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what's the point of fiat value when most alts can only be traded with btc?

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you figured it out

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whats the point of btc value when you value btc in fiat anyways? it just depends on your end goal. if your overall goal is to get more fiat, then just value everything in fiat. if your overall goal is to get more btc because you think it still has a future, just value in btc

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What's the point of crypto when 99% of businesses and governments don't accept it as a form of payment?

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Not all crypto meant for payments. Protocol coins like ETH, EOS, NEO. Utility coins like FUN, LINK, REQ. These types of coins will have a much easier time succeeding than many of the payment coins.

You can only get so "cheap, fast, and private" and once one coin figures that out, the rest of the payment coins will suffer.

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There is a coin that did

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>What's the point of crypto when 99% of businesses and governments don't accept it as a form of payment?

Store of value. They don't accept them as a form of payment, but it takes 1 or 2 days to convert them to fiat. It is like a money in a bank, which you can take out with some delay. It's very similar to me.

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I can't buy a coffee with my Apple stock either.. fuck out of here

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Which one, faggot?

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A /biz/tard finally figured it out. You've been here since November, it took you a month?

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This. We're slowly building a shitcoin,economy.

Now instead of just high tech ICO shitcoins, why not,a lowtech fruitstand one?

Fruitcoin, take the ICO funds start little fruitstands globally. You sell fruit in both USD/localcurrency/crypto. Profits from the sales get split,and sent to token holders.

They can also vote to instead use profits to expand their operations.

A,couple,of thousand buisnesses,globally like that and we don't need dirty USD anymore.

Jej can go,play with their jej shitcoin. Pic related.

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>most alts can only be traded with btc?
alts traded with usd
shitcoins traded with btc
check your facts

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XRB my m8

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Yeah and those lines are definitely scaled well.
Fucking idiot

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>What is a shitcoin
All alts are shitcoins normie

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enjoy loosing money with your dinosaur coin

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>Immediately assumes I'm a corecuck
>Doesn't know I have a well diversified portfolio stretching from crypto, gambling businesses and real estate
>Doesn't know I'm already in lamboland
>Doesn't acknowledge my subtle advice of not parking his fiat into a shitcoin for more than 72 hours
>Doesn't realise I'm telling him bitcoins performance beats out most altcoins in the long term
I'm a fiat marine you fagot. And this "dinosaur coin" as you call it has freed from the shackles of the wage slavery. Without it, your shitcoins wouldn't even exist. Even though the coins development is now subject to mismanagement, give credit where credit is due. Bitcoin started it all.

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Forgot customary reaction pic

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I don't trade alts in BTC at all anymore, the ETH markets on binance have everything I need.

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Those alts might not be tradeable for fiatcoin yet but they will be soon enough

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because you cash out in the end


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crypto is meant to be a fucking currency you piece of shit. fuck you, you are the one who ruins the cryptocurrency evolution.

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Simple reason. Fiat is the end goal because that’s the currency you use to purchase goods and services.

This is obvious even by the language we use. We “cash out” to fiat. If BTC was the end goal, you’d be “cashing out” your dollars into Bitcoin. But that obviously doesn’t work because you can’t use crypto for most things in life.

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You’re not going to encourage retailers to accept crypto by keeping everything in BTC and refusing to use fiat. You’d just starve and die.

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Why does it matter that alts can only be traded against BTC or ETH?
BTC and ETH are themselves valued in fiat.

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