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It's just a partial win, the SEC could still appeal and win. And besides, SEC won because Institutional sales are considered security. You guys never won anything, and XRP will surge for the mean time but it will crash in turd mountain


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XRP isn't a security, that's all we needed. Any sensible person would have expected Ripple to pay a massive fine. That's the bit that is going to court still.

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It set precent. Whatever the sec appeals, it will be appealed with a reasonable chance of winning in higher courts. It will take years of this and in the meantime, there's already a court ruling in xrps favor. We have the high groud now.

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>the SEC could still appeal
Doubt it, but possible
>and win.
Lol no, they had no case in this initial lawsuit and they'll have no case in future attempts. XRP Secondary market sales do not satisfy the Howey test and they know it. SEC will just take the L on that topic and turn to easier prey

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>Any sensible person would have expected Ripple to pay a massive fine
Yeah, XRP status is what mattered. Ripple can go and pay 10 billion fine, I don't give a fuck.

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God you are DUMB.

It makes all of OUR XRP worth magnitudes more in the long term. You area actually a drooling ape.

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Kek, baggies are really coping hard, little wonder after all these years they get a sort of but not really win and a measly pump that will have completely fizzled out by Monday. I am curious what new cope they will come up with then. Can keep blaming the SEC for your shitcoin's poor performance anymore, you've won, remember?

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I'm not blaming anyone or thing for XRP's price not mooning. Major price action won't happen until the new financial system is being used.

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Remember when Amazon settled with the SEC?
> 27.5 million dollar fine

Remember when Tesla settled with the SEC?
> $40 million

How much they worth now?

Ripple settles and gives the Gov a piece of the pie. Golden bullrun began TODAY 7-12-2023

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Here's the thing - if XRP doesn't moon to $5-10 by EOY then this pump doesn't mean much. It's like being released from a chastity cage with a big pump and now... back in the cage? Or do we keep pumping harder?

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wtf is this analogy? schyzos are so messed-up

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you are not as smart as you think you are.

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At the very least XRP gets some powerful support around the .78 cent level.

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Coinbase relisted it. That alone is a big deal. Not for xrp, nobody gives a shit about xrp, but about the boarder regulatory implications

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It only means more people can sell it lmao

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OP sucks every last circumcised dick at the SEC. Enjoy being a wagie slave, faggot.

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Stop watching porn you burnt out fag

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I'm just stating a fact. SEC is corrupt, US government is corrupt, you have a dementiac president, and they will do everything to stop XRP. You have your PARTIAL win today and you should enjoy it now because next week XRP will be back on 0.40s

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Most norman sold at the suit hence the drop to .30. The pump to .50 and recently to .90 was almost entirely 3rd and second party exchanges.

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he still doesnt know yngmi

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>XRP isn't a security*
*for institutional investors

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I have the same question

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>Kek, baggies are really coping hard
This anon FUDS anything and everything. Has been doing so for years. Is a terminal boboposter who doesn't even own crypto.

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>48% held in Ripple Escrow
>49% held by institutions
>1% as per court documentation in retail access and retail exchanges
>Institutional securities ruling goes to trial
>99% of the supply is locked
>Institutions are forced to buy retail's bags to participate
This "partial win" is taking XRP to $3.75m each, $37500 after Ripple wins the trial.

For free.

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>SEC won because Institutional sales are considered security

It barely matters, the SEC's job is to protect US retail investors, the big boys can fend for themselves. This is a minor win at best.

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hey dumbass
no one cares if ripple gets sued
no one
we care if xrp is a security and its NOT
So your wrong
Cope cause u didnt get a bag
but dont try to understand legal shit cause you dont

Celebrate because its TIME

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In all 4 categories it’s not a security

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>Don't celebrate yet, XRP Schizos
>I-it's just a-a.... MASSIVE VICTORY
Thank you and thanks for playing

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What in the fuck are you reading? All categories /but/ institutional sales were deemed not securities. You shouldn't be allowed to post anymore.

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>t. Seething tranny
XRP sales from Ripple are deemed securities, the SEC aren't appealing shit.
FedNow goes live in a week using Volante who is a Ripple partner.
Lmao, your time is up.
The escrow will be burned and the supply of XRP on exchanges is only ever going to drop.
Before the 2025 bullrun is over you will see $2000 XRP easily

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lol you think these retards are mad now? wait until fednow goes live hahahhahahahaha 10k incoming

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Give up mate.

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who cares about fednow? they are not even using XRP... go ahead and enjoy your 67% pump, you can't even reach a dollar after winning the case. Keep waiting for 50 years until this thing blows up

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go ahead and celebrate your little victory, you deserve it after being depressed for 3 years and here you are enjoying your little pump lol. did it make you rich? No, you're still poor, and you will always be with this turd coin

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I don't give much of a shit about Fednow either. But they have been testing with Volante who is a Ripple partner.

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how dare you make inferences and draw conclusions
what do you think you are... SCIENCE?!

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>after being depressed for 3 years
I thought the schizos huff hopium every single day? how could they be depressed?

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The judge slapped the SEC down for using Howey to hurt retail.
Bills are already on the books to fire Gensler and reform the SEC.
Average retail holder is inconsequential to price movement.
Gensler can now focus on ETH and ICO's/staking.
>There is no chance at all the SEC will go after XRP retail again. Even if they appealed and won, it would go to the SCOTUS which would likely take retail's side anyway.
The message is clear: stop fucking with retail over pennies. It makes the system look bad and created political problems that nobody wants.

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It does matter when the Ripple company runs the most trusted (and centralized) unique node list.

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Lmao your coping so hard.
FedNow uses Volante and Volante uses XRP lmao.
How'd you think everyone eliminates counter party risk? XRP.

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The SEC lost you fucking inbred nigger. XRP is not a security, sales to institutions were considered securities which only helps ripple as it forces the big players to buy off of exchanges instead of direct which pumps the price.
The SEC will not appeal because they will lose in the higher courts, in fact ripple has stated they want to take this all the way to the Supreme Court as they know they will win on precedent. Also you stupid nigger this was a ruling by the SDNY which is one of the most powerful courts in the country behind the Supreme Court and the 9th circuit especially on financial matters.
How are you so stupid and angry that Ripple won hands down.
Please fucking kys

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Also….it’s still XRP, there is 100 billion of them…and only less than 2 million BTC left to mine over the next 100 years. I’m just gonna stack sats while I can.