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America is the best.

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another one

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There's two types of non Americans. Those who love America and wish they were born here, and those who constantly seethe about our existence.

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America is an empire in decline. Boomers and Gen X took everything from me.

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If you live in the Midwest in an all white town in a remote area with a high income in a large house and plenty of based friends with a reliable car and a trad wife with no fags and niggers around where your children can go to school without being shot by some incel and you can go to cool places on the weekend and you have a cabin in the woods as a vacation retreat and you're not fat and know how to keep goyslop out of your diet and you have a gun and you don't have a shit tonne of debt and you have solid health insurance

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Amen brother

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Needs a new form of national government or to be split into 4 or 5 seperate countries at this point.

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China is on the rise.
Let's talk about and give a political name to total technocratic domination of mind, body and environment, since that is the Chinese way. Is it even possible for a human mind to conceive of the level of control and domination in Chinese society? This is important, since China will dominate the new world.

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Techno-Draconianism could be a good term.