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>Kava validators get 1k of their token after 30 days of deployment and more if they stay
if this shit manages to break $1 and stay there or go beyond that'd be a thousand dollars for doing almost nothing. i also want to become an avalanche validator.

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someone said something about staking it on curve for over 10% apy

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Can you afford the hardware required to actually become a validator? You'd also have to consider electricity costs too to really determine whether or not this is actually worth your time

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>stake tokens
>have a powerful server to get approved and become a validator
most of biz gets filtered by these conditions. not to mention you can't become a validator using potato tier specs

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I have literally never seen avalanchefags post prove of being validators or of even holding the fucking coin. It's all shitpost threads with the same pepes being spammed over and over again.

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Only 1K after a full month? I haven't even considered becoming a validator and I already want a refund. What a ripoff.

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>implying /biz/ is one person

Just because you're a NEET who can't even afford to get into a niche way to make some passive income doesn't mean all of us cannot get into it

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I don't see the point of your LARP/bait post but ok.
just stop posting garbage pls. Thanks.

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>expecting anything of value from avax roaches

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F-fuck you too, dude...

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Im aware. They want to be seen badly so they are doing generous rewards for those that provide liquidity and lend money.
>You should select an all-purpose server with at least 64GB of RAM, good connectivity, and a solid state drive with sufficient disk space.

I'm fine, I got two farms. So one for this another for Avax.

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2 out of 3 avalanche posters are paid shills. thats why.

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I'd rather stake but if you got the hardware then go for it, why not.

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all i need is having a good internet provider but im mexican and finding one that wont charge a limb for some decent internet is really fucking hard. not to mention rates spike out of fucking nowhere all the time. external sources prevent my success.

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Assuming this isn't another larp then I guess you're set although you should at least consider whether or not is even profitable as a long term venture

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why do jap girls always have clean delicious looking soles? not a trace of thick skin to them or dirt or anything. exquisite cuisine.

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It is what it is.
The funny thing here is that they somehow get a pass from the jannies even though they shit up the board

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Old hags that get absolutely rammed by Oji-san cock

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What part of Mexico? I though your people could easily jump the wall to a 1st world country (America)

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I'd advise you to not waste resources on Avalanche and just moved on to Polkadot. Not only would you be buying my bags and I'd be very happy about it but you'd also avoid providing a lot of disk space and overall resources to a dying ecosystem filled with roaches and third worlders :)

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>bro just become a validator
>bro just allocate your computational resources for this sidechain
I'd rather mine BTC before the next halving happens

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Based taste tbqh

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Read the OP but slowly this time. You get more for staying there verifying shit for them.

Mining btc provides meager returns. It's literally not worth it at all you'd be better off giving your resources to some render farm for 3D shit. The next halving will only make it worse, too.

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Every single rektfolio thread has anything and everything but AVAX lol I've seen more people hold fucking FTM in this day and age than I've seen AVAX holdings

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just hope their maintenance isn't as obtuse and arcane as ETH

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do they also charge you guys for working for them or

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Jannies have a very blatant list of projects they like and dislike. It's not a secret.

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jannies are linkies

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Avalanche Validator reporting in.

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It's nice seeing an influx of KAVA threads.