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So let me get this straight, CCIP is the single most important protocol in all of crypto and being actively tested by global banks worth trillions of dollars BUT no one outside of biz knows or cares about it. Is it actually bullshit or is it the market that's stupid?

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Retail is wrecked. Most market participants are opposed to link’s endgame, or just don’t see the same upside we do. It’s real, but it’s gonna take longer than you think.

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fuck off astroturfing faggot
>single most important protocol in all of crypto
>actively tested by global banks worth trillions of dollars
>no one outside of biz knows or cares about it
everyone knows, nobody cares
>is it the market that's stupid?
no, it's just faggot bagholders like you that are stupid

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It is their way.

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kek, fuddies


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You tell him!

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kek baggie
lmfao even

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kek baggie

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what happened to "token not needed"?

pay up

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what happened to the chart?
why isn't it going up?
looks like it's still not needed dumbfuck baggie.

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The chart says, that a month ago, it was 5 dollars per token, and now 7. That's pretty good price action, chud.

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>why isn't it going up?
ohh fuddies

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>single most important protocol in all of crypto
>actively tested by global banks worth trillions of dollars
>no one outside of biz knows or cares about it
>is it the market that's stupid?
here's your chart chimplet

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you aren't laughing though... chart. No one cares about any of this nerd buzzword shit.

And OP - all of crypto twitter is shilling this harder than they have in the last two years and the price won't budge. NOTHING can move this coin up. It is fucking cursed

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It crabbed for a year back in 2019 before it took off.

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now do Jan 1 until now... and then compare against EVERY FUCKING OTHER CRYPTO COIN

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All that will prove, is that LINK is at a great place of value, primed for a run.

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I'll be glad when Link moons for real so retards like you can fuck off. The fud's not even funny or interesting anymore, its just tiresome.

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I've noticed this roastie more and more lately. What role does she have within Chainlink?

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lmao bro you guys really need to give it up. Chainlink must be the most important protocol in the world or else you guys would leave us alone. Absolutely devious fudding like this, i congratulate you though it probably is actually working. Don't think I haven't noticed that you literally CAN'T search $LINK on Twitter anymore with all the spambots.

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Groomed to become the next CEO now that Nazarov is retiring

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Are they gonna hang his shirt up in the rafters?

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>or is it the market that's stupid?
it's really that simple

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>part performance indicates future results
kek baggie

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There was a thread on Reddit yesterday about sergeys talk. Basically all the replies were "that's great, hope it translates into price action"
Link needs to moon, or it won't moon

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Fake document

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Obviously the results will be different. They've actually accomplished their goals. You don't care about technology that will change the world, you just want to spin the roulette wheel.

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>selling people price feeds and transactions on other chains is going to change the world

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Yes, financial institutions will utilize technology that will save them billions upon billions of dollars with efficiency. Nobody likes waste.

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Fake and gay. Literally anyone could have typed that and it reads like something from a cartoon

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>he doesn't know aboot the RWATs
kek fuddie

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You guys got too smug it’s your own fault everyone hates you

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>Nobody likes waste.
so why pay an entire hr and recruiting department for a tech startup?

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>he doesn't know about the token not being needed
kek baggie

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This is literally just a bridge, they existed before link like why do you guys think this is so special?

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To expand. Got anymore brain busters?

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my bags are big
yours are smol

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I'm genuinely asking, because I don't understand: do you fuddies genuinely not know?

I just don't understand because we've been posting about this for years at this point. I can't imagine that someone on biz would possibly not know.

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It literally went from 23c to over $50, and you still didn’t sell because 1000 eoy, you got greedy accept it

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None of the baggies post technical information anymore since 2019. Also I avoid link threads because they’re ubiquitous and annoying. If there’s a pasta or something, just post it…

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She has shifty eyes.

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>Also I avoid link threads
he posted in a link thread

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Vulgar, crass, rude, perverse, disgusting. Fuddies really are demonic. Repent and come to Christ.

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>To expand.
expansion slowed feature delivery. expansion for them not only waste, it's worse than waste

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How did it not go ballistic yesterday then…

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Not to FUD of course, I am extremely optimistic.

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2 more weeks kek baggies

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Why do people keep posting this ugly shitalian prostitute? I don’t have shitter or any of the fagapps so I have no idea who this is and abhor seeing its ugly brown face.

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Why do people keep posting this ugly shitskin prostitute? I don’t have shitter or any of the fagapps so I have no idea who this is and abhor seeing its ugly brown face.

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have you read the talmud? theyre basically cartoon villains

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>Jesus will pump my bags
Kek baggies

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It’s literally just a bridge to other EVM chains. We have this already lmao.

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Man I wished I would be working at Chainlink though. Looks like a fun bunch of guys that could get shit done, especially now that Adelyn is out.

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It's not just a bridge for token transfers, it's a cross-system messaging standard. It's future-proof built to offer far more functionalities than simple token transfers (like programmable commands), while also being far more secure than any current bridge architecture (it's actually multiple networks running in parallel, monitoring for fraud, etc). The endgame has always been the abstracted layer of interoperability with legacy enterprise backends and banking standards.

You also have to consider that Chainlink is a whole suit of inter-composable services (remember "money legos"?), that just keeps growing, and since they all use the same underlying network infrastructure, using one means you can use the others without introducing extra friction or risk assumptions in your dev stack. Which currently also means market data, devops automation, randomness, computation, using any kind of web2 API, proof of reserve, etc. and will also eventually including privacy-preserving applications, FSS, etc. These other services are also used or in high demand by all the major DEFI dapps, for major new use cases like CBDCs or RWAs, etc. Their security reputation and business monopoly are already established.

The fact that Chainlink is at the center of any use case isn't hard to understand when you understand the oracle problem is at the core of any blockchain interaction. Always has been.

Which is why, you know, the likes of SWIFT and the DTCC are collaborating with them, or why all the top DEFI protocols are already using them.

CCIP has been +5 years in the making, tailor designed from the ground up for the high-level modularity and security needs of banking institutions like SWIFT, not for shitcoin casino gamblers. It's not called ChainLink by accident.

It's the #1 most widely adopted infrastructure provider in crypto, and the tokenomics/fees are starting to reflect that level of adoption. Once CCIP is in full swing with staking value accrual, it'll be unstoppable.

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Thats cool but the token does not represent any stake of ownership in the company and they will simply mint new tokens if the price ever starts to rise, thanks for playing baggie

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It's about increasing liquidity apparently, and enabling tradfi liquidity to flow into crypto, and through tokenisation, being more liquidity to tradfi. You understand what that means right?

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you need to put a minimum of effort in your fudbait if you want to earn the (you)'s

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kek this post really got the link nigger mad

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Kek baggies

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I don't have any skin in the game, but didn't Sirgay say that link shouldn't cost more than a cup of coffee? They are suppressing the price.

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He never explicitly indicated which specific type of coffee bean would be used

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All people care about is the price of the token, and the fact that the token is now used for a service and the price has gone down is pretty fucking bad.

Are you going to be happy if Chainlink has tons of utility and everyone uses the DON for settlement and the token is still $7? Are you going to be gloating about how much the DON is used still?

What exactly will cause the token’s price to rise at this point?

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Why does everyone know?

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4 link to transfer how much?
I know it's a testnet

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Wrong. Quant network and overledger are thr single most important interoperability protocol known to man. CCIP wishes it was able to do the same thing as quants overledger

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>I make shit up when confronted with something I don't understand and can't argue against
kek fuddies

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By staking the token you will be directly paid a portion of all CCIP fees my nigga

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The token is used for a service that has just been released and is only being used by 2 dapps. If CCIP is being used by Swift and most of web3 in 2 years time and is still at $7 then I would obviously kill myself.

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Are you having a stroke, fuddie?
Why are you so mad about a token that, apparently, you don't hold?

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>0.000000001 LINK has been deposited in your account
Kek baggies

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nice try scammer

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>muh ownership
>they will mint new tokens
how does it feel to lie everytime you get BTFO? like, at a brain level, how does it feel? do you get little twitches when reading a paragraph that doesn't align with your lunatic fixation on Chainlink?

>n-nOO they will just.. j-just MINT NEW TOKENS!! k-kek baggie
pic related


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whew lad
you are really upset kek baggie

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Literally all this bitch does is take selfies. She was in a team that won one of the hackathon prizes, posting pictures of herself next to a table of a bunch of guys on their laptops.

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I was at a college basketball game a few months ago when I realized:
There are only 36 different basketball jersey numbers

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>So let me get this straight, CCIP is the single most important protocol in all of crypto and being actively tested by global banks worth trillions of dollars BUT no one outside of biz knows or cares about it. Is it actually bullshit or is it the market that's stupid?

none of this stuff is secret, it's literally all out in the open. it isn't made up bullshit, if it was made up bullshit we would've stopped caring about chainlink a really long time ago like many, many, many, many of the other scams in this market that /biz/ gambled on years ago. and yes this market is pretty retarded.

most of the craziest things in the world are actually easily verifiable but no one really gives a shit because the average person is still too stupid to use the internet even though we all interface with it constantly.

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>everyone knows, nobody cares
I think there's more truth to this than people here want to admit.

Everyone who would care about it already knows about it. Everyone else would never care in a million years because it's "boring nerdy stuff that doesn't matter," or even worse, "crypto NFT scam shit"

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At least you admit the token has a purpose

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this is a good effort post

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don't call Sergey a bitch
we are all in this together

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>CCCP is the single most important protocol in all of

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doesn't matter how much it transferred, the 4.87 LINK covers the destination (eth) chain's fees + tip

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Absolute true, except the 5 year mention undersells just how long shit shit has been in the making. The groundwork is extremely deep.

Anyone who thinks "oh x will just make their own" should go use Google+.

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Guess what? Im not selling at $1000 either...

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gpt bot thread

>> No.55604195

I hate chat gpt ruined the internet

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this guy made me buy a stack

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funny how quality shills only happen after the price has pumped

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>They can't mint new tokens.....because they just can't, okay?
Kek baggies

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more like the market is retarded

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>most important protocol in all of crypto
most important protocol*

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>CCIP is the single most important protocol in all of crypto
It's unironically not...
>being actively tested by global banks worth trillions of dollars
Even if true, doesn't actually mean as much as you think or even mean link is undervalued.
Remember that DTCC handles something like $1.7 quadrillion in transactions and a has a net income measured in hundreds of millions and a total valuation of a couple of billion or something which is like half of link's.
Not to mention it's not like the link token even entitles you to any actual revenue or anything since the company is smart enough to arrange things to their benefit. Sergey et all are not stupid.
I don't even consider link a scam since the company provides some genuinely useful services.
If anything, people here scammed themselves by being silly and not taking an informed, objective approach to investing. Not to mention they had a chance to take advantage of the hysteria and retardation of a bull run...so there's that.

>> No.55606886

The transactions performed amount to trillions, and chainlink can take a piece of that, which could amount to a hell of a lot. Did you hope you'd convince us link could only take a slice of the profits? Nice try, but no cigar

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>they're fudding the fucking dtcc to fud chainlink now
>umm actually swift is obsoleted by third worlders banding together and dtcc only makes a few millions from enabling quadrillions so link not needed basically

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They've run out of fud, haven't they? There was one yesterday who replied 'so what, your token is still shit' in reply to the token being definitely needed, kek.
Not with a bang but with a whimper, it seems.

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We're well past the point of 'convincing' anyone about anything here. Reality exists, but I understand that it's irrelevant to most people here.
The quadrillions meme was an excellent one though for people who took advantage of the ignorant hysteria and subsequent pump.
The most ironic thing about all of this is that anyone who actually researches the most basic information about any of this quickly finds out that link has the some of the worst fundamentals. Despite people here thinking that 'the market is wrong and i am right'.
I actually dare you to try and sit down one day with excel and start going through different scenarios and see what even the most optimistic outcomes look like in terms of revenue and fees.
Also consider that there are a handful of defi protocols that actually do already make hundreds of millions in revenue, and they're not really worth that much(and the value actually accrues to the token via buyback in cases like MakerDAO, unlike LINK which has the inverse system with CCIP where fees are paid in the transferring token and then nodes are subsidized in LINK that comes directly from the hundreds of millions of LINK that is set aside to be used for that...).
I think it's actually poetic that everyone here is staked now and gets to under perform through another bullrun solely as a result of their own ignorance, hubris, and laziness. It's quite fitting.

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Bitcoin is the only crypto that matters and CCIP is totally irrelevant.
Link token is not needed either.

>> No.55607147

you own link