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>Alex Mashinsky finally went to jail because some crypto project about internet e-detective roleplaying decided to 'investigate' him with public information and nothing else
>somehow american authorities were incapable to do anything by themselves once again
PUBLICLY available information. Wanted to reiterate that. I wonder if he managed to launder the 65 million he got left or nah.

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We lost another one bros....

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Countless crypto e-celebs called him out on his bullshit since waaay back in the day and obviously even more so once it all went down. Idk how he managed to stay a free man for so long.

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celsius was always a scam and whoever with a normal IQ would've quickly noticed it.
>just deposit money so we can give you more money in return bro!!!
textbook definition of a ponzi scheme. can't believe retards still fall for those in the 21st century

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>e-detective roleplaying
i wanna roleplay where do i go to do that hehe

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Was it Cryptozilla?

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>implying scammers can't just buy their own freedom anyways
should I remind you how long it took for Do Kown to get thrown in jail?

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>t. sbf

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Anywhere but here because you'll most likely be wasting your time

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Tell that to the Richard apologists.

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what project faggot

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I can't be the only one who still misses little ol' sammy boy screwing around with regulators, r-right?

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Read their report.

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It's COFFEE. C-O-F-F-E-Ezilla

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to be fair it just sounded like a normal staking protocol. like waves exchange and whatever. cakeswap, so on.

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did he really get caught just because they showed some on chain transactions? was that really all it takes? why the fuck did nobody do it until now then?

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i wanted to poke fun at it because i think hex holders are fucking obnoxious but im not going to lie this is not half bad for something promising 38% apy ever since its inception. is that even real or is it a lie?

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>waves exchange
Omega kek.
That shit is by far the shitties ecosystem. Just a centralized garbage ponzi LARPing as a """decentralized ecosystem""". I hope Sasha is next

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>they got a report up on ICP
uh oh /biz/bros we need to fud this right NOW!!!

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Took 'em long enough. Good riddance ffs

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How did they find his dumpy wallets though? I seriously doubt they were associated to celcius at all.

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ICP trannies have been real quiet since this shit dropped. Guess that explains all the controversy

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it was just a point of comparison relax

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Just wait till distribution day hits then post the chart. Must I really remind you HEX was above 0.01 hell last year?

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Oh I'm totally fine. DESU I do feel kinda bad for anyone who fell for that scam.

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I forgot this shitty board has so many retarded filters. Can't even call out söyboys properly. Goddamn

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oh, lol, oops

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I'm pretty sure this is what inspired Arkham to actually implement a wallet watcher to their charting/tracking hybrid platform. It's like Etherscan and Tradingview combined all in one place. It's quite the sighting to be honest.

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Link? I refuse to make a twitter account so can't see it.

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>hurr durr play internet detective.

Won't stop me from making my own scam and dumping on you faggots

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is this another fucking coffeezilla thread still not watching

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>SBF had to get put under a gigantic spotlight by proxy of hundreds of youtubers making videos on Alamedas' situation for the feds to do jack shit
>Same with Mashinsky
>Same with the paradox metaverse dubai rich kid faggots
>Same with every single bad actor involved in crypto
boomers do not understand how this technology works on a fundamental level and still want to control it all.

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Nice, when are they gonna do Bancor? Literally the only rugpull that slipped under everyone’s radar. Looks like being the king kikes’s niece has some perks .

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Did any of these lending projects were they would lend out money for people to gamble on shitcoins actually work out?

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i gave mid 6 figs to that jewish scammer. he will be safer in jail.

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Why did this retard stay in the US? Did he really think he was gonna get away with it? His business partner who was also indicted had some common sense and went to Israel.

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because the police is fucking worthless

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>i gave mid 6 figs to that jewish scammer. he will be safer in jail.

don't worry, israel will put that good money towards fighting antisemitism.

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the jewish lobby should match those contributions at least 5 to 1 to make up for all the new antisemities celsius is responsible for making.

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Holy fuk..... Are you okay?

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yea i'm mad i had to go back to work after "retiring" at 29 but i'm still well-off compared to other millennials. some people literally killed themselves over this.

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Mid 6 figs would bring me close to that point ngl. Hope you recover and reach ATHs anon.

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thanks for the kind words, anon. best of luck to you as well.