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let's settle this once and for all. XRP or Link? which will be the coin to usher in the 4th IR and moon to $1000 minimum?

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Link is obviously a scam, just look at the constant spam of jeets posting new threads regarding link in the catalog.

XRP only had 1 general up at all times (before yesterdays pump that was, now theres a chance jeets will flood in), however the intelligence was always very high there. Very informative.

Also the company Ripple is very respected in the banking world and active in over 100 countries. What does chainlink have? A fat russian with a blue checked shirt.

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Law dictated that xrp is not a security....oh idk OP what do you think?

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FedNow goes live in less than a week.
FedNow uses Volante (Ripple partner) Volante uses XRP as a medium for eliminating counter party risk.
Central banks of Singapore, Switzerland, Britain and France are eying up the tech.
Montenegro and Scotland are already building their CBDC's on XRPL.
All CBDC's will need XRP to eliminate counter party risk.
Ripple can no longer sell XRP from the Escrow and it seems likel the court will order them to burn it.
Either way all XRP in circulation is all their will ever be.
Institutions, banks and Volante must now purchase XRP from the open market.
As the supply dwindles down the meme numbers will be realised.
>Verification not required

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Chainlink has SWIFT which is getting replaced by Ripple.
Ergo LINK is finished.
Why'd you think they've been dragging their feet in regards to CCIP? lmao they know their charade is almost over, they only have to pretend to be working on it and when Ripple wins over in the CBDC world.
CLL can go '' oh well we tried'' and keep their investors money
>Verification not required

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>What does chainlink have?
Swift, Schmidt, Kemal, Ari, and every bank participating in current CCIP testnet
Tokens aren't securities*
Link and SWIFT are ahead of XRP
SWIFT is not going anywhere

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yikes, im detecting some cope

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Hmm, yeah I'm thinking this is bullish for Chainlink. No need to sneed, XRP will benefit from CCIP just like everyone else.

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CCIP >is< XRP.

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SWIFT's entire infrastructure is Baselined into CCIP, banks can already participate in the CCIP sandbox with nothing but their existing SWIFT interface. You're deluded, I'm afraid. You can always tell a midwit by their implicit insistence that web3 is a winner take all world, it shows a clear lack of comprehension for what you're dealing with. Go on now, I'm sure you've got something more productive to work on with that big brain of yours!

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I do actually. I'm actually the cofounder of a tech startup that brings in 8 figures of revenue yearly. And I can assure you, when we use CCIP, it will be with the ripple token.

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LINK at $1000 = $1 trillion market cap (actually possible)
XRP at $1000 = $100 trillion marketcap
thats like 10% of "all the value"
i don't think so buddy...

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9 figure yearly revenue solo tech startup founder. You will not.

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>however the intelligence was always very high there. Very informative.
first argument is proposed
ok thanks for conceding :^)

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>He's using current supply
Lol, lmao even

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>fucking CCCP testnets
>fat russian ceo
lmao yeah, sure sounds succesful

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actually i use the max supply for both LINK and XRP
are you a bot or retarded?

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Lmfao good one

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Na I'm just (you) farming spergs

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yeah and neither of your figures are accurate because you don't figure in staked supply, circulating supply, etc. .. . . .tokens in these models will never be "fully diluted", they serve a purpose as collateral, unit of exchange, etc.

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how is it possible to be this confidently retarded?

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CCIP meets every financial institution where they are and makes the flow of wealth and tokenization of assets a seamless process that's practically impossible exploit.

XRP is relying on the absurd thought that they'll instantly replace the entire modern financial infrastructure with their shoddy protocol.

Which sounds more reasonable to (you)?

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Xrp nigga

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I want d.va to cuck me so bad

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10 figure revenue tech startup founder. Poopoo peepee poopy peepee poopoo

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On account that FedNow is using Volante which uses XRP.
That the BofA is gonna use it.
That Scotland and Montenegro are actively building CBDC's on XRPL.
Britain, France and Switzerland are eyeing the tech.
All of these countries see the validity of using XRPL which will require them to use XRP to eliminate counter party risk.
What do you have to eliminate counter party risk?
What makes you think that everyone wants to use SWIFT anymore? It's a shit middleman.
What's the point in cross chain when you can just use the same chain?
Even China and Russia are gonna use XRPL lmao.
Why would they use SWIFT when they can be shut out of it?lmao

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What is destruction of petro dollar and game theory for £100 Alex.

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Chainlink is the standard

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No dog das XRP lmao

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>nodog ID
It’s over

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The best action would be earning from both anon. Although there was a lot of fomo on Xrp with the recent move, I'd just focus on stacking Itheum, Egld and Ride which earn me passive income on the Xexchange.

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standard of poverty heh

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>no dog

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I work in international trade and payments. I'm very interested in what you think you mean when you say SWIFT is going to be replaced.

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>Also the company Ripple is very respected in the banking world and active in over 100 countries
My point too, link can't be compared to xrp, I respect the fact that it has managed to remain a top token despite it's long time issues with SEC, moreso it's one the tokens with the highest buy rating on tokenmetrics.

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i am humbled

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>Chainlink is the standard
Yeah, got into it a long time ago too, not saying it's the best, but one of my top web3 gems that I picked with Sylo and grt back then, and I have high hopes with them.

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CHAINLINK does not stand a chance against Ripple not now that they have been declared not to be a security. I will personally prefer to go for some new gems with potentials rather than waist the bear opportunity with big bags. CYMI, ID, nad ACOIN are some good picks IMO.

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>XRP or Link
>$1000 minimum?
neither of these will ever reach near that figure you retarded fucking ape, you'll be lucky if they ever go close to ath again

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Both are useless.
Chainlink is vaporware with nothing but unfulfilled promises to their name. And it's actually embarassing how obvious their shill campaign is in here and in Twitter.
XRP is nothing but yet another ledger, nothing special about it.

Get serious and research Arkham and their intel-to-earn tech that'll let people get paid for digging up dirt on bad actors plaguing ALL of crypto. Cosmos and its blockchain agnostic scale technology. So on. So much interesting shit and you guys buy into the overhyped bullshit. C'mon now.

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XRP is officially not a security so I'd go with that.

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I seriously doubt /biz/'s research skills when it comes to investigating some random pajeet's transactions on the blockchain and then being able to pin the blame on them with 100% accuracy that it's really "them".

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Hype is like porn, anon. It sells.

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XRP officially flipped BNB
>XRP officially flipped BNB
XRP officially flipped BNB
>XRP officially flipped BNB
XRP officially flipped BNB

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seconding arkham. if anything itll make do for an easy x5 ido

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Soo.... do I get to LARP as a crypto cop and get paid for it without having to deal with niggers on the streets trying to kill me?

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Yeah well good luck with that buddy.

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>Link is obviously a scam, just look at the constant spam of jeets posting new threads regarding link in the catalog.
'Nuff said. I'm tired of LINK spam flooding the catalog with useless threads 24/7

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It never stood a chance against anything, really. Link gets outperformed by pretty much any blue chip you could think of

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The ultimate blackpill. Link is still, to this day, a wingman shitcoin overpowered by its competition.

You'd be surprised at the power of autism this board displays every now and then.

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Only normies think like that as none of those will even come close. L1 and RWA tokens like INJ and QANX are gonna be the next big thing, mark my words. The buzz around QANX's upcoming blockchain launch is already making waves. It's the news you gotta catch if you wanna stay ahead of the game.

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Highly based.

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they both peaked hard against bitcoin (2018, 2020) meaning their tops are permanently cemented.
what's the point of an alt that can't outperform bitcoin anymore?
find something new and fresh, not old and full of desperate bagholders.

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reminder that xrp came out in 2012. 11 years in development with billions of dollars of funding and no one uses it. if xrp disappeared overnight literally nothing would happen. chainlink secures more money in crypto than xrp secures in the real world lmao

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Not just web3 gems anon, there are other innovations in the space like DEPINs which is giving users access to machine services.

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Both are useless especially Chainlink is vaporware with nothing and XRP seems dumping again. Right now, I'm exploring Peaq. They seem to have real-world utility. Recently they won a parachain auction, which is a bullish 0ne.

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Projects front lining DePIn matters a lot to me now. It's always better to invest in the future.

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>oooo sers the peaq coin is the very good coin yes it is doing the win of the parachainings.
Fuck off Parveet

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Placing trust in a literal nigger fudding
Fuds xrp in the same post

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Would be LINK but I'LL pick OCEAN and ORE instead.

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Security and data management in web3 should be a very important narrative to consider.

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red pill me on OCEAN

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Some literal who shitcoin

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both are globohomo kike shitcoins

never buying, never shilling this garbage, if you do kindly kys

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There are other narratives you should not fade. RWA and LSD are hot and more and coming. LBR and SPOOL.

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This. The rest of the coins could be sued next.