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I just put $10,000 in BTC. What should I expect?

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A man

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A black man to penetrate your anus while you sleep tonight

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Is it penetration if your fingers are outside the spandex.

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fuck thats hot

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3000 dollars

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How does $8,000 sound?

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Spandex is very stretchy anon.

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oh hey Ranjesh

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lucky to peak at $40k, nut you'll ride it back down to $20k

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he knows what he's doing

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ain't no man has that low of a center of gravity. men bend more at the lower back

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Oh yeah?

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>in this thread capomaxxing
12k still strong or was it 8k? :)

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it could be surgeries but otherwise the OP picture isn't possible for men. meanwhile your picture is disgustingly obvious both body and face.

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>My white tranny is beautiful
kek you would fuck him in a heartbeat.

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>blood fish poop moist warm sweat mixture

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keep gaslighting tranny boy

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>those forearms
It's a guy give it the ghost fellas.

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>ignores the clearly huge forearms and mans face/nose

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it's actually a feminine face. noses aren't masculine or feminine, and that forearm isn't overdeveloped or veiny at all. this is just clearly a tranny psyop pushing very hard against a horse faced latina.

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>These are both men
I've fucked one, and I'd fuck the other.

Simple as.

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>white [...] is beautiful

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>The giant mans nose, forearm width the exact same as a man his height and weight with veins popping out
Yeah it's dude it's okay you can admit it now.
>feminine face kek

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maybe consider kys instead of making shit up about noses and forearms tranny.
shoulders check, venter of gravity check, no brow ridge check, notice how this tranny didnt use a single of the normal criteria

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does this image enrage you anon?

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how does 30k sound?

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Na cause I ain't clicking it I just see a wine glass
>shids and farts on your tranny loving ass

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Why you posting scat porn...

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why you lyin..oh yea you're a tranny

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hey! it's almost as if the skeleton of a man and a woman are distinguishable, long after the person is dead. b-b-but what about their preferred pronouns?

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your just denying facts

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I'd point to a spot on the ground and say her "I think you dropped something", then when she is looking at the ground bent over I would uppercut her, bust all her teeth out, gasping for air, all she can hear are the faint gasps of shock from other gymgoers and me screaming "JUST LIKE THAT JUST LIKE THAT JUST LIKE THAT"
or whatever haha

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$155,000 this time, next year.

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She wouldnt be so hot if she didn't have an ass..

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Fuck anon. BTC is like your stock's long-time investment, if you want to profit in less period of time buy altcoins. You need something from the lower caps; check out CRY XLM EGLD KREST for rewards in PEAQ token.

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Are you hiding in the hills when the boss says, "Buy the dip!" Not too awful from my end coz I've a means to earn revenue by owning a fraction of Eloop's tokenized Tesla.

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A 100-200x in real terms in the next 30 years. Never sell and you'll be fine

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Faggot, It's on the news that PEAQ has the highest winning crowdloan bid in 2023. What are you f***cking bragging now? You're a drunk white American Jeet who hasn't bothered to listen to or read the news.

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kek, that's when he can't tell the difference between wine and water. The sooner anons go to Web3 EOTs and IOTs and take advantage of it via PEAQ, or iotex the better.

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>buying shitcoins
I seriously hope you guys don't do this, we're unironically still early, just buy BTC (XMR will pump harder than BTC in the next bullrun, if you must an alt do XMR)

Just buy BTC. It is that easy. The usecase of crypto is MONEY. Just buy BTC.

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you can expect that pic to give us a boner and for you to continue being a faggot

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They actually deserve it anon. Glad I have join the web3 car-sharing movement which they front line along side eloop. Let's fucking go.

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You missed when it was 16k you couldn't have invested in the worst time its going back down.

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I've got a small chunk of my cash in Bitcoin, but I'm all set to make it rain, anon! I Just snagged a ticket on Fundrs to score some sweet KREST tokens, and you know what that means? It opens the door to getting some epic PEAQ too! This project holds major significance for me, anon

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Where can I buy XMR?!?
I got coinbase.

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Good returns. Pump is coming. Personally wouldn't throw that amount into BTC thought. Alts give better returns. ImmunifyLife IDO for example is still early. Makes better sense to me.

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>Are you hiding in the hills when the boss says, "Buy the dip!"
Fags never listen till it's too late. Good thing there's still time. Projects using AI and blockchain tech to change digital health are a good place to start.

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>Just buy BTC. It is that easy. The usecase of crypto is MONEY. Just buy BTC.

Apparently you aren't ready for generational wealth, BTC can't give you more than 10X while lowcap utility tokens can give significant return.

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Based. Catching them early is the priority. Eyes are currently on Immunify. What do you have to say about that?

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How does a pack of bubble gum sound?

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>while lowcap utility tokens can give significant return.

Opting to bet on lowcaps assets can be a two way thing considering some of them don't live up to expectation while large caps like BTC, ETH and BNB are too big fail.

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>Opting to bet on lowcaps assets can be a two way thing considering some of them don't live up to expectation.

This is why i focus solely on assets with working products my recent pick was Spool ever since i learnt the V2 woul go live soon.

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Privacy coins seem to be gaining more attention atm, is they something I'm missing?

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What's the hype around privacy tokens though? personally i think Binance delisting them lately should screams red flags.

I would rather invest in Crypto payment tokens like CYMI, ACH and PLU.

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she looks kind of like kyrie from DMC4

basically what im saying is i want to lick her asshole and then jerk off all over her toes

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10 thousand american dollars

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>All posts are some form of "it's a man bro"
Anon I get it you have a secret fetish for bussy and you are angry about it look its definitely gay but we can get through this together

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Haven't seen sylo get delisted anywhere, it's privacy and on coinbase
So what's your point anon?

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BNB is not too big to fail
Sure you felt the same way about FTX and Luna at some point

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Bold of you to assume you'll be alive in the next 30yrs

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Isn't it just a web3 wallet? since when did the switch to privacy happen

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Unless CZ decides to dump all his bags

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Web3 wallet, private messaging feature with data security, NFTs, staking

It's called a smart wallet for reason

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Probably 10 thousand Canadian dollars

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how does 12000$ dollars dound?

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>Ok, that dumper needs to be recognized.

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Perhaps he was referring to privacy Blockchains like monero and not just any token having something to do with the word privacy kek

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That's a 30% gain. Nice

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>Earlier that day at the airport of her departure
>pontificate the odor