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Did the DOJ sell some Bitcorns?

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>back to the range you go!

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This was the most predictable dump ever

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Why the fuck is this happening

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bullflag.exe didn't work

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The pump ran out of gas and gave the most obvious sell signal ever

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Tune in tomorrow for the next leg up where the bobos in this thread get liquidated.

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i keep telling every anon that the cycle is king
no amount of retarded narrative will fuck with the cycle
you are trapped on a wheel and you're here forever

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Ok when does the cycle start?

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Because we are still in a fucking bear market. Come back in 12 months.

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Sometime around the halving

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People read again SEC etf announcement, this time they noticed ''acknowledgement'' does not mean ''accepted''. kek

On serious note, correction after yesterday pump.

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LINK was pumping so they had to dump BTC to stop it. Also on an unrelated note, some dude was releasing Hunter Biden dick pics so China invaded Taiwan to cover it up.

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>On serious note, correction after yesterday pump.
Correction is right
>oh wait you were pumping? no sorry, get the fuck back to your 30k poking kek

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>and you may find yourself
>living in a shotgun shack

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>goes back to exact crab level as pre-xrp news

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Are you illiterate or just pretending?
The cycle is a cycle. It started in 2009.
It hasn't stopped since.

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Clown market. There's literally no reason for btc to be dumping right now. XRP case, stocks performing well, DXY crashing, etc. Pure manipulation.

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Fucking nigger scam market

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you plebs are so fucking easy

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US government dumping most likely (off of their seized btc stack). They're a bunch of vindictive cunts.

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It IS kinda funny when you think about it. Just a little bit of hope, then they yank it away.

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what hope you talking about...
we going lower for a long time now

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they liquidated my short finally with the scam pump so now they can dump it.

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Please anon tell me you shorted at 31.8k with 125x leverage

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the next cycle is in 2 years

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>getting rugged by blackrock

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Just a pullback, simple as.

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ayy caramba

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because underlying market conditions can't support a bullrun. maybe in 2 years

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Because we're still pre-halving.

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Should've opened up a short with Blackswan.
The revolutionary ChatGPT powered trading tool to analyze news in real time and instantaneously execute trades to profit from all eventualities. Video is the bot running on windows 10

website: blackswan dot biz

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Because normies and the Tv news girls said so.

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to liquidate people that long/sort on exchanges

I mean how the hell do you think CZ is worth 100 billions ?

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Based opportunity to accumulate anon. I'm aiming for a decent entry at the bottom with aid from the trend indicators on an AI prognosis app.

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Kek, trading can be complicated anon. That's why I'd just earn through staking the likes of Near, Sylo and Arb on Huobi.

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>he's not balls deep staking gmx knowing this choppy movement liquidates plebs and makes you money