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Sooo has anyone found a way to properly introduce the Neural Intelligence/AI meme hype to anything crypto related or is it all just Stable Diffusion-made useless NFTs and shitcoins still?

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Just use chatGPT and call it a day nigger. not everything has to incorporate crypto

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No, and honestly I simply hope you get raped by a pack of wild unwashed niggers

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>partnership with Meta of all companies
Flew right under the radar, though

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I can't think of a single use case in which AI would be beneficial when paired with crypto.

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oasisfags are uppity as of lately. what's the meaning of this?

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well Arkham has been developing some AI called ULTRA in collab with the OpenAI people. apparently it can link wallets together so in theory if some scammer wants to siphon funds through that wallet it'd still be linked to their main/the projects' wallet(s) so you can still see what is going on there, something along those lines. it can do other things but i need to read more.

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Has anyone figured out a good crypto use case besides lending platforms and bypassing government restrictions? seriously

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I want to buy shit with AI behind it to ride the bandwagon, retard.

I'm 50/50 on them at the moment. On one hand they open sourced LLaMA and that's pretty cool. On the other it's Mark Zuckerberg. I don't like Oasis either, always looked like a bearish/crabbish coin, not enough action. Thanks though.

Sounds interesting, thanks anon.

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>he doesn't know about AI-assisted copytrading
you will never ever make it.

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I miss avaxfags tbqh

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thanks? you WILL buy my bags faggot

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Bought this and MAV hoping it'll be picked up by some stake protocols as their AMM. Please god let this be my ticket...

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Do you also let another man fuck your wife? Or in this case, some """AI""" bot?

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Buy the shitcoin ICOs faggots, wagmi

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People keep saying this yet I've never seen a single bot I can use. Are you memeing or is this a real thing
Do no gaslight me please I'm very sensitive

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Hmmm at least it's something different rather than another scam using OpenAI's APIs to give the illusion of being an actual AI project when in reality they just created a glorified chatbot (see cryptoGPT for the latest example).

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Who are you even talking to?

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>I want to get fucked in the ass by a bunch of indian scammers shilling shitcoins

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because most projects that say this are retarded. Binance has built-in trading bots and they don't go advertising them as incorporating AI because they know it's a meaningless buzzword. Same with L2

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I wonder why people still care about nfts, it's already noted that its just vaporwave.

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good fucking lord can you niggers STOP with this ai shit already. first it was metaverse shitcoin spam, then layer 2 spam, now ai garbage. what's the next retarded narrative, huh?

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haha yeah ive seen that over and over again
"sell ur data ethically!" "the first blockchain powered ai chatbot!!" this and that all using openai's API half assedly and calling it a day. it's depraved.

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do you really think the people behind good ai bots are going to share them with everybody else just because they are nice and good and shit

no, retard. you make them. there's tools you there for that. find them and learn. there's even marketplaces dedicated to bots you can buy.

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extreme fomo and sunk cost fallacy

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It's what it is. Wait for the next bull run and you'll see the catalog being relentlessly spammed 24/7

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"algorithmically matches addresses with real-world entities to enhance transparency in the crypto industry"
But how the fuck can it do that? I can create 300 different wallets in a day all from different computers using VPNs and proxies and whatnot to make it completely untraceable. How can this thing connect the dots?

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meant to reply to >>55578139 im just realizing sorry

i dont write the code bro i got no clue. thats what they promised it might as well be shitty and they'll deprecate it soon after release or something lol

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Lord forbid I make a thread on anything other than Chainlink or Avax or TOAD or whatever the fuck you people talk about nowadays.

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*blocks your path*