you contribute nothing to your own success and wish to leech off of the waste of others under communism where you think there will somehow be more waste for you to consooom.
Prove me wrong.
>protip; you fucken cunt

>> No.55609724

>It's over for corporations
fucking finally, at least one attack against them will make a huge pump for everyone and that will be my chance to leave with SORA so I can buy the things I want to, you know, finally be at peace financially

>> No.55609856

that's retarded. the roman empire didn't expand into gaul in celebration and symbolism, they slaughtered hundreds of thousands of men and installed their own leadership.

>> No.55609869

If capitalism is Joever what difference does it make how you invest lol

>> No.55609905

>that doesn't actually look like an S
That's 'cause the S stands for "snake", dingus. Which is what it looks like.
>Well excuse me for being learned in the hard sciences
>I don't find semantics particularly interesting,
Because you're an idiot.
>which I correctly intuited (confirmed by >>55606641)
You're both wrong, because it was the title of an essay by Kennedy, even if it was for an ADL thing. Oooh, Catholics, spooky.
>Although words are not meaning themselves, they carry meaning and the manipulation of them can therefore manipulate meaning
Yes. That's what I said. It's a wonderfully human phenomenon that allows us to expand our understanding of the world around us, beyond what our brains are hardwired to perceive. Speaking to "a nation of immigrants" in particular, it's also the truth. The vast majority of Americans are not indigenous to this land; the number that are indigenous to this country is scarcely larger. Most Americans are descended from people who came here in the second half of America's existence. And what has been created IS a singular nation; most 2nd and 3rd gen immigrants are rejected by their homeland and accepted as Americans. Orwellian language is about dressing up lies in what sounds truthful; it can't be Orwellian if it's the truth. I'm sorry that you've contracted DA JOOOOOS brainworms, but they've distorted your cognition.

>> No.55609918

>it's interesting that much of the progress is coming from open sources.
This is a misunderstanding. Much of the open progress is coming from open sources. You don't know what's happening behind closed doors. In any case, I said it was a PART of the process; literally billions of dollars are being pumped into the space, and that is where the (artificial) monetary growth is; that doesn't speak to research progress, of course. Which means that
>I wouldn't want to be a VC investing in AI right now,
is the only smart thing you've said thus far.
None of this changes that AI isn't taking the job of a Hollywood writer or package deliverperson anytime soon.
And get shut out of distribution. The problem is that the studios are basically banks. Talk to people who are banned from getting checking accounts about how much more difficult life is.

>> No.55610503

Hmmm, is that why "certain people" want to take "certain resistance objects", "off the streets"?

>> No.55610717
File: 906 KB, 851x1407, Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 23-27-09 NSA Awards Secret $10 Billion Contract to Amazon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


What you all are failing to realize is that the U.S. government owns Amazon which is a multi-trillion dollar retail business that bought out hundreds of other retailers online and offline. It is moving trillions of USD into China.

Obama era politicians attempted to pass several authoritarian laws which would have made all corporate products property of those corporations and buyers would only have possession of them as a lease. Effectively closing down eBay and Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace.

You are literally witnesses national socialism growing as State, Religion and Business are all melding into one under one authority.

That is the goal of these cunts, socialism, authoritarian state controlled everything and a mass of atheist police officers scurrying around obeying the government like desperate animals seeking a safety from a storm that doesn't exist.

>> No.55610748
File: 1.15 MB, 2160x4192, 1683684881049274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you idiots really think they will allow any sort of modern revolution?
Why do you think they are so fine with making men weak?

>> No.55610884


The revolution is already happening, and it's 100% controlled. All they want is to create a giant concentration camp, doing this requires people being disconnected from the word of God.

They actually want exactly what north korea has done to it's population. They envy it. An entire class of people who are police officers, government workers, completely disconnected from reality and obedient to government. A government that is seen as God or very closely tied to God-likeness.

>> No.55612109

They want the public to remain reliant on them

>> No.55614106

past 5 years i havent had one white person work on my house...white collar jobs dont exist anymore...no refunds

>> No.55614833
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>also if they made it past childhood
yeah, mass infant mortality. that's a pretty good defense.

>And get shut out of distribution. The problem is that the studios are basically banks. Talk to people who are banned from getting checking accounts about how much more difficult life is.
but you can't make a bank from scratch. you CAN, however, "four-walk" a couple theaters for a couple hundred bucks and get hundreds if not thousands of asses in seats.

you think i'm horseshitting you? look up the movie "unsubscribe" by christian nillson. on that note, also buy Lloyd Kaufman's "...Your own damn movie" series

>> No.55615142

>le capitalism is dead
Meanwhile literal human capital will be "striking."
Pretty much the deepest depths of irony.

>> No.55615222
File: 3.03 MB, 1280x720, blackswan running on windows.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So how would you leverage yourself if you had a bot that instantly traded based off the news of strikes and layoffs and other blackswan events. Well there is a bot called Blackswan that does that exactly and more. More info at : blackswan dot biz

>> No.55615240

Sounds like a good way to lose money.

>> No.55615328
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In your fear and uncertainty it will be tempting to put your trust in some person or group who emerges and claims to have a "way out", which will involve sacrificing some of your liberty. You must resist this urge. These self‑proclaimed saviors may appear in many forms, under any number of banners: "intellectuals", "influential people", "progressive thinkers", "billionaires", "the UN", "the EU", "self‑selected multinational coalition", "global leaders", "world governments", "radicals", "revolutionaries" or some combination of these. They may appear charismatic. They may appear to have your best interests at heart. They may stand united, arm‑in‑arm, proclaiming "We know the way forward", advancing some form of "people's revolution" or "Global Reset" where "you will be in charge", hawking various "‑isms" and promises of a better tomorrow. These people are not your friends. They are not to be trusted. They are the same global banking elites using the same fear tactics, shilling the same magic potions and snake oils as always. They want only one thing: power.

>> No.55615378
File: 78 KB, 614x592, GH346223546X3d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sounds like a skill issue

>> No.55615791

Yes, trusting the skill of the person doing that bot and then expecting to be able to parlay that into a coherent trade strategy sounds like a non starter.

>> No.55615830
File: 170 KB, 1643x546, blackswan chart updated.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ehh, if it's not for you then just say it. don't act like it's not a skill issue. the bot works 100% off of what you set it at. Historical training data isn't available until phase 5.

The trading bot uses AI to execute instant trades based on news releases. It helps you to enter positions before the market reacts, whether it's bullish or bearish news. You can specify the events you want to trade on. Their twitter/website has more info on it

>> No.55617211

Did you change phones, scammer cunt?

>> No.55617381
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Bros, w-what do we do if the jannies threaten to strike!?

>> No.55617387

>mass infant mortality
nature's eugenics program, better to die young than live as a chronically ill burden on society. not to mention these dysgenic gene carriers compound the issue by having kids of their own.

>S stands for 'snake'
complete lie, the only snake here is you, kike
>caring about semantics over meaning
explains a lot. you're basically not even conscious, just a verbal program. I've bet you've never even had a single controversial thought in your whole life. what a waste.
>nation of immigrants is technically true
technically true for all nations since humans, like all animals, migrate over time. this is a completely meaningless observation though since it doesn't represent the 'meaning' of the word, which is a "a large body of people united by common descent". Immigrants from across the world do not have a 'common descent', less so when they come from completely different continents.

>> No.55617401
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>nature's eugenics program, better to die young than live as a chronically ill burden on society. not to mention these dysgenic gene carriers compound the issue by having kids of their own.

>> No.55617423

I bet you were the runt of the litter.

>> No.55617461

Does someone have jeff bezos’ address
I want to redistribute his home

>> No.55617503
File: 478 KB, 652x970, general moviebob pinochipman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I bet you were the runt of the litter.
you're right
i have been smartphoned, deboonked even, bamboozled, if you will.

i will now jump off the gene pool and let you procede with your superior future.