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You do support the writers' and actors' strike, right?

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who the fuck cares, they're all losing their jobs to stream service studios, soon they wont be able to afford adrenochrome

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All these top CEOs are the masters of cruelty. Life is cruel so you to be the most efficient in cruelty to succeed.

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>support the writers' and actors' strike
Only if it's permanent.

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>We will lose so much money, the people we employ will start going bankrupt!
Good luck with that buddy.

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I took a job tomorrow that would've been union background kek

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I support the AIpocalypse.
I hope AI destroys entertainment and that those narcissistic bastards have the salary of the average uber wagie.
I hope they will get threated the same way like the minstrels of the middle ages.

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The electric Jew and the nonstop recycling or content with each iteration being gayer and more soulless is not something I can support. Fuck those writers and fuck the executives too.

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underrated comment

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would not surprise if they revealed the last 5 years were wrotten by ai

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Yes. The executives have ruined too many things that I otherwise enjoyed and need a total rout.

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Hollywood should be carpet bombed and everyone associated with it lined up against the wall, in Minecraft of course.

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writers going on strike just as AI is really taking off
doesn't seem like a great idea

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I want them and their owners to all die horrible deaths.

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Way more people want to be actors and writers, and are qualified to be, than currently are. The biggest barrier to entry is who you're related to, which dicks you've sucked, and being Jewish. This should make the strike position extremely weak, with armies of eager scabs willing to do it for crumbs. Not to mention the free ai.

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They don't deserve something so glorious. Just eternal decay.

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Just drop a nuke on Pedowood

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I do but I've also been unemployed since 2020 so I am ready to cross that picket line (don't worry I'll sabotage whatever production hires me).

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Fuck Pedowood.

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Basically, if you work as a scab, you will be blacklisted by SAG-AFTRA, and if a studio hires scabs they will be blacklisted too.
It's a fucking racket at this point and they need to be demolished.

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I hope Hollywood implodes. Let smaller studios run the game for a while and give them plenty of space to grow. Everything that comes out of Hollywood has been absolute trash and everyone who contributed to it deserves to starve in the street.

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Fuck 'em all.

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If they can afford to not work to stand in a picket line, they're doing way better than I am. I don't work = I don't eat. Fuck 'em.

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Adrenochrome isn't real.

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If they can wait that means you weren't that important.
Imagine in a factory if workers stopped working and the bossman just said "fine, I'll wait for half a year", wouldn't happen.

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I didn't notice. They must not be important.

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>washed up monsters who can't even recycle old ideas properly deserve better
don't we all

you're not real

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What I do support is denouncing the Talmud, which I do.

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I can't wait for most of these faggots to get replaced with AI. Then we'll see how much leverage they think they have.

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Modern screenwriters mostly write goyslop cinema and capeshit, why should I support them

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I hope they all suffer.

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How much do Hollywood writers get paid, typically? And how much do they want?

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This anon is right >>55562937
Plus people are a lot more likely to go see some new horror movie or whatever if it has jenna ortega in it than some actor you've never heard of. So, their movies will become a lot less profitable without big name draws.

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I mean we’re getting 100k token LLM’s so basically we’re getting AI’s similar to chatgpt that can handle 60k word queries at a time. You should be able to condense/reformat entire books into scripts efficiently at that point. Writer not needed anymore.

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Anon, how do those names become big?
They all have to start somewhere.
If it wasn’t just a jewish propaganda industry, it would be a great time to get new blood in and shake it all up.
However, because it is a jewish propaganda industry, I hope it all burns down.

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They could all just… make their own movies

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Yeah because A.I. is going to write a movie next. Plus I'm all in on A.I. shitcoins so retail pumping it would be extremely bullish if A.I. wrote a screenplay.

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Bunch of rich people writing stories about trannys all day complaining they don’t make more millions than they already do? Hard no

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>how do those names become big?
I think a lot of times by starting out in a supporting role or being in some low budget movie that was a big hit at Sundance or something. Except some movies like star wars that was such a big franchise they could cast unknowns in the lead roles. Not saying that I disagree with you, just that people go see movies because of the actor sometimes. Tom Hanks hasn't been in many movies that got bad reviews, so people think if he's in it that means it will be good.

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>believes socialism works in some other variation that hasn't been tried yet

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well, and it's also about who you know. A lot of them are the children of rich CEOs etc.

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Friendly reminder: if you oppose this strike, you are by default supporting Hollywood executives. Either you help Joe the writer pay off his mortgage and put his kids through college, or you help Bob Iger raise money for his yacht fund. It’s fine if you hate Hollywood, but you’re not sticking it to the man by opposing the strike. You’re only helping Hollywood executives rake in even more money.

Also, you are delusional if you think the film companies can just replace their striking workers with AI. Firstly, generative AI is simply not good enough yet to replace human writers and actors. Maybe in a few years, but not right now. Secondly, AI is a legal minefield, so no company in their right mind is going to gamble on AI at this point in time. At most you’ll see it used to do some minor tweaks here and there.

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yea hope they never come back. I just watch podcasts on YouTube

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Don’t care

>hate actors

Simple as.

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>video game dev makes better story about AI then all of hollywood
>doesn't get live action metal gear solid movie

the strike can go on

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Supporting the strike is to support all the people that write all the gay tranny globalist shit that brainwashed the masses.

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will Hollywood be the reason for the next recession finally?

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It's funny really. The actors and writers rightfully want a piece of the streaming but to do that, the corpos would have to release the actual viewership numbers of their shows. Once they show that, the house of cards falls apart

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It's either that or you support the people who tell them to write those things. Again, you're not sticking it to the man here.

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Literally couldn't give less of a shit

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supporting the strike is supporting the further collapse of the larger traditional hollywood system because it creates further turmoil within the industry and it pushes the retarded execs to make further terrible decisions and cost cutting measure so that they make more money and milk a collapsing industry. It just accelerates the collapse.

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yes I hope it never ends

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meant *not supporting

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If employees want to strike because they feel as though they’re underpaid improperly compensated for their work, have at it. To me, it’s just another indicator that the economy is in shambles and people would rather stop working altogether than wageslave for scraps. Then again, cinema has been garbage for the last 15-20 years. If AI can replace screenwriters and make something better, then tough shit. AI is here and it’s coming for many more jobs, better to adapt now while we can.
This is what has my attention. Im interested to see how much longer corporations are going to fuck over content creators by withholding streaming numbers. Just imagine all of the money the siphoned already.

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I haven’t worked more than like 4 days since May because of the strike. Teamsters and IATSE are all working class who are now unemployed and won’t get anything out of this even if it’s a success. So the people who do manual labor to make everything actually happen get totally fucked regardless.

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>their plan is to literally just do nothing until writers need money again
>"this is downright cruel! You MUST cave to our demands! You WILL employ us!!!!"
I for one despise hollywood (((execs))) but the hubris of the writers and actors is really something else.

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(((Artists))) versus (((execs)))

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Your foreskin isn't real

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Checked and correct

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Actors are spoiled brats fuck em

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well well

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I fucking hate artist, i hope they die, i hope AI destroys them, i hope they are forced to switch jobs and find they've worked all this time for nothing. That's why i went full into ShibART

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>employees want to strike
>allow them to strike for as long as they wish
>this is somehow cruel

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Fuck writers, fuck actors, fuck everything in (((Hollywood)))

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Absolutely, I hope they never stop striking. A permanent strike.

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lol. Extremely fitting.

Fuck Hollywood. Anything worth watching is already out. I don't need all my favorite art remade with blacks and trannies

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when they all lose their jobs, and ai drastically lowers the cost of movies and animation, and the door is open to smaller and independant creators who want to put effort into their art. that they could produce at a small fraction of the current cost, instead of selling propaganda for access to disposable children
we'll have good media again

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The 2024 election will be plesant without the late night propaganda.

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Do you really think AI is going to fix media? Think about all the repetitive, generic capeshit Hollywood has been spitting out the last 10 years. Now dial that up another 10 notches and that's what you're going to get with AI if the media industry goes all on with it.

And then if you're worried about politics, well, now political groups will now have a 24/7 propaganda generator they can use to spam the internet.

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The world would be a better place if Hollywood went away tomorrow and everyone in it, from Bob Iger to Tom Cruise to whatever hack wrote She Hulk, was working at menial jobs like car wash or spinning signs besides the road
So yes I do, but only as the vehicle of destruction that destroys everyone, from themselves to the studios

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Fuck no. They write trash and cry they aren't paid 7 figures. Smallest violin for these pussies.

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Don't care, I just hope all the woke faggot writers, actors, execs and producer all lose their livelihood and become broke. SJW woketards deserve it desu

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Fuck Hollywood. Russia should do us a favor and just drop a cobalt nuke on it.

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Yeah i don't give a fuck about seeing starwars episode 34 nor cape shit

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they're attempting to reach peak degeneracy, but they're shitting out an endless borefest instead. let them be replaced by AI ffs. people will watch ANYTHING on tv just out of habit.


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I support the strike because I want maximum pain inflicted on everyone involved. I want writers to get evicted from their $3k/month apartments, I want studios to stop churning out goyslop, and I want streaming sites to die when they’re forced to admit the actual viewer numbers which are 10% of what they’ve been claiming. Fuck this shitty thread and fuck you for posting it

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I definitely support getting to know the real numbers (viewership, money) these studios are dealing with, it's a great thing for transparency, but since everyone has been getting fed CEO propaganda about how these actors are so hecking spoiled we will not get any new info.

When it's all done just remember this one outcome: did studios released the actual numbers? No? Their (literal) propaganda worked on you then.

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I don’t like the writers because most new shows and movies are beyond garbage. Its not even the kind of slop that you momentarily enjoy before getting that wave of disgust over your consumption afterwards, its all just bad. On the other hand I hope these execs and their shoddy media empires burn to the ground.

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>Write a sketch from the hit TV show "Friends" in which Chandler buys Joey a bag of carrots as a birthday present. Make it funny and quirky using their traits for the series

[Setting: Central Perk, the beloved coffee shop where the gang often hangs out. Chandler and Joey are sitting on the iconic orange couch, chatting and sipping their coffee.]

Chandler: (Excitedly) Hey, buddy! So, I've been racking my brain, trying to come up with the perfect birthday gift for you. And guess what? I finally nailed it!

Joey: (Smiling) No way! Really, Chandler? You got me a gift?

Chandler: (Proudly) Oh, you bet I did! This year, I'm giving you something unforgettable, something that screams "Joey Tribbiani!"

Joey: (Curious) Well, what is it?

Chandler reaches into his bag and pulls out a small wrapped box. Joey's eyes light up with anticipation.

Chandler: (Handing the gift to Joey) Happy birthday, buddy!

Joey excitedly tears open the wrapping paper, expecting something amazing. However, as he unveils the gift, his smile wavers, and he looks puzzled.

Joey: (Confused) Carrots? You got me carrots?

Chandler: (Grinning mischievously) Not just any carrots, my friend. Organic, farm-fresh, premium carrots.

Joey: (Still confused) But why?

Chandler: (Playfully) Because, my dear Joey, nothing says "Joey" more than a bag of carrots.

Joey: (Baffled) What are you talking about?

Chandler: (Putting on a serious face) Think about it! You're a health-conscious guy, right? Carrots are good for your eyesight, and you always want to look good. Plus, they go well with... sandwiches?

Joey: (Smirking) They go well with sandwiches, huh?

Chandler: (Chuckling) Okay, so maybe they don't, but it's the thought that counts!

Joey: (Shaking his head) I can't believe you got me carrots for my birthday.

Chandler: (Feigning offense) Hey, come on, now! Don't you remember that time you said you wanted to eat more vegetables? I listened, my friend!

Joey: (Laughing) Yeah, I guess I did say that once.

>> No.55567647


Chandler: (Nudging him) See? Best. Gift. Ever.

Joey: (Playfully rolling his eyes) Yeah, yeah. Thanks, Chandler. You're a real pal.

Chandler: (Smiling) You know it! Besides, I got you a little something else too.

Chandler reaches into his bag and pulls out a small box of donuts, which he quickly places next to the bag of carrots.

Chandler: (Whispering) Don't tell Monica about these. Cheat day!

Joey: (Grinning) Thanks, man! Now this is what I'm talking about!

Chandler: (Relieved) Phew! I thought you were going to be disappointed with the carrots.

Joey: Nah, I'm just messing with you. Thanks for the thoughtful gift, buddy.

Chandler: (Smirking) Anytime, Joey. Now, let's celebrate your birthday with some coffee, donuts, and, of course, carrots!

As they laugh and clink their coffee cups together, the rest of the gang joins them at the table, and the camera zooms out as their hilarious banter continues. After all, that's what friendship is all about in the quirky world of "Friends."

Its over.

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absolutely glorious

first problem with that headline in order to lose a house you must first have one which most writers certainly dont

but to the main point as many have pointed out the execs cannot comply with the demands because the streaming numbers are all fake to justify stock valuations
this scam was supposed to run uninterrupted to stop the paper tigers from keeling over, but the corporate propaganda worked so well that their own stooges started to believe in it and feel like they were missing out on big stacks of cash (protip there arent any, only debts) so they demanded the one thing that could never be given: to publish the real numbers
execs have to fight this to the very end, so maybe a couple of higher ups get 'the talk' about the state of reality and their base will be placated with a few meaningless morsels probably mostly about inclusion and diversity etc

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>in a few years, but not right now.
Good thing those writers have saved up millions of dollars and only need a few more years of earnings to retire kek

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Lol that would be great to see. I guess we’re already seeing a glimpse of it now with many original shows and movies being permanently deleted off streaming services to avoid having to pay royalties.

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I just pirate everything I watch and don't pay for streaming. I hope they all go broke and end up homeless, fuck (; (; (; Hollywood ;) ;) ;)

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Friendly reminder, talking like a retard makes everyone hate you here. Consider shutting your fucking mouth, or, perhaps, jumping off a cliff. Fuck Hollywood, fuck the executives, and fuck the "writers". You call that shit writing? Gtfo my house punk

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How do I profit from this?

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Based UNION labor

OK, Apathetic
But you responded to the post ??




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First off they can be replaced with AI secondly they have the best job you could ask for and they're living in homes in La most of us will never even be able to afford a home working sgitty jobs. Fuck those stupid assholes.

>> No.55569012

Envy ? Really? pathetic

>> No.55569045

You mean the writers who gave us black LOTR? Nah lose your homes faggots. But I won't see hollyshit either. I'm sticking to anime or western stuff from decades ago or older.

>> No.55569057

Fuck actors
Fuck writers
Burn it all to the ground

>> No.55569074

I support anything that slows the production of the garbage that passes for television and cinema nowadays

>> No.55569405

Anime ?
OK, coomer

>> No.55569435

hollywood writing in the last 10 years has been abysmal

>ummm take this age-old beloved character from a different decade and uhhhh make him a le brown genderfluid goblin who loves gay sex!

nobody will mind AI replacing that dogshit, I'm with the Jewish pedophile executive elites on this one. Let the ""writers"" starve

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Fuck the WGA. They cant write for shit. Most modern hollywood writers are a bunch of whiny, entitled, self-righteous, petty, vindictive, narcissist, manipulative, emotionally insecure and mentally ill pricks. Who write shit only to glorify and validate themselves, and their fucked up beliefs and lifestyles. They have no talent or skill. They are all nepotism hires. Or they got their jobs because they're either fags, jews, niggers, women, or they sucked the right dick, or complained enough to the right people and were promoted and failed upwards to be someone else's problem. And god forbid if you ever tell them that their writing sucks, because then; they'll spend more time warring with you over social media, than doing their jobs. They will assassinate you in effigy, spread rumors about you, blacklist you from the industry, just because you told them the truth. Fuck hollywood. Fuck hollywood writers. Fuck the Film Actors Guild. Fuck anyone still in the hollywood system. And most of all; Fuck the hollywood execs who let things get this bad.

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Based. Total Trannartist death.

>> No.55570629

Lmao women physics in that gif

>> No.55570907

Film writers are massively underpaid. TV group writers are generally talentless hacks and deserve no attention

At current arrangement, A screenwriter of $100M box office with 20M budget get 1-2% of the budget and zero of the box office revenue, Over 95% is going for the executives, theaters and actors (If it's a big name)

The script is the backbone of any film and the most important component yet the writers are objectively treated like trash.

>> No.55571005

If you think the writers are the ones who push this woke garbage you're retarded, All of these come in the re-writing process which's heavily influenced by both the executives and the directors

>> No.55571134

The truth is beautiful

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>mfw writers don't get paid for their AMAZING writing

>> No.55571324

>And then if you're worried about politics, well, now political groups will now have a 24/7 propaganda generator they can use to spam the internet.
This is inevitable unless all of humanity experienced a catastrophe like EMPs frying everything

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Both the executives and the workers are pieces of shit who supported all the psychotic measures during covid. Nobody complied more with covid than Hollyjew. I just want to see everyone involved suffer