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why is XRP pumping?

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grandpa and grandma are buying the only digital asset with legal clarity in the united states

that's why it's pumping and will never stop

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It's being primed for the dump

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Fed Now is starting tomorrow. And for the rest of the year more and more banks will be joining up and using XRP for instant payments.

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Bobo… Don’t be mad…. We can still be friends..
This seems like people are forgetting Xrp was made for cross Border instant reliable payment.

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because it is the chosen one. everyone had 10+ years

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what does this mean for PayPal and Twitter integration??

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Idk I’m retarded

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which is exactly why I want your opinion. please speculate

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Call me crazy, but doesnt this mean the synergy between xrp and ccip is going to make anyone who holds either or both coins wealthier than their wildest dreams?

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I feel like Elon will use doge as a tipping tool eventually for Twitter. Doge it’s pretty good for transactions. XRP will be used by the big boys in the Bermuda because dealing with banks is retarded and there is about to be a whole other echelon of rich people that hate the system and don’t even want banks that speculate with your money and then have the balls to act like kings when you ask for your own money back. Monero is a buy in my book too btw, but only for reliable storing.
XRP wil just be in the top due to its fast processing power for huge transactions.
Specifically paypal doesn’t even matter because they will partner with the service for payment processings that is partnered with Xrp. Like this: Paypal partners with —> payment processor partners with—> XRP. PayPal is nothing more than a platform for payments, it uses many payment processing services.
Hope it was retarded enough.

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honestly that's extremely informative, thanks chat-npc

your thesis is exactly why I have $30k in both PYPL and XRP

p.s. check the monthly macd

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I think every payment platform is in pretty good shape since they can easily transfer from payment methods. Imagine the hassle PayPal has to go now anyways to work with almost all banks in the western hemisphere (I’m retarded but I think you can use PayPal everywhere in the west).
Also mind you I don’t hold monero (yet) since I’m actually too retarded to understand wallets. I was hoping a company would make it NPC proof and graspable. But every hard wallet seems like a scam and paper wallets I’m too neurotic for. I’ll probably try to understand is when there is a need to store safely large amount of money if I ever make it.
Banks will devolve and my bet is banks will just store money in the future due to trust problems and bank runs. They will charge a fee depending on the inflation rate and that’s it. that’s my best case scenario for the bank question though.