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Wait a minute. You own multiple "Bitcoin crypto tokens" that have increased to $30,000 each and you're not selling them? I'd say on average you all must have at least 4 BTC since you post so much about crypto all the time. You could sell that and get $100K now, or wait for the $1M that might never happen. Or you might fucking die before it hits $1M. Are you stupid?

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>sell now
Or i could just wait until the top in 2025 and sell.
Then buy in 2026 and sell the next top in 2029.
Then buy in 2030 and sell the top in 2033.
And so on.
I hope you are still here next decade, giving me advice that i won't take. I appreciate your efforts and find them amusing.

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if i sell now it means i have to wage. not selling keeps the illusion alive

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>thinking BTC wont get hacked by Chinese AI and go down to $0

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100k is like nothing. Pretty much slavery in liquid assets, might get you a loaf of bread by 2030

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OP can you please delete this thread, Bitcoin is under $30k because of you. Sorry if my ID looks like OP I am not OP just his neighbor using his wi-fi :(

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what if it goes to zero EOY

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what are you selling your nfts to get? Better Nfts?

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Seethe, my buttcorn stay poppin as they say in the groid communitay